2023 Mazda CX-9 Overview

What’s new?

  • The lowest trim level, sport, is no longer available.
  • No longer can you choose the Touring Premium option.
  • The second generation CX-9 will come out in 2016.

The Mazda CX-9, a midsize SUV with three rows that just came out, is now the company’s largest SUV. The CX-9 may no longer be made after the CX-90, a new three-row crossover SUV, comes out. But the CX-9 will still be in the running until at least 2023.

The CX-9 has mostly stayed the same this year. The most significant change is that the Sport base trim level has been removed. Because of this, the base price of the CX-9 is a few thousand dollars more than most other three-row SUVs. Before, the Touring was the least expensive CX-9 trim. Now, the Touring is the least costly CX-9 trim. But you get a well-equipped SUV in exchange. Also, improvements in recent years, like making all-wheel drive standards and improving the infotainment system, have helped it stay at the top of a very competitive class.

When almost every big car company makes SUVs, it takes a lot for a car to stand out. The Kia Telluride, Hyundai Palisade, Honda Pilot, and Volkswagen Atlas are some of the best vehicles that InvoicePricing recommends. If you don’t need a third row, the new Mazda CX-50 looks and feels a little more modern than the old CX-9, even though the CX-9’s third row is one of the smallest available. But the CX-9 is the only SUV with three rows that looks and feels right. It’s fast, but it’s also quiet and easy to drive, which gives it a more expensive feel.

What do they like to live with?

When Mazda updated the CX-9 for the 2016 model year, we added it to our long-term fleet and drove it for an entire year. Throughout 22,000 km, we learned a lot about the CX-9’s good and bad points. Even though the CX-9 has changed since 2016, most of what we said about it is still valid.


  • The full Signature trim stands out for its high-quality interior.
  • Strong acceleration and a sporty feel
  • It’s nice and quiet on the highway.


  • Less space for freight than competitors
  • The seats in the third row could be more comfortable.

In many ways, the Mazda CX-9 drives and feels like a smaller medium SUV. It stops well, turns better than other cars, and is easy to move in tight spaces. Even though the all-wheel-drive system is mainly tuned for bad roads, it can handle your “soft-roading” adventures on the weekends.

Time is critical. A lot of power that is easy to get and works very well. In 7.6 seconds, a midsize SUV with three rows can reach 60 mph, which is pretty fast. The transmission shifts smoothly, which makes driving every day a pleasure.

The CX-9 is very comfortable, whether driving to work or going on a long trip. They are primarily responsible. Smooth ride, which is both sporty and comfortable. This balance is helped because taller tire sidewalls act as a cushion against rough road surfaces. Even though the front seats of the CX-9 are well-shaped and have a lot of support, the third row is tiny and not as comfortable as the back rows of many other cars. But the interior is surprisingly quiet for a luxury car.

The climate control in our test car is easy to use, but if you’re a polar bear, it might not blow cold enough for you. The front seats heat up and cool down, and those in the back can control the temperature in their section of the car.

The interior of the Mazda CX-9 is elegant, simple, and well-designed. It sets the standard for SUVs that aren’t luxury models. It’s easy to find and use the main controls. The main control dial makes it easy to move through the menus and works with the 9-inch infotainment screen.

The Signature trim’s new second-row captain’s seats make it much easier to get into the third row. The CX-9 is also easy to get in and out of. The first and second rows have a lot of space, while the third row is better for small children. The CX-9 has pillars that are thicker than average and a small window, so visibility isn’t quite as good as in other SUVs.

The Bose stereo system is an option, making loud, clear sounds. Smartphones can easily pair and quickly find each other when they are turned on. Our top trim has six USB ports, which is more than enough to charge everyone’s devices. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are the norms for connecting smartphones to cars.

Advanced safety features and driving aids like blind-spot detection, rear cross-traffic alert, forward collision warning, and help to stay in your lane come standard on every CX-9. False alarms are rare because the systems are set up to handle a lot of traffic. Adaptive cruise control and staying in your lane help eliminate traffic jams.

The CX-9 is not as helpful and can’t carry as much cargo as its competitors. Behind the third row, there are 14.4 cubic feet of space, which may be enough for many shoppers. However, the Kia Telluride, the best in its class, has 21 cubic feet. The most cargo space the Telluride can hold is 87 cubic feet, while the most cargo space the CX-9 can hold is 71.2 feet.

The CX-9 is easy to live in because of how the inside is set up. Growing families should have enough room for everything they need. Cupholders and door pockets are both big enough to hold many things. The captain’s chairs in the second row make it easy to put in car seats. Any car seat will fit, even a big one that faces backward. The CX-9 can only pull 3,500 pounds at most, which is less than average, so it’s not the best choice for heavy towing.

Our all-wheel-drive CX-9 gets a combined EPA rating of 23 mpg (20 city/26 highway), which is a little better than the average for its class. Even though we mostly met those fuel economy goals, it’s easy to miss them if you move slowly. If saving money is more important than getting the most power out of your engine, the CX-9 can run on regular fuel.

Regarding build quality, there’s no doubt that the CX-9 stands out, especially in the most expensive Signature trim. In general, entry-level cars cost more than similar cars from other brands, but the Mazda makes up for its higher price by having more basic features. The interior looks like a luxury-class cabin because it is made of high-quality materials, has even spaces between them, and has a simple, elegant design. It is also priced reasonably at the upper end. The job of painting the outside is also great. Warranty coverage and owner benefits like roadside assistance are typical for the class.

The Mazda CX-9 Signature stands out among three-row midsize SUVs because of how it looks and how fun it is to drive. It has a sporty feel when turning, but not at the cost of ride comfort. It’s the most creative thing in its field.

The Mazda CX-9 has always been a little more expensive than its competitors, but the price difference is made up for because it comes with more standard features. This is especially true for the model for this year since the base trim is now the Touring model, which used to be the middle trim. We like this kind of introduction, which has a fair amount of standard information. We would pay more for the Touring Plus version, which has a bench in the third row and excellent seats.

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