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2024 Mercedes-Benz Models & Invoice Pricing

New Mercedes Invoice Pricing: How to Get the Best Car Price

Are you already actively imagining yourself in the (notoriously comfy) driver’s seat of your brand new Mercedes, but are you also angling for a great deal? A Mercedes might be a status symbol, but few things give you a greater sense of internal pride than outwitting the car dealership and negotiating your way to the lowest Mercedes car prices!

Savvy consumers arm themselves with more than determination and top-notch negotiating skills — they also come prepared with background knowledge. Here’s why pinpointing the latest Mercedes invoice prices puts you on a path to a better Mercedes car price, and how to get your hands on this crucial info.


Mercedes Invoice Pricing: What Do You Need to Know?

The Mercedes invoice price is, as you probably already know, the wholesale price — or the amount for which your car dealership buys the Mercedes you’re aiming to drive home. This rate is determined by the manufacturer, which passes expenses like the car’s manufacturing cost, freight charges, and regional ad campaign fees onto dealerships.

A car’s MSRP, or “manufacturer’s suggested retail price”, is also set by auto makers. Also often called the sticker price, the MRSP is simply the price at which auto makers encourage dealerships to list specific models. It’s not set in stone, and because of the large difference between the Mercedes car prices you’ll see in the showroom and the Mercedes invoice price, car dealerships can absolutely offer savvy buyers a better deal.

So far, so good — but buyers who want to set themselves up to get the best possible deal on their new Mercedes need to know that car dealerships generally don’t even pay the full Mercedes invoice price!

Auto makers offer dealerships powerful financial incentives to stock and sell their vehicles, and the so-called dealer holdback is one that needs to be on your radar if you are hoping to negotiate your way to a lower Mercedes car price. The dealer holdback is a rebate of two to three percent of the car’s MSRP, which car dealerships receive after a vehicle is sold.

Once you subtract all the incentives and rebates manufacturers use to encourage dealerships to sell their cars, you come to the true dealer cost — or the amount car dealerships truly pay for a vehicle.

Can you buy a new Mercedes at this price? Of course not; the dealership still has to make a profit. Smart shoppers can, however, definitely pay a Mercedes car price much lower than the MSRP, and identifying the car’s invoice price is the first step.


How Does Knowing the Mercedes Invoice Price Help You Get the Best Deal?

Most people find the process of buying a new car incredibly stressful. That’s not just because they’re making a huge investment, but also because haggling with experienced and skilled car salespeople is exhausting.

Nearly every potential buyer tries to get their dealership to drop the price, but most people only have access to one of three crucial figures — the MSRP or sticker price. Unless you also know the Mercedes invoice price and have a rough estimate of the true dealer cost, negotiating with your dealership will be a bit like getting into a car without gas. You won’t be going anywhere. 

Once you identify the Mercedes invoice price for the model and trim you are determined to drive home in, though, you can simply forget about the MSRP. You can kick your negotiations off near the invoice price, and increase your offer until you come to a deal your dealership is also happy with. The end result? A much lower Mercedes car prize!


Mercedes Invoice Price and Dealer Holdback: How Can You Calculate the True Dealer Cost?

Smart consumers will wonder how they can calculate the true dealer cost once they’ve identified the Mercedes invoice price. Here’s a formula to help:

True Dealer Cost = Invoice Price – (Dealer Holdback + Manufacturer Incentives & Rebates)

Although you won’t find out precisely what the dealer holdback and other manufacturer incentives and rebates come to, you do know that most auto makers offer a dealer holdback of two to three percent of a vehicle’s suggested retail price. When you know the Mercedes invoice price, you’ll also have a very good idea of the true dealer cost if you do a little math.

Congratulations! You’re now ahead of roughly 95 percent of other buyers — and, armed with the latest Mercedes invoice prices, you’ll be able to squeeze a great deal out of your dealership! Buyers who are aware what their dealership is really paying for the vehicle of their dreams won’t be persuaded to pay more than they have to, after all!

If you haven’t determined what your budget is, yet, take a look at this handy payment calculator to see what your monthly payments might come to — and make sure that you keep this number in mind as you negotiate with your dealership, too!


How to Determine the Invoice Prices for Mercedes Cars?

By now, you’re left with one single question — “How do you know the invoice price on a new car?”

You might even have asked your friendly neighborhood search engine this precise question, but car dealerships don’t make the latest Mercedes invoice prices public.

We’ve got your back! With our free invoice pricing app, you’ll never be at risk of paying more than you have to. Once you get the lowest price, negotiating with car dealerships will be easier, less stressful, and much more successful!


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