• Just now, the Abarth version of the new Fiat 600e electric small SUV was made public.
  • The Abarth model has a more aggressive front end, a rear spoiler that can be seen, and a striking purple paint job for its first version. With 237 horsepower, the 600e is also the most powerful Abarth ever made.
  • Neither the Fiat 600e nor the Abarth will be offered in the United States. The beautiful Scorpionissima launch series is limited to just 1949 pieces.

It’s a special event when a driver thrashes a hot hatch with an inappropriately bright color of paint. It could be the teenager in all of us or the idea that driving a slow car quickly pays off more than driving a fast car slowly. We’re really interested in this picture of the new Fiat 600e Abarth for some reason.

The purple Fiat 600e Abarth is a badass car that won't be coming to America

This is Abarth’s version of the new Fiat 600e electric cars¬†that is focused on performance. It’s still Fiat’s main goal to bring the 500e to the US market so that neither model will be offered here.

The 600e is Abarth’s most powerful car to date, even though it only has 237 horsepower. In keeping with the hot hatch idea, it has a mechanical limited-slip differential that helps with grip. In order to reach that goal, Abarth is happy to say that he and Hankook, who make tires for the Formula E race series, designed the tires for the 600e together.

If the 600e Abarth has the same battery as the Fiat version, it should have a 54.0-kWh lithium-ion battery, which gives it a range of about 249 miles under Europe’s more hopeful WLTP test cycle.

Hot things

We really like how the Scorpionissima premiere version, which is shown here, uses the striking and unique Hypnotic Purple color. Not only that, but the back of the car has a big spoiler that’s hard to see from this position. There aren’t many details available yet, but Abarth put bigger brakes under the 20-inch wheels, which are bigger than the 18-inch wheels that come standard on the Fiat.

The first version of Scorpionissima will only be made in 1949 copies, and each one will come with a certificate of authenticity. Fiat spoke about the “heightened Dolce Vita feel” of the 600e’s electric drivetrain when they first showed it off, but we think the Abarth version has a more “vita veloce” feel.

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