When Mini says something is in the “Final Edition,” he’s not kidding. In February 2024, Mini will start selling the 2024 Mini Clubman, the last of the odd station wagon with barn-style back doors. There might be room for an all-electric Mini between the two-door Cooper and four-door Countryman EVs, but it won’t be called a Clubman.

In an interview with Top Gear, Stefanie Wurst, who oversees the Mini brand, said that the Clubman car was no longer being made because it didn’t sell well. The Countryman sells twice as many vehicles as the Clubman, according to global sales figures, she claimed. I wouldn’t know the room is complete, but Clubman won’t. Wurst also thinks that a smaller Mini is on the way, even though the Countryman and the Aceman, an ideal all-electric crossover car from Mini that came out in 2022, are the most popular five-door cars on the market.

You can buy the 2024 Mini Clubman Final Edition from your neighborhood Mini dealer, but supplies are limited. Even though the Final Edition Clubman is built on the Cooper S All4 Clubman and costs a whopping $47,145, there are only 100 of them for sale in the United States. As a way to remember the first year that Mini made the Cooper car, only 1,969 of these will be made all over the world. The unusual Cooper Clubman with six doors will no longer be made after February 2024, so if you don’t want the Final Edition, you only have until that month to place an order.

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