2024 Honda Models & Invoice Pricing

Accord$24,970 - $36,900
Accord Hybrid$26,570 - $36,440
Civic$21,700 - $28,300
Civic Hatchback$22,200 - $29,400
Civic Type R$22,200 - $29,400
CR-V$25,350 - $35,150
CR-V Hybrid$30,560 - $36,350
HR-V$21,420 - $27,720
Odyssey$32,090 - $47,820
Passport$32,790 - $44,180
Pilot$39,060 - $50,620
Ridgeline$36,490 - $43,920

New Honda Invoice Price: How to Get the Best Car Price

The car buying process is something that perplexes many people, and as a result, they try to avoid it. Who wants to spend time haggling over a sticker price, only to overpay for a car? 

The good news is that if you’re in the market for a new Honda, the process is not too difficult if you become familiar with a few terms and have a few apps at your disposal. See how Invoice Pricing can help you find the Honda invoice price, which can help you save money.


Honda Invoice Pricing

If you’re searching for the best new Honda price, start by understanding a few terms. Here are some terms to know and understand:

  • MSRP: This is known as the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. It’s the price the manufacturer recommends that a dealership charge for a vehicle. However, the dealer can charge any price they want. The difference between the invoice price and the MSRP can be significant, especially for in-demand vehicles. 
  • Dealer holdback: This refers to the amount auto manufacturers give back to a dealer as a form of incentive. It’s a percentage of the MSRP and may be as low as 2%.
  • Dealer cost: This is the price the dealer pays for a vehicle. The formula for total dealer cost is base invoice price + the dealer invoice price of all the options + destination − holdback.
  • Manufacturer incentives/rebates: These are programs manufacturers will offer to dealers or consumers to lower the overall Honda car price. These incentives are often used to get customers in the door. The most common programs include special leases, cash rebates, and low-interest financing.


What is the Suggested Price?

The suggested price for a vehicle will vary depending on the base cost, trim, destination cost, and options. It may also vary based on a manufacturer’s predictions. They may opt for a higher MSRP for highly anticipated vehicles, allowing both the dealer and manufacturer to make more money. However, based on the economy, it may be difficult to sell some cars at particular prices. 

While the manufacturer suggests you pay a specific price for a vehicle, keep in mind that you don’t have to pay this price. The more you pay, the more the dealership will profit. The dealership isn’t looking out for your best interests, so you need to do some research on your own to get the best price. 

You want to figure out the true dealer cost and negotiate up from there. If you start at the MSRP and go down from there, you’re not going to get the best new Honda price. The dealer cost is typically an amount between the invoice price and MSRP. Obviously, dealers try to keep this price private, so you may not be able to find it online. You may need to use a website or app to help with this process. The Invoice Pricing website offers a great way to learn about the car buying process and get the best price possible. 


Getting Invoice Price for Honda

Now that you know a few terms, how do you use this knowledge to get a good Honda car price? One way is to visit your local dealers and go through the haggling process. 

The process can be even easier than that, though. You can visit Invoice Pricing and fill out the application. Just enter the make, model, and trim of the vehicle you desire, along with your ZIP code. You’ll then be prompted to fill out your name and contact information. We’ll help you get the invoice price. You may also be contacted by dealers willing to work with you and sell you a vehicle at the best new Honda price.

Invoice Pricing covers the entire United States. We can get you the Honda car price through the dealer network with which we work.

Invoice Pricing offers several tools for potential car buyers. One of them is a Monthly Auto Loan Payment Calculator, which is a valuable tool to ensure you’re not caught off guard when buying a new car. By entering the loan amount, interest rate, and loan term, you can easily estimate your monthly payment when buying a new car. You can then decide if you can afford the payment or if you should choose a different vehicle.


Apply Today to Find Out the Honda Invoice Price

By knowing the Honda invoice price, you can get a new vehicle at a low price. Use our apps and calculators and become better informed about the car buying process and save big. Contact Invoice Pricing today to get the best deal possible on a new Honda or another vehicle. 

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