The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that new Alfa Romeo Tonales and Dodge Hornets with PHEV drivetrains should be kept outside, away from other cars and buildings. Even if the ignition is off and the vehicle is stopped, a fire could start because of loose connections in the high-voltage and low-voltage electrical systems.

The NHTSA says the problem is mainly caused by “loose 12-volt battery positive cable nuts and high voltage connectors.” These loose screws could fire if they spark or get hot. On August 23, the problem was looked into, which led to this recall. This will likely affect 2,254 2023-2024 Hornets and 1,875 2023-2024 Tonales.

Dealers for Alfa and Dodge will fix the problem by ensuring the bolts are tight enough. The main problem is that these nuts and bolts needed to be tightened more when they were made. It was a little embarrassing, but no one was hurt, and there have been no reports of fires so far.

Around October 27, owners will get directions on when they can bring their cars to a dealer to have the problem fixed. Once their vehicle is in the shop, the mechanics will check the fasteners to make sure they are safe and replace them if they aren’t.

Carbuzz says that when it comes to recalls this year, Stellantis is only second to Ford. Ford has said that it is working to improve the quality of what it makes. Stellantis probably wants to reach the same goal by making its ships more electric.

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