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2024 Chrysler Models & Invoice Pricing

New Chrysler Invoice Pricing: How to Get the Best Car Price

Do you need a new car but have no desire to pay the full retail price? The good news is that informed consumers almost never have to. Once you pinpoint the Chrysler invoice price for the model you’re hoping to drive away in, negotiating with your dealership will be a positive experience while saving thousands of dollars.

How? Don’t fret. We’ve got your back. Discover how to haggle like a pro in this easy guide.


Chrysler Invoice Pricing

Want to get the best possible Chrysler car price? You’ll have to familiarize yourself with some car dealership jargon before you can.

The Chrysler invoice price is the base price at which the car dealership purchases the vehicle — or in other words, the wholesale cost of the car. The invoice price is decided by the auto manufacturer, and it can vary from one region to the next. Factors like the car’s manufacturing cost, the shipping expenses, regional ad campaign fees, and other costs the automaker incurs all trickle down to the car dealership.

Because manufacturers offer car dealerships financial incentives to stock and sell their vehicles, however, it’s important to be aware that dealerships rarely pay the full Chrysler invoice price. The dealer holdback is without a doubt the most common incentive. After your car dealership makes a sale, they may receive a debate of two or three percent of the Chrysler invoice price — or even the MSRP.

Once you subtract the dealer holdback and other financial incentives automakers offer, you arrive at the true dealer cost. This is the actual amount the car dealership pays for the car.

Consumers will, on the other hand, initially be presented with a figure very close to the MSRP, or “manufacturer’s suggested retail price”. This amount is set by the manufacturer, and many buyers see negotiating their way down from this sticker price as a win.

Dealerships aren’t obliged to set their Chrysler car prices at the MSRP, however, and as you’ll have discovered by now, they don’t need to do so in order to make a profit. This fact gives you ammunition to earn yourself a better Chrysler car price!


How Can Buyers Get a Better Deal When They Know the Chrysler Invoice Price?

Everyone loves a bargain (or at least a discount), and few people walk into their car dealership, take a glance at the MSRP, and simply part with their cash. Car dealerships do expect their buyers to negotiate. They’re counting on you to start with the sticker price and try to work your way down from there, though.

Now that you’re aware that your car dealership probably isn’t even paying the Chrysler invoice price, and is likely benefiting from dealer holdback, though, you can start your negotiations at a much lower price point. By negotiating your way up from the Chrysler invoice price until you and your dealership reach a Chrysler car price you are both comfortable with, you can bag yourself a much better deal.


How Much Should You Really Pay for Your New Chrysler

As soon as you understand how the relationship between car manufacturers and dealerships works, you’ll know that uncovering the true dealer cost is key if you want a lower Chrysler car price. With this formula, that becomes easy:

True Dealer Cost = Invoice Price – (Dealer Holdback + Manufacturer Incentives & Rebates)

Armed with this information, haggling will be simpler than ever before! Remember, your car dealership still has to charge Chrysler car prices above the true dealer cost in order to earn a profit. They’ve got bills and employees to pay, after all. They have much more wiggle room than most buyers know, however, and once you have an informed estimate, you can walk away with a deal to be proud of!

Before you begin negotiating with your car dealership, it is always a good idea to set a budget for your new Chrysler. If you are not sure what models fall within your price range yet, you can use our free payment calculator to discover what your monthly payments would be.

This will place you in an excellent negotiating position, and your dealership will immediately know that you aren’t a pushover.


How Can You Figure Out the Invoice Prices for Chrysler Cars?

You now know that car dealerships pay significantly less than the MSRP, or even the Chrysler invoice price, for the vehicles they sell. You now know that skillful negotiators are able to unlock lower Chrysler car prices when they’ve pinpointed the Chrysler invoice price.

You’re still not sure what that is, though, and Chrysler doesn’t make this information public, either. What’s your next step? We’ve got you covered. Get the best price quote today with our handy invoice pricing app! We can also put you in touch with local car dealerships who are happy to offer you a fair deal. The car you’ve always wanted can be yours in no time. You can simply ignore the MSRP and negotiate a great price.


Use Our App Today to Get Chrysler Invoice Pricing

Ready to go car shopping? Get the invoice price now, and snag your new Chrysler for the lowest price possible!

If you still have questions about Chrysler invoice pricing, meanwhile, feel free to contact us to find out how you, too, can buy a car well below retail price.

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