New Acura Dealer Invoice Price: Find the Best Deal for You

When shopping for a new car, you want to get the model and features you're looking for at the best price. The motivation for getting a good deal is particularly strong when you're looking for a luxury car like an Acura.

The idea of negotiating the price of a new Acura with an experienced salesperson can be intimidating, even for skilled professionals. It can be easy to get a few dollars off the sticker price, end the negotiation, and feel like you did all you could. You could wind up paying far more than you could have.

You can do things to prepare for your car buying experience that will help you get the best deal possible. The key is to enter your negotiation with all the information you can find regarding the Acura car price, what the dealer paid for it, and how low you can realistically drive down your purchase price.

Acura Invoice Pricing

You may have heard of invoice pricing, but many people tend to misunderstand what it really means. The Acura invoice price is not the amount of money the dealer spent on the car, which is what we tend to believe. The invoice price actually has many markups built into it. That means the dealer is already making a profit on the car even at this price.

Terms to Understand

Understanding the details of invoice pricing and these other key car buying terms will help you get the background knowledge you need for a successful negotiation. You can drive away with the car you want, save money, and enjoy a more positive car buying experience.

Dealer Holdback

The listed costs you see on the vehicle you want are often not as straightforward as you would think. Dealers use several techniques to inflate the price of their cars artificially. Dealer holdback is a classic example of this. The manufacturer charges the dealer an inflated amount and then later refunds the extra cost to the dealer. This enables the dealer to list a higher cost and therefore price on the car you want.

Dealer Cost

The dealer cost is the true amount the dealer paid for a car or truck. This is calculated by adding the base invoice price with the price of options included in the model and the costs associated with the car's destination, like shipping. The dealer holdback is subtracted from the total to give the true dealer cost.


The MSRP stands for manufacturer suggested retail price. This is the price of a new Acura that the manufacturer lists. An individual dealer cannot change the number because the MSRP is used for each Acura car price throughout all dealerships. MSRP is often used for comparison with the price the dealer then offers.

Manufacturer Incentives and Rebates

Acura and other car manufacturers will offer incentives to dealers to sell their cars. They might want to increase sales of a particular car at a given time, so they will offer dealers rebates and other incentives to promote and sell these models.

What Is the Suggested Price?

Trying to find the right price of a new Acura can be daunting. You have a lot of numbers to review, from the MSRP to the price suggested by the dealer. The key to getting the best price you can is knowing about true dealer costs and how much room you have left to negotiate. This will help you get a price and monthly car payment that will fit your budget.

How to Get the Acura Invoice Price

The dealer will share with you the prices and costs they want you to know. The information you get from the dealer is designed to make them the most profit they can get while making you feel like you got the best deal.

You can level the negotiating playing field by knowing what the dealer knows. This includes the Acura invoice price, so you have a better idea of true costs. Preparing for your car buying experience also includes understanding that the Acura invoice price already includes markups.

Having this pricing information enables you to reduce the amount you pay to get as close to the invoice price as possible.

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