• Cadillac told Invoice Pricing that it is making the SQL, which is a bigger version of the electric Escalade iQ.
  • The company that makes it hasn’t said when it will be ready, but we think it will be this year.
  • The Escalade ESV with long wheels and gas power is now three inches longer than the Escalade iQ.

The already huge Cadillac Escalade iQ electric SUV will get even bigger. Invoice Pricing talked to a Cadillac representative at the 2024 Chicago car show today. The representative said that Cadillac will add a longer Escalade iQL model to its full-size luxury SUV lineup to make it more versatile. Cadillac told us that more information would be coming soon, but they didn’t give us a specific date.

Cadillac says that the long-wheelbase Escalade iQL will be added to their line of electric vehicles

The longer EV Escalade is on its way

The Escalade iQL with a long wheelbase will go on sale as early as 2024, but it will come out this year. The regular Escalade iQ goes on sale later this summer, so we don’t think the iQL will be in stores until later this summer. The iQL should have a few changes to its looks because it should be based on the long-wheelbase, gas-powered Escalade ESV.

The basic Escalade iQ is very big; it’s 224.3 inches long and has a 136.2-inch wheelbase. It’s only three inches shorter than the Escalade ESV, but its wheelbase is 120.9 inches, which makes it longer total by more than a foot. The Escalade iQL’s wheelbase may be two inches longer than the ESV’s. This will make it really huge when it gets to the road. Later this year, we’ll have more news for you.

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