2022 Jaguar XF Invoice Pricing

2021 XF R-Dynamic SE Sedan w/AWD. Powered by a turbocharged 2.0 L, 4 Cylinder Gas Engine w/Automatic Transmission
MSRP Invoice Price Delivery Fee Holdback Dealer Cost
$49,995 $48,495 $1,150 No Holdback $49,645
2021 XF S Sedan w/RWD. Powered by a turbocharged 2.0 L, 4 Cylinder Gas Engine w/Automatic Transmission
MSRP Invoice Price Delivery Fee Holdback Dealer Cost
$43,995 $42,675 $1,150 No Holdback $43,825
2021 XF SE Sedan w/RWD. Powered by a turbocharged 2.0 L, 4 Cylinder Gas Engine w/Automatic Transmission
MSRP Invoice Price Delivery Fee Holdback Dealer Cost
$47,095 $45,682 $1,150 No Holdback $46,832


2022 Jaguar XF Overview

Anyone shopping for a high-end sedan will be well served by the new 2022 Jaguar XF. As a Jaguar, it exudes an air of exclusivity and excitement for everyone who gets behind the wheel. The XF features a sleek, contemporary design and a luxurious interior with plenty of high-end materials to admire.

Jaguar opts to reduce the number of XF variants on the market by one. To avoid confusion, the corporation has decided to stick with the Turbo engine, rather than a supercharged V6 or four-cylinder engine. There are, however, two different turbo engines available.

A few new wheel options have also been added, as well as an updated grille and front fascia. The 11.4-inch curved touchscreen is a welcome addition for gadget aficionados. The front of the cabin looks and feels more futuristic thanks to the curved shape.

Pivi technology is implemented by the Jaguar XF. Apple CarPlay but also Android Auto are both built into the Pivi’s 1.4-inch curved touchscreen interface. Because wireless charging is now the norm, it’s much easier to keep a smartphone’s battery healthy. In addition, SiriusXM satellite radio is standard equipment in every XF. A Meridian sound system delivers crystal-clear audio.

Upgrading to the Pivi Pro interface would provide the vehicle built-in navigation. As a result of the system’s self-learning capabilities, it may give users with proposed routes depending on traffic information. An XF with Wi-Fi data is also an optional upgrade. Customers can access a variety of streaming media and numerous devices at the same time using this service.

An “Activity Key” can be used to connect some models. Basically, an Activity Key is a smartwatch with a lot of extra features. People no longer need a typical key fob to lock but also unlock their doors or start their vehicles with this key/watch. People who constantly go on outdoor pursuits and don’t want to carry a backpack or carry goods in their pockets may find this beneficial.

The XF’s Clearsight rearview mirror is another example of how technology is integrated into the vehicle. There is more to this mirror than first meets the eye. Live video stream of the photos acquired by the rear-facing cameras positioned on the automobile can be viewed by the driver through this device. Regardless of how crowded the interior feels, the driver is still able to see what’s behind their Jaguar.

Vehicles such as the Jaguar XF are safer now because of advances in technology. It’s easier to park and maneuver in small areas when the driver has a clear view of their vehicle. To prevent accidents from happening by slowing down or adjusting the steering, monitoring systems can warn drivers when they are approaching other vehicles or pedestrians too quickly.

There’s no doubt that now the Jaguar XF is a premium car worthy of the label. It would be a wonderful delight to drive this vehicle because of how much it performs, looks, and feels. 

The XF boasts a turbocharged 2 different engine that gives it some oomph. A 246-horsepower P250 variant of the XF is available, while the P300 version has 296. This level of power is more than adequate for the sedan’s size.

The eight-speed automatic transmission is a new feature for Jaguar. When driving at varying speeds, drivers should have the confidence that they have the necessary power.

When looking for a sedan, it can be difficult to find one that isn’t front-wheel-drive. All-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive are both available on the P250. All-wheel drive is standard on the more potent P300 models, allowing drivers to take advantage of the vehicle’s increased traction.

The Torque Control system is another tool for better control. An important benefit of autonomous braking is the reduction of understeer and an increase in maneuverability and responsiveness. In particular, this is true when traveling at high speeds through narrow turns with little leeway.

Leg room in the back of this car is generous, measuring approximately 37 inches. This isn’t a huge gift, and while it’s not a shabby one either. Even with three passengers, a short trip around town is OK for two people in the rear. The trunk has a volume of about 18 cubic feet, which is generous. The XF is more practical than with a smaller car because of this feature. Cabins might feel cramped and chaotic if clever storage containers aren’t used.

The XF’s bodywork is very gorgeous. There’s an aerodynamic form and a foil-tipped grille on this car. In addition, the sedan’s LED external illumination adds to its uniqueness. The power tailgate is easy to open, and the panoramic sunroof lets in a large amount of natural light.

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