2024 GMC Models & Invoice Pricing

Canyon$26,800 - $45,000
Sierra 1500$34,700 - $55,900
Terrain$27,900 - $34,000
Yukon$51,000 - $71,600
Yukon XL$53,700 - $74,300

New GMC Invoice Pricing: How to Get the Best Car Price

Are you shopping around for a new GMC truck, van, SUV, or utility vehicle, for yourself or your business? As a smart consumer, you’re probably not intending to pay the full sticker price — but do you know how to unlock the very best deal? That’ll take more than polite but persistent haggling. You’ll also need to arm yourself with the right info!

Here’s why you absolutely have to find out what the GMC invoice price is to drive away in that brand new GMC truck if you’re looking to maximize your savings — and of course, how to get your hands on the GMC invoice price for the model you are interested in.


What Should You Know About GMC Invoice Pricing?

To take your negotiating skills to the next level, you’ll have to learn a little about the financial relationship between car dealerships and auto makers.

The GMC invoice price is the vehicle’s wholesale price, or the amount the manufacturer charges a dealership for a car, truck, or van. Car dealerships have no control over the invoice price. It’s determined by auto manufacturers, on the basis of factors like:

  • The vehicle’s manufacturing cost
  • Freight charges — the expense of shipping the vehicle to your car dealership
  • Regional ad campaign fees

The invoice price of a truck or car is frequently higher than the price actually winds up paying for a  vehicle, however. How is that possible, you may wonder? It’s because automakers often offer car dealerships all kinds of financial incentives and rebates to encourage them to stock and sell their vehicles.

The dealer holdback is the most important of these incentives. Once you reach a deal with your dealership and buy that new GMC truck, your dealership will likely receive a rebate of two to three percent of the vehicle’s invoice price, or sometimes even the MSRP.

Once you deduct the dealer holdback and other incentives, you arrive at the true dealer cost. This is, you guessed it, the price a dealership really pays for a vehicle.

Then, you’ve got the MSRP — the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. Just as the term suggests, this is the retail price at which automakers encourage dealerships to list a particular vehicle.

To sum it up, GMC car prices work like this:

  • The MSRP is the highest price
  • The GMC invoice price is much lower
  • The true dealer cost is the lowest

Once you know this, negotiating with your car dealership becomes much easier!


GMC Invoice Price vs MSRP: How to Get a Great Deal on Your New Truck

Only novice car buyers with money to waste simply pay the full retail price. Everyone else haggles and snags themselves at least a small “discount”. Once you understand that dealerships don’t typically even pay the full GMC invoice price, though, you’ll find yourself in a much stronger negotiating position.

Many buyers make the mistake of negotiating their way down from the sticker price until they reach an agreement they’re happy with. If you take the MSRP out of the equation and take the GMC invoice price as your starting point, on the other hand, the price you end up paying for your new GMC truck is bound to be much lower.

Your car dealership will understand that they’re dealing with someone who knows how invoice pricing works, and they won’t waste their time by trying to charge you higher prices.

Before you begin haggling, always set a budget. Buyers who aren’t sure what GMC truck prices they can afford can check our free payment calculator to figure out what their monthly payments would be. With a clear budget in mind, you can turn haggling into a sport and discover how much you can save.


How Much Should You Really Pay for Your New GMC Truck?

Estimating the true dealer cost of a particular GMC truck, van, or SUV is easy with this handy formula:

True Dealer Cost = Invoice Price – (Dealer Holdback + Manufacturer Incentives & Rebates)

Let’s break that down. The invoice price is the base rate a manufacturer charges dealerships for a vehicle, but thanks to dealer holdback and other incentives, they typically end up paying less. The dealer holdback usually falls between two and three percent of the GMC invoice price.

In other words, once you have identified the GMC invoice price, you can also estimate what the true dealer cost is fairly accurately.

Car dealerships are in business to make a profit, rather than just breaking even, of course. That’s why you’ll only be able to pay GMC car prices that reflect the invoice price or fall below it in specific circumstances. Smart buyers can, however, almost always negotiate a better deal for themselves when they know the latest GMC invoice prices.


How Can You Figure Out the New Invoice Prices for GMC Trucks?

All you’re missing, now, is the latest GMC invoice prices. Wondering how to get the invoice price on a new car or truck? We’re here to help! With our free and easy invoice pricing app, you’ll get the best price quote in no time — and potentially save thousands! Just tell us what GMC truck you’re interested in, and we’ll get back to you with the lowest GMC truck price!


Use Our App Today to Get GMC Invoice Pricing

Once you know the latest GMC invoice prices, you won’t have to worry about overpaying for your new truck! What are you waiting for? Get the lowest price now by finding out what your dealership is really paying for that vehicle!

If you still have questions about GMC invoice pricing, you can also, of course, contact us whenever you want to learn more.

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