• Mugen is a well-known business that races and tunes Hondas.
  • There were only 1000 of these Civic Si cars with custom tunes made.
  • This one is as close as you can get to a time machine from the mid-2000s at 18,000 kilometers.

There are, without a doubt, one-of-a-kind cars, but there are also models that are a lot more if you know what I mean. Most people would think this Honda is just another fifteen-year-old Civic with a new body, even though it’s in great shape. But people who know what they’re looking for will know that this eighth-generation Civic with a body change is the limited-edition Civic Mugen Si, which will only be made for one year. So, this 2008 Civic for sale on Bring a Trailer, which is owned by Hearst Autos and works with Invoice Pricing, is a great find.

There is a 2008 Honda Civic Mugen Si this week as the Bring a Trailer Find

Honda has a close connection to Mugen Motorsport, which was formed in 1973 in Japan by people who were related to the founders of the company. That is 100% true, as Soichiro Honda’s son Hirotoshi was one of the first people to join Mugen. The name “Mugen” means “without limits,” and the company has done well in the Isle of Man TT motorcycle races and by giving Tyrrell’s F1 team Honda V-10s. Along the way, it also made a number of highly tuned sports cars, most of which were made just for the Japanese market.

Only 1,000 Civic Mugen Sis were made, so it was the first time people in North America got to try this beautifully tweaked Honda apple. It has almost the same great taste as the regular Civic Si, though. The Mugen model cost $8,190 more than the regular Si and didn’t make any more power.

It seems even stranger now, after fifteen years. First, it’s not common. There is only one Mugen metal shift knob, and every time you shift that beautiful six-speed manual, you shake hands with it. Those 18-inch wheels that were made are a pricey piece of jewelry. This Civic isn’t just for looks either: The suspension has been lowered by 0.6 inches, which makes the driving more precise and makes it easier to turn in. In addition, the separate exhaust system gives the car a more distinct sound.

Everything is even better because the car is beautiful and works well. Performance numbers for this 2008 Civic are almost the same as those of its turbocharged predecessor, but it does so in a very Honda-like way, reaching a peak of 197 horsepower at 7800 rpm, just below the redline of 8000 rpm.

To reach the desired speed, you must shift gears and spin the needle all the way to the top of the tachometer. The new Civic Si, on the other hand, has more power at low speeds but can only rev to 6600.

With just 18,000 kilometers on the clock, this Civic Mugen Si is a great example of its type. The inside is almost spotless as well. It’s unique enough to be kept, but it’s also good enough to use every day. On November 21, the sale is over.

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