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2024 Lincoln Models & Invoice Pricing

New Lincoln Invoice Pricing: How to Get the Best Car Price

Have you got your heart set on a new Lincoln SUV, crossover, or car? These beautiful luxury vehicles are built to last, and of course you’re excited about test driving the latest models. Most people find the thought of haggling with dealerships a lot less thrilling, though! Negotiating with car salespeople can be exhausting, and it’s easy to give in and pay more than you wanted to.

What’s the secret to getting the lowest Lincoln car prices, you ask? You need more than determination on your side. You also need to know the latest Lincoln invoice prices to get yourself the best deal possible.


Lincoln Invoice Pricing: What Do You Need to Know?

When you walk into the showroom or browse around a dealership’s website, the sticker prices you come across will be very close to a vehicle’s MSRP. Short for “manufacturer’s suggested retail price”, the MSRP is exactly what it sounds like — the price at which auto makers believe a vehicle should be listed.

Smart buyers who want to get their dealership to make them better offers need to look beyond Lincoln sticker prices, though. Let’s take a look “under the hood” to discover how manufacturers and dealerships work together:

  • The Lincoln invoice price is the price a dealership initially pays the manufacturer for a specific vehicle — or, in other words, it’s the car’s wholesale price. The car’s manufacturing cost, freight charges, and even regional ad campaign fees all contribute to the Lincoln invoice price. (This explains why the invoice price isn’t necessarily the same in every state.)
  • The dealer holdback is an incentive auto manufacturers often offer dealerships to stock and sell their vehicles. It generally amounts to two or three percent of the car’s MSRP, and a dealership will receive the dealer holdback as a refund after a car is sold. The dealer holdback is the most important financial incentive manufacturers offer, but it’s not the only one. Other rebates and incentives may also be available.
  • We’ve now seen that car dealerships typically don’t pay the full Lincoln invoice price. Once you deduct the dealer holdback and other manufacturer incentives, you get the so-called true dealer cost. This is the price at which a dealership really purchases a car.

Now that you understand how the relationship between dealerships and auto makers works, it’s clear that dealerships can run extremely successful and profitable businesses even if they offer smart shoppers like you Lincoln car prices well below the car’s MSRP. How can you use this information to your advantage?


How Does Knowing the Lincoln Invoice Price Help You Get the Best Deal?

The new Lincoln car, SUV, or crossover you’re hoping to drive away in will almost certainly be the most significant investment you’ll make in years. It’s no surprise, then, that car dealerships fully expect potential buyers to attempt to negotiate their way to a better deal.

Most buyers try to negotiate down from the car’s MSRP, though. This move might get you a “discount”, but you’ll still end up paying a Lincoln car price closer to the retail rate than to the Lincoln invoice price.

If you find out what the Lincoln invoice price is for the model and trim you’ve fallen in love with, you can use a more effective tactic. Ignore the sticker price altogether and negotiate your way up from the invoice price. Not only will negotiating with your dealership be a lot less stressful, you could also save thousands of dollars!

Once you set yourself a hard upper limit (which should fall somewhere between the Lincoln invoice price and the car’s MSRP), you can use our handy payment calculator to work out what your monthly payments will be.


Lincoln Invoice Price and Dealer Holdback: How Can You Calculate the True Dealer Cost?

Knowing that dealerships don’t have to pay the entire Lincoln invoice price, savvy buyers will also want a rough idea of the true dealer cost before they start negotiating. Here’s a formula to help:

True Dealer Cost = Invoice Price – (Dealer Holdback + Manufacturer Incentives & Rebates)

This means that buyers who have pinpointed the latest Lincoln invoice prices can also make an informed guess about the true dealer cost. The dealer holdback is, remember, generally two to three percent of the vehicle’s MSRP.

Before you think that you can buy your dream Lincoln below its invoice price, do keep in mind that car dealerships have operating costs and they still need to make a profit, too. Car salespeople, who are almost always skilled negotiators, will definitely find a way to “punish” you if you make insulting lowball offers.

It’s good to estimate the true dealer cost before you start haggling, but you’ll typically be most successful in your negotiations, and unlock the best Lincoln car prices, if you initially offer an amount just above the Lincoln invoice price.


How to Determine the Invoice Prices for Lincoln Cars?

Armed with the basics, you’re nearly ready to head into the showroom! All you’re missing is that one crucial bit of information — the latest Lincoln invoice prices. Have your Googling efforts failed you? That’s because invoice prices are not public information. Auto makers and dealerships hide invoice prices from buyers to maintain their profit margins.

With our free invoice pricing app, you can get the secret price in no time! Just tell us what Lincoln model and trim you’re aiming for, and we will get back to you with the best price quote.


Use Our App Today to Get Lincoln Invoice Pricing

Negotiating with your dealership doesn’t have to be a pain if you get the invoice price for the Lincoln you are determined to drive away in! Armed with this insider knowledge, haggling might even be fun.

Still got questions about Lincoln invoice prices? Feel free to contact us any time!

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