2023 Subaru Solterra Overview

What’s new:

  • First electric car from Subaru and a brand-new electric SUV
  • The Toyota bZ4X is similar to its cousin in design but differs in a few ways.
  • It comes with all-wheel drive as standard and has an 8.3-inch ground clearance.
  • When fully charged, the car should be able to go 228 miles.

With its brand-new 2023 Solterra SUV, Subaru has finally joined the EV market. The companies collaborated because they were in the same factory as the Toyota bZ4X EV. Like it’s Toyota brother or sister, the Solterra has some great selling points and problems.

The Solterra is about the same size as the Forester from Subaru. It also has some mild off-road capability, which is unusual for a Subaru, thanks to its high ride height and 8.3 inches of ground clearance. It also has two electric motors that power all four wheels, giving it an all-wheel drive. We took the Solterra on city streets and off-road and found that it was fast enough for most people, even though it only had 215 horsepower (the dual-motor Tesla Model Y has about twice as much).

Subaru says that the Solterra’s range of up to 228 miles on a single charge is also low compared to other EVs on the market. Some of the competitors can go over 300 miles. The good news is that owners can get a free EVgo network charging the credit or a home charger. For longer trips, participating dealers will let you rent a Subaru for free for up to 10 days.

Like the inside of many electric cars, Solterra’s interior stands out immediately. The dashboard is denim-like fabric, the contact points are soft plastic, and the center console and touchscreen are piano black. The combination gives the Solterra a more eco-friendly feel than other compact SUVs. From the driver’s seat, the steering wheel and digital display screen in front look like they came from the future and are set higher than usual.

Compared to other top EVs, the 2023 Subaru Solterra falls short in some aspects but may make up for it in others. We suggest you keep looking for an electric SUV and check out the Ford Mustang Mach-E, Hyundai Ioniq 5, Kia EV6, and Tesla Model Y.


  • Comfortable and capable of some off-roading, this vehicle is a terrific choice.
  • A lot of high-tech driving aids come as standard.
  • Standard four-wheel drive


  • EVs tend to have a low range.
  • Finding a driving position that feels natural can be challenging.

We recommend the base Premium trim because it has the same performance and range as the other trims. You receive a lot of standard equipment and advanced safety features like adaptive cruise control.

Subaru Solterra models

In 2023, there will be three versions of the all-electric Subaru Solterra: the Premium, the Limited, and the Touring. A 72.8-kWh battery pack powers two electric motors that make 215 horsepower and 249 lb-ft of torque. Subaru says that the Solterra has all-wheel drive and can go 228 miles on a single charge.

2023 Subaru Solterra Video Review

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