The Audi R8 supercar was supposed to stop being made at the end of 2023, but because of high demand, the company had to keep making them. An Audi representative told Motor1 that the date has been pushed back to the end of March.

The source told the news outlet, “Yes, the last Audi R8 will roll off the line at the end of the first quarter of 2024.” “The production of a legendary sports car has ended at Audi Böllinger Höfe in Neckarsulm, Germany.” “The Böllinger Höfe will still be used to build the all-electric Audi e-tron GT.”

Good news: The Audi R8 will be made for longer because of strong sales

The beautiful supercar sold more than twice as many units in its last year of production: 631 units were bought in the US in 2023, up from 314 units in 2022. It’s not clear if the extra time will clear up any possible backlog or if all of those orders have already been shipped, and the extra time will let new orders come in.

Audi asked me to drive a 2023 Audi R8 V10 around Weathertech Raceway Laguna Seca in August as part of an event to honor the retirement of their famous racecar. What was more important was that it was with nine-time Le Mans 24 winner Tom Kristensen and the original R8 creator Frank Lamberty. The two of them and a few other Audi workers who were there had a great time seeing their beloved halo car drive off into the sunset for the last time.

A few years ago, Audi decided to stop making the R8, and it looks like Germany still needs to decide on a straight replacement. Most likely, an all-electric sports car will be made if a straight successor is made. No matter what, the German racecar won over a lot of fans during its 15-year run on the road and in races.

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