2023 Audi Q5, SQ5 Overview

What’s new:

  • Now, adaptive cruise control comes as the norm.
  • The 2018 Audi Q5 Premium Plus is part of the second generation and comes with a Bang & Olufsen sound system.

When it comes to tiny luxury SUVs, shoppers have many alternatives. Audi wants you to choose the Q5 2023. The Q5 is between the two-row Q7 and the three-row Q3, and it comes with standard Audi features like a high-quality interior and all-wheel drive. A plug-in hybrid powertrain has a high output and can go about 23 miles on electric power alone. Even though the model is expensive, it may be worth it because of the tax benefits. Also, recharging can significantly affect how much gas you use.

The changes in 2023 are small but good. Adaptive cruise control and Bang & Olufsen audio are included at this price. Aside from that, only so much else makes the Q5 better than competitors like the Genesis GV70 or Acura RDX in the small luxury SUV segment. Since the Mercedes-Benz GLC will be redesigned from the ground up in 2023, the competition will be stronger than ever.


  • There are hybrid powertrains available that have the capability of being plugged out.
  • A peaceful, cozy, and roomy cottage with excellent craftsmanship


  • In a large class, it has nothing that makes it stand out.
  • When you need to shift down, the transmission may be slow.
  • At times, it can be challenging to use a touchscreen interface.

How does the Q5 work? The Audi Q5 will push through its paces by changing its configuration to the 45 TFSI with 261 horsepower. Even though the Q5 hit 60 mph in just six seconds on our test track, its everyday performance is hit or miss. Once the turbo is spinning and you’re in the right gear, there’s a beautiful, smooth pull to redline that lives up to the Audi name. On the other hand, the transmission is sometimes shaky and can be slow to engage. This powertrain is adequate, but its reflexes are slow. The brake pedal is firm and provides immediate braking force.

It stays surprisingly calm when you push the Q5 to its limits on a windy road. We noticed that the Q5’s all-wheel-drive system, called Quattro with Ultra technology, was ready to send power to the back, even though it typically sends power to the front wheels. It adds to the luxurious SUV’s satisfyingly athletic feel.

How satisfying is it to travel in an Audi Q5? Our Q5 Prestige had very comfortable front sports seats that were heated and cooled. The cushions would be lovely on long trips, but they need to be more fluffy to be called soft. The cabin is well-built and well-insulated from the elements. Even going fast on the highway, there is almost no wind noise.

The Q5 handles well and has 20-inch wheels, so the ride comfort is good for the class. Most surfaces are easy to walk on, and pavement defects will be tightened to be less noticeable.

How does the inside look? The Q5’s front and back seats are easy to enter and exit. It is because the doorways are well-made. We especially like the high driving position, which gives us a great view of everything around us. One problem is that the armrest on the door is sometimes too far away to offer enough support.

The standard 10.1-inch touchscreen is nice, but it looks like an afterthought because it is stuck on the dashboard. Also, there isn’t a dial or touchpad controller, so you have to poke and swipe, which is harder to do the farther back you sit. Some of our employees miss the console-mounted control knob easily accessible on the previous generation Q5.

How good is the tech? The Q5 is excellent when it comes to technology. The central touchscreen is responsive and has a high-resolution screen, but you may want to know how far you have to reach to use it. Like the center screen, the digital instrument panel is straightforward and responsive. The sophisticated driver assistance systems also functioned adequately. The adaptive cruise control works perfectly on the highway, and the flashing blind-spot warning lights are hard to miss.

Even though Apple CarPlay integration with smartphones is standard and can be done wirelessly, the USB connection was more reliable. Our car has a solid Bluetooth connection, and it also has a wireless charging point. But expect little because voice activation technology has strict rules you have to follow.

What about putting things away? The Q5 can hold up to 25.8 cubic feet of things, which is about average for its class. Other luxury SUVs in this class have more cargo space, like the BMW X3 (28.7 cubes) and Acura RDX (31.1 cubes). Inside, however, there is no storage space under the floor. I’m afraid I have to disagree with several things. The cabin has competitive but not extraordinary storage for small items. There is a medium-sized center console box under the armrest and a handy square phone compartment right in front of the shift lever.

The Q5 can pull up to 4,400 pounds, which is the most in its class. It has few rivals that can match it. The well-placed anchor and tether points for car seats and the roomy back seat make it easier to be a parent.

How well does it use gasoline? According to the EPA, the Audi Q5 45 TFSI gets a class-leading 25 mpg combined (23 cities, 28 highways). We proved this by averaging 27.9 mpg on our 115-mile standard evaluation route.

Should I go ahead and purchase the Audi Q5? Audi cars are known for their high-quality construction, and the Q5 is no different. Inside, there is a fantastic mix of real metals, leather, and wood, and all panels perfectly fit together. The Q5 has a lot to offer, but other cars in its class do a better job of impressing you with their sparkly details and glitzy looks.

We still need to figure out how we feel about the price. The Q5 only stands out a little from other cars, so you pay a lot for a product that could be better. The basic warranty and powertrain warranty for Audi are only good for four years or 50,000 miles, which doesn’t help its case.

The Q5’s plain look is similar to that of its predecessors, but it also makes the car feel dull, which isn’t helped by how it drives. Audis feel like they’re on the cutting edge of luxury, technology, and speed when they’re at their best. Instead, it is a safe bet for those looking for unique features not found in other vehicles.

We recommend buying the Premium Plus trim because it has more comfort and conveniences than the standard trim. It costs more, but it’s a good deal because it has a panoramic glass sunroof, a high-end music system, more leather seats, and a semi-automated low-speed driving system. It’s worth it for people who have long drives to work. It also gives you choices that you didn’t have before with the base trim.

Audi Q5 models

The 2023 Audi Q5 is a small luxury SUV with room for five people. Premium, Premium Plus, and Prestige are available. All-wheel drive, dual-clutch transmission, 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. The 40 TFSI had 201 horsepower and 236 lb-ft, whereas the 45 TFSI had 261 and 273, respectively.

The 55 TFSI e adds 362 horsepower and 369 lb-ft of torque to the basic engine’s output. The EPA says that the 55 TFSI e can be charged by plugging it in and can go 23 miles on electric power alone before switching to hybrid mode.

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