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2024 Buick Models & Invoice Pricing

New Buick Invoice Pricing: How to Get the Best Car Price

Looking for a new Buick? There is no sugar-coating it — after your home, your brand new car is likely to be the second-most expensive purchase you make in your life. Nothing is going to change that. Smart shoppers who know what it really takes for car dealerships to make a profit can, however, strengthen their negotiating position and walk away with a handsome discount.

Discover why knowing the latest Buick invoice prices is so important if you want the best possible deal, and find out how to get your hands on this inside info!


Buick Invoice Pricing

The Buick invoice price is simply another name for a vehicle’s wholesale price. In other words, the invoice price is the amount your car dealership has to pay for a Buick car, truck, or SUV. Determined by the auto manufacturer, the invoice price is based on the vehicle’s manufacturing cost, shipping expenses, regional ad campaign costs, and other fees the manufacturer incurs.

Shoppers who are hoping to get the lowest possible price on their new Buick car should also familiarize themselves with a few other industry terms, though:

  • Dealer holdback. Auto manufacturers routinely offer car dealerships cash incentives to stock and sell their vehicles. This is known as dealer holdback. After a dealership successfully sells a Buick, this “refund” can come to as much as two to three percent of the Buick invoice price, or even the vehicle’s MSRP.
  • Dealer cost, also called “true dealer cost”, is the actual price a car dealership pays for a vehicle, once dealer holdback and other incentives have been subtracted.
  • The MSRP, or manufacturer’s suggested retail price, is the sticker price Buick suggests for a specific model. While the manufacturer’s suggested retail price is determined by the automaker, your dealership is not bound to it. Car dealerships do expect their customers to negotiate a better deal for themselves, and they can offer lower prices while still making a profit.


Why Should You Care About the Buick Invoice Price When You Already Know the MSRP?

Buying a new car is expensive as well as stressful, but if you have ever done it before, you already know that negotiating with your car dealership can lead to a better deal. Even those buyers who pride themselves on their bargain-hunting skills tend to take the MSRP as a starting point and try to negotiate their way down, however. That is a mistake.

While your dealership does need to make a profit, you now know that they typically end up paying less than the Buick invoice price for the vehicle you are interested in. Because car manufacturers offer rebates and incentives, the true dealership cost can be significantly lower than the MSRP.  That’s good news for smart buyers, who are able to leverage this knowledge to get a lower Buick car price that’s closer to the Buick invoice price than to the MSRP.


How Much Should You Really Pay for Your New Buick?

Now that you have a better grasp of the factors that impact Buick car prices, you’ll want to know how to gain the upper hand in your negotiations with your local car dealership. Once you pinpoint the Buick invoice price, you can use that information to your advantage to estimate the true dealer cost with the help of this easy formula:

True Dealer Cost = Invoice Price – (Dealer Holdback + Manufacturer Incentives & Rebates)

The dealer holdback and other incentives offered by the manufacturer generally, as you will remember, amount to roughly two to three percent of the vehicle’s invoice price.

What can smart buyers looking for a fair deal do with that information? Once you know that your car dealership can make a profit even if they sell you your dream Buick for much less than the MSRP, you will have earned yourself a rock-solid negotiating position that could easily end up saving you thousands of dollars.

You won’t make the rookie mistake of starting your negotiations at the retail price, and can instead negotiate your way up from the Buick invoice price to ensure a fair deal that both you and your dealership are happy with.

What’s the highest Buick car price you can offer? With our free payment calculator, calculating your monthly payments is a breeze. Set an upper limit (but never reveal it to your dealership), put your foot down, and drive away in your brand new Buick with some cash to spare.


How Can You Figure Out the Invoice Prices for Buick Cars?

Identifying Buick invoice prices is essential for buyers who want to get the best deal possible — but if you have already done some digging, you will know that Buick doesn’t simply share that information. We’re here to help. With our free invoice pricing app, you’ll find out what Buick is charging your dealership in no time.

Equipped with the most up-to-date Buick invoice prices, you’ll be in an excellent position to make impressive savings. Why pay the full retail price when you can get away with paying much less?


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