As the Toyota GR Corolla gears up for its third year, the anticipation is high for a slew of enhancements and new features. The owner forums are buzzing with rumors that the 2025 model might boast an eight-speed automatic transmission. But that’s not all. The potential for increased torque, up from the current 272 lb-ft in non-Morizo vehicles, is sure to rev up the excitement among enthusiasts.

Someone on the GR Corolla Forum shared a picture of a document that listed extra features for Canadian cars starting in 2025. This made it possible for the headlines to change. It is said that the paper came from a Facebook group for verified users. It starts with “new 8-speed automatic transmission added.” This is in addition to the “peak engine torque increase,” “revised front bumper design,” and “new sub-radiator” for Premium-grade cars that were already stated. All of these changes are meant to keep the engine cool. The sub-radiator, which was just added to the GR Yaris, probably needed the bigger air vents on that hatch.

A stolen order sheet says that the Automatic Toyota GR Corolla will come out in 2025

So far, another post backs up these rumors and adds more changes to the color and trim for 2025. Blue Flame, which is only available on “24 Circuit Edition” cars, seems to be off-the-shelf right now. However, there is a group of potential customers who will definitely be drawn to the new automatic. This is in line with Toyota’s stated goal of giving its enthusiast cars a better transmission. The base Core spec should still only come with a manual transmission, while the 8-speed is only offered on the mid-level Premium spec.

This is the much-discussed “Direct Automatic Transmission”. It is now available for the GR Yaris. With advanced software and a clutch made of “highly heat-resistant friction material,” it gets “world-class gear-shifting speeds” while adding only 40 pounds to the hot hatch’s curb weight. We might be able to try it soon, but no one at Invoice Pricing has yet.

Even better, drivers who choose to change gears by hand or let the car do the work shouldn’t have to worry about the torque bump. Later, GR Corollas will likely use the same gear and tune that made the very rare Morizo Edition with 295 lb-ft of power possible, but we don’t know what Toyota’s exact plans are for reaching this new goal. I promise I’m not mad—every day, I drive a 2024 model that weighs only 272 lb-ft.

If these speculations turn out to be true, it’s certainly a reason to celebrate. More choices are always a welcome addition, even if the particular car might not be your personal preference. This is especially true for sought-after models like the GR Corolla. Invoice Pricing has reached out to Toyota to ask for their response to these rumors. While we believe it’s not always necessary to wait for a big automaker to confirm a rumor, we’ll continue to keep you updated in case of any significant developments.

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