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2024 Acura Models & Invoice Pricing

New Acura Invoice Pricing: How to Get the Best Car Price

Are you shopping around for a new Acura? Although these luxury vehicles will always be expensive, being armed with the right information and tools can lead to impressive savings on Acura car prices and Acura truck prices. Learning more about Acura invoice prices will help you secure the best possible deal.

Shoppers will definitely come up against some unfamiliar terms when they’re learning about invoice pricing, but once you get to know the jargon, you’ll have the tools you need to get a handsome discount.


Acura Invoice Pricing

The Acura invoice price is simply the vehicle’s wholesale price — the amount the manufacturer gets from the car dealership. This price is determined by a variety of factors that include the manufacturing cost of the Acura, marketing overhead, and other related costs. Buyers who are able to find out what the invoice price of their new car is can use this information to negotiate a better price with their dealership.

A Useful Glossary for Car Buyers

Hoping to haggle? The Acura invoice price isn’t the only concept you need to be familiar with. What other industry terms should you know about to understand the factors that can influence the Acura car prices you see at dealerships?

Dealer Holdback

Dealer holdback is a financial incentive that manufacturers offer to car dealerships to stock their vehicles. The dealer holdback generally amounts to two to three percent of the wholesale price or MRSP.

Dealer Cost

The dealer cost, also referred to as the “true dealer cost”, is the term used to describe the cash price the dealership owes the manufacturer for a particular vehicle, once incentives like the dealer holdback have been subtracted.


The so-called MRSP is one of the most important terms buyers hoping to get the best Acura car prices should be aware of. Short for “manufacturer’s suggested retail price”, the MRSP is the list price an automotive manufacturer suggests for a particular model.

The MSRP very often reflects the list price you would come across on, for instance, a dealership’s website. Since the MRSP is not the minimum Acura car price, a dealership needs to charge in order to make a profit. However, smart shoppers have plenty of room for negotiation.


How Does MSRP Compare to the Acura Invoice Price?

It goes without saying that your car dealership needs to charge more than the Acura invoice price to make a profit — and this is why the MSRP will be significantly higher than the invoice or wholesale price. Potential buyers should keep in mind, on the other hand, that dealers are not bound by the MSRP. It is almost always possible to get a better deal.


Manufacturer Incentives & Rebates

Car manufacturers often offer dealerships cash incentives to convince them to sell particular models. The dealership holdback falls under this heading, but other rebates and discounts can also be included. With this extra encouragement in place, a car dealership can afford to lower the retail price of a new Acura vehicle — if only you know how to negotiate!


How Much Should You Really Pay for Your New Acura?

Now that you have some insider knowledge, you can use it to calculate the true dealership cost of the Acura you’ve got your eyes on — and bring Acura car prices down.

With this helpful formula, calculating how much wiggle room you’ll have as you negotiate becomes easy:

True Dealer Cost = Invoice Price – (Dealer Holdback + Manufacturer Incentives & Rebates)

After coming up with an informed estimate of the true dealer cost, meaning the Acura invoice price from which you’ve subtracted the incentives and rebates, you can begin haggling by setting a maximum budget for your new Acura car — all without low-balling the dealership to the point where it becomes insulting.

With our handy payment calculator, you can then find out what your monthly payments would come to.

Less-informed buyers might use the MSRP as their launchpad for negotiations, and that is exactly what car dealerships are counting on. Using this higher Acura car price as your starting point, however, you are likely to end up paying more than you need to.

You, of course, want the best possible deal on your new Acura. You’re best off if you offer a starting price that sits closer to the Acura invoice price, and then work your way up from there until you’ve got an Acura car price the dealership is also comfortable with. Shoppers who just leave the MSRP out of the equation will get the best deal!


How Can You Find Out About the Invoice Prices for Acura Cars?

Getting your hands on the latest Acura invoice prices will help you get the best possible deal. By knowing what the dealership is truly paying for the vehicle you are interested in, the car of your dreams can be yours for significantly less than the MSRP.

Because Acura invoice prices are not easy to come by, your dealership will immediately know that they are dealing with a masterful negotiator. Our free invoice pricing app has made it simple to discover your Acura invoice price.

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