In what is likely to be one of the most exciting sales of the year, Bonhams will show off the Orange Collection. It’s exactly what it sounds like a fantastic group of eight Aston Martins painted the same bright orange color.

The auction ad says that a “private gentleman” placed a particular order in 2010 for this fantastic collection to be put together. The owner asked Aston Martin to make their line of road cars in a bright orange color that would stand out. Each car’s inside was carefully put together with leather that matched. This gave these cars a lot of visual appeal, especially to members of the Florida Citrus Committee.

We don’t know what made the owner make the first order, so we can only guess. They could have been a Dutch hero or a wealthy businessman in the juice or citrus industries. They might have liked the color orange better. Bonhams has also sold things that are similar to this in the past. The auction house sold the Hunter Green Collection of Aston Martin V8s from the 1980s 15 years ago. This sale makes me think of those cars again.

The two DBS cars in this exclusive collection are the beautiful Coupe and the open-top Volante. Each group’s best-performing models will likely get an offer between €80,000 and €120,000. The Volante and Coupe versions of the DB9 are expected to sell for between €60,000 and €90,000.

The V8 coupe and the Volante with a drop-top are expected to cost between €40,000 and €60,000. The sporty V12 Vantage Coupe costs between €50,000 and €80,000, which is a bit more. The four-door Rapide will likely cost between €40,000 and €60,000, making it the least expensive. Sedan fans will like it, though.

All of the cars were made in Switzerland and show what looks like delivery miles. The one used the least has only 70 miles, while the one used the most has 235. That’s about an hour on the highway. It’s hard to imagine the kind of lifestyle allowing someone to order eight custom-built high-performance cars straight from the factory and then use each car only occasionally over ten years.

At Bonham’s Zoute Sale on October 8, everyone who wants to buy can do so without paying anything extra. The whole collection could earn as much as 500,000 euros. Gregory Tuytens, Head of Sale at Bonhams, said, “This is a truly amazing and unique offering. I can see collectors wanting to buy the whole collection and many others trying to win a particular favorite.”

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