• This one-of-a-kind and powerful Firebird convertible will take you back to 2002.
  • The WS6 package was already in this yellow-on-black Collector’s Edition Trans Am when it was first delivered. But that was only the beginning.
  • It is said that the car’s 7.4-liter V-8 engine, which was tuned by the now-defunct fourth-generation F-body expert GMMG, can make 680 horsepower.

In 1976, the famous sitcom That ’70s Show was built. It first aired in August 1998. If you made it today, you would have to set it in 2002. 2002 was only a few years ago; doesn’t that seem strange? But the early 2000s weren’t as normal as you might remember. It’s not on Facebook. I don’t have an iPhone. What did we do for fun back then? As they did in the 1970s with their loud, big-displacement V-8s.

The 2002 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Convertible on Bring a Trailer is the best F-body from the last year

Along with the contract price, the car at Bring a Trailer, which is owned by Hearst Autos, is a bright yellow machine from not too long ago that still has enough power to slow down a Dodge Challenger Hellcat. This Pontiac Firebird was once a Trans Am convertible with the WS6 package. It is one of about 2400 2002 model-year yellow-on-black Collector’s Editions that were made. It was then that GMMG got the car.

A small performance group called GMMG is based in Marietta, Georgia. Their tuned cars are like the Yenko Camaros and Saleen Mustangs from the same period. The business specialized in Firebirds and Camaros from the fourth generation. This Trans Am had the full Phase 5X kit that GMMG could offer. A 454-cubic-inch aluminum V-8 engine with 680 horsepower sits under the sleek Ram-Air hood. This is still a powerful engine even in 2002. A six-speed manual gearbox works with a 12-bolt rear axle and an upgraded clutch to handle all the power. There is a driveshaft safety loop and Corvette brakes to slow it down if you want to drag racing. The grip comes from the 275-series Goodyear Eagle F1 tires that are placed on Torq Thrust II wheels.

The swoopy Collector’s Edition images on this huge yellow V-8 droptop make me think of the early 2000s. Remember the days when tattoos and No Fear t-shirts were common? These are the kinds of things that are getting harder to find.

This beautiful convertible from the last year of the car’s production is the best Firebird ever. This car has only 1000 miles on it, so it is definitely a collector’s item. However, we hope that the next owner will give it a quick spin around the block once in a while, with big shield sunglasses and a baseball cap on the back. Put your phone down and play some old Nickleback songs on the stereo. Before February 15th, you can buy this funny time capsule.

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