When the cover was broken, we were all ready for it. The first Ford Mustang crash of 2024 has happened. The r/Mustang subreddit got a picture of a blue GT model (the one with the V8 but not the full-on Dark Horse) half-parked on a median with its back wheel, not quite where it should be. You can figure out what happened by looking closely at the skid marks around the grille.

The story doesn’t detail what happened, but footage of Mustangs leaving Cars & Coffee events gives us a good idea. Look at the sign on the fence that says “BE KIND” in big, kid-friendly letters. This minor incident happened before a building that might or might not be a school. This doesn’t help solve the problem at all.

If you’re new to the area, you might not know that Ford Mustangs, or more specifically, drivers of Ford Mustangs, have a terrible image for being unable to keep their muscle cars on the road. Over the years, there have been a lot of videos of Mustangs trying to show off on a public road, only for them to lose control and crash in front of (or into) a crowd. Similar to this one. This one could be this. Or this one is said to have caused a dog to die.

The Mustang got a new look for the 2024 model year and moved into its seventh generation. Even though staff writer Peter Nelson liked the car when he first saw it (spoiler alert: he did like it), the GT still seems to get into many accidents. But in the right light, that blue paint shines, even when it’s broken and facing the wrong way.

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