New Fiat Dealer Invoice Price: Find the Best Deal for You

Looking for new Fiat car prices? You don't want to go to the dealership unprepared. Getting equipped with the right knowledge is a crucial step in the car buying process. Part of that process involves knowing the right terms.

Once you know how terms like MSRP, invoice price, and holdback affect Fiat car prices, you'll discover how to get a fair price for your car and avoid all the stress of haggling with salespeople.

What Is Fiat Invoice Pricing?

A Fiat's invoice price is the wholesale price the dealer pays to the manufacturer—or at least the starting point for their pay. Invoice prices include the cost of manufacturing the vehicle, as well as other costs like advertising. The dealer then makes money by selling the car at a higher price.

Getting the invoice price should be your first step when price-shopping for a new Fiat like the 500 or 124 Spider. Once you know it, you can use the invoice price to calculate the best price possible—and negotiate from a place of strength.

Other Terms to Know

Aside from the invoice price, other factors impact a Fiat car's price. Knowing what they are and how they affect the price will unlock the secret to getting the best price possible.


A holdback is a cash reimbursement Fiat will pay the dealership once a car has been sold. This is usually based on a percentage of the invoice price or the MSRP. Holdback amounts will vary from model to model.

Manufacturer Incentives

Automakers like Fiat will sometimes entice dealers to stock more cars on their lot by offering incentives. These come in the form of rebates or other discounts, which lower the initial cost for the dealer. From time to time, customers can benefit from these incentives as well.

True Dealer Cost

The holdback, discounts, and other incentives Fiat provide effectively lower the invoice price for the dealer. The result is the true dealer cost, which is the net total the dealership pays to stock and sell new Fiats.


MSRP is the suggested retail price the manufacturer sets. In this case, it's the price Fiat advises the dealership to sell their electric cars and roadsters at. As the term suggests, MSRP is the "suggested" price for a car, so it won't always be the actual selling price.

How Does MSRP Compare to the Fiat Invoice Price?

MSRP is a markup from the invoice price. It's intended to maximize profits for the dealer while still being affordable for the target consumer.

Dealerships are free to set prices for their cars, meaning there's almost always room for negotiation. In most cases, you can ignore the MSRP when haggling for the best price.

What's the Ideal Fiat New Car Price?

Salespeople often expect customers to negotiate the price down from MSRP. We recommend starting with the dealer cost and working your way up little by little to get the best deal possible. This way, you immediately lower the base price and potentially save thousands of dollars right away.

Once you know figures like the invoice price and holdback, you can use them to calculate the true dealer cost:

True Dealer Cost = Invoice Price - (Dealer Holdback + Manufacturer Incentives/Rebates)

Use the true dealer cost as an anchor point in your negotiations. Once you've settled on a price that's fair to both you and the dealer, then you can calculate how much your monthly payments will be using our payment calculator.

How to Get Fiat Car Prices

Getting a new Fiat electric car price or roadster price is incredibly simple. By filling out our free application, you can get Fiat invoice prices, and other vital information from local dealers sent directly to you.

Then, you'll have all the information you need to get the best deal possible. Armed with this key knowledge, you'll be confident when talking with the local car dealer and avoid overpaying for your new Fiat.

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