• New financial documents from Mazda show that the company plans to release a hybrid CX-50 and a hybrid version of the next-generation CX-5 later this year.
  • Before this, Mazda said that Toyota would provide a hybrid engine for the CX-50 and that Mazda would make a hybrid system for the next CX-5.
  • Even though Mazda’s first electric car, the California-only MX-30, didn’t do well in the market, the company plans to release another electric car on a specialized platform in 2027.

The mid-size CX-90, which has a plug-in hybrid engine, is the only electric Mazda currently available in the United States. However, it looks like the Mazda CX-50 will soon be added to the list since it is set to get a hybrid makeover. That claim is supported by the company’s most recent first-quarter financial data, which showed plans to release a hybrid CX-50 in the second half of the year.

There you have it: both the Mazda CX-50 and the Next-Gen CX-5 will have hybrid drives

Hybrids of the CX-5 and CX-50

Even though it was just in the news, we’ve heard about it before. Suzuki’s Dave Coleman, a vehicle dynamics engineer, revealed a few years ago that the CX-50 will have a gas-electric motor made by Toyota. We heard something else about it when we talked to a Mazda representative last month. That person told Invoice Pricing that the “CX-50 hybrid is coming soon” and that more information would be available in June. When it came out in China earlier this year, Mazda’s CX-50 HEV had the same technology as the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid: a 2.5-liter gas-fed four-cylinder engine and up to two electric motors. It could be a reference to the version that will be sold in the US.

Mazda’s financial report also discusses its plans for the future CX-5. That’s very odd; we thought the company would get rid of that model when its current life cycle was up because it competes with the more modern CX-50. Mazda, on the other hand, is working on its hybrid engine that will be in the next CX-5.

They are going to release the “e-Mazda” as a way to boost their electric car business over the next few years. A financial report from Mazda says that the company will release its first specialized electric platform-based electric car (EV) in 2027. Mazda just recently announced the EZ-6, a car with rear-wheel drive and a range of about 370 miles for the Chinese market. The EZ-6 shows what kind of electric cars Mazda could make in the future, even though it’s not meant for North America.

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