2024 Ford Models & Invoice Pricing

Bronco$28,500 - $61,110
Bronco Sport$26,820 - $38,160
Edge$32,250 - $43,100
Escape$24,885 - $38,585
Expedition$49,025 - $78,825
Explorer$32,675 - $54,480
F-150$33,935 - $76,530
F-150 Raptor$33,935 - $76,530
Mustang$27,155 - $51,720
Mustang$27,155 - $51,720
Mustang Mach-E$42,895 - $49,800
Ranger$24,820 - $38,785

New Ford Invoice Pricing: How to Get the Best Car Price

Most buyers dread the process of purchasing a new car — not just because they’ll be parting with a huge sum of money, but also because car salespeople always seem to be able to outwit consumers who are trying to haggle. Are you angling for the best possible deal on that new Ford car or truck you’re after?

Any buyer who’s asking themselves how to get the best Ford car prices should really be asking themselves what their dealership paid for that vehicle. Once you know how to find the invoice price of a car or truck, you’re well on your way to a great deal.

Here’s what smart buyers should be aware of before they even pay the dealership a visit.


What Should You Know About Ford Invoice Pricing?

Building a smart negotiation strategy requires some insider knowledge. Here’s a look at some key terms to help you out.

The Ford invoice price is the single most important piece of information for buyers who are hoping to get a new Ford car or truck. This information is what’s needed to get the lowest price possible. A car’s invoice price is its wholesale rate, or the amount a car dealership pays the automaker for a particular vehicle. It’s determined by the manufacturer, which passes the vehicle’s manufacturing cost, shipping costs, and even regional ad campaign fees onto dealerships.

That doesn’t mean that your dealership actually pays the full Ford invoice price, though! Thanks to a manufacturer-led incentive called dealer holdback, dealerships can receive rebates of one, two, or even three percent of the Ford invoice price, or even the car’s MSRP.

Once you take dealer holdback and other incentives and rebates that automakers offer car dealerships into account, you arrive at the so-called dealer cost (also often called true dealer cost). The true dealer cost is the amount that dealerships actually pay for a car or truck.

The MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail price) is the Ford car price or Ford truck price that Ford  recommends for a specific model. Your local car dealership isn’t obliged to sell vehicles at this rate, and it can still make a handsome profit if you negotiate a deal well below the MSRP.


Ford Invoice Price vs MSRP: How to Get a Great Deal

Now that you’ve had a closer look at the inner workings of the financial relationship between car dealerships and auto makers, you can be smarter when you’re haggling with your car salesperson. Most potential buyers try to knock a few hundred dollars off the sticker price. You, however, know that that sticker price is merely a suggestion.

To get the deal of your life, simply forget about Ford’s suggested retail prices and launch your negotiations much closer to the Ford invoice price. Will you be able to snag a brand new Ford at its invoice price, or even below it? Sometimes, but usually not. By knowing what the Ford invoice price is you can definitely get a much better deal that you would otherwise, though.


How Much Should You Really Pay for Your New Ford?

As you’re gearing up to begin your negotiations, it’s always helpful to have a rough idea of the amount your dealership is truly paying for Ford trucks and cars. This formula makes that easy:

True Dealer Cost = Invoice Price – (Dealer Holdback + Manufacturer Incentives & Rebates)

The true dealer cost is equal to the Ford invoice price once dealer holdback and other manufacturer-led incentives have been subtracted. The dealer holdback typically falls between two and three percent of the car’s invoice price, so once you have identified that key information, the rest becomes simple.

Congratulations — you’ve now estimated the price your car dealership is paying the manufacturer for the vehicle you are hoping to drive home in. You’re in an excellent position to start haggling, but you probably have one final hurdle to overcome. Calculate how much you can afford to pay for that new Ford by using our free payment calculator to give you an idea of your monthly payments. Then, set a hard upper limit and walk into your dealership confidently and ready to negotiate like a boss!


How Can You Figure Out the Invoice Prices for Ford Cars and Trucks?

You’ve learned why Ford invoice prices are so important, and how much they differ from the Ford car prices at which vehicles retail. Unfortunately, Ford doesn’t exactly advertise wholesale prices they charge dealerships. How can you find the invoice price on a car, then?

Our handy invoice pricing app makes that easy for you! Just let us know what model and trim you’re interested in, and you’ll get the best price quote in no time! What’s more, we can put you in touch with car dealerships near you who are happy to offer you the lowest Ford car prices.


Use Our App Today to Get Ford Invoice Pricing

Are you ready to unlock “secret” Ford car prices that will make your neighbors jealous? Our free invoice pricing app has you covered! You’ll never have to stress yourself out haggling for small discounts again when you’re armed with the right info. Your dealership will sense that they’re dealing with a pro and will skip straight to a good offer.

Do you still have burning questions about the latest Ford car prices and invoice pricing? Feel free to contact us to discover more.

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