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2024 Jaguar Models & Invoice Pricing

New Jaguar Invoice Pricing: How to Get the Best Car Price

Are you shopping for a brand new Jaguar? You didn’t get to the point where you can afford to buy the luxury vehicle of your dreams by making poor financial decisions, and you’re definitely not planning on paying more than you have to now, either.

How do you get your car dealership to offer you the lowest Jaguar car price, you wonder? Your journey to the best possible deal starts with identifying the Jaguar invoice price.


Jaguar Invoice Pricing: What Do You Need to Know?

Everyone knows that car dealerships don’t pay anywhere close to a car’s sticker price when they purchase their vehicles from auto makers — but just how large is that gap?

The price at which your car dealership purchases the Jaguar you’ve always wanted is called the Jaguar invoice price, or in other words its wholesale price. Your car dealership has no say in a vehicle’s invoice price, which the manufacturer determines on the basis of factors like the car’s manufacturing cost, freight charges, and regional ad campaign fees.

That sounds simple enough, but there’s another important dimension to keep in mind. Because manufacturers frequently encourage dealerships to stock and sell their vehicles by offering powerful financial incentives, dealerships don’t even pay the full invoice price!

The so-called dealer holdback is, for instance, a type of refund that automakers use to reward dealerships after making a successful sale. Sometimes the dealer holdback is one percent of the vehicle’s invoice price, but it may also be as much as two to three percent of the sticker price.

Once you subtract the financial incentives manufacturers offer car dealerships, you know the true dealer cost, or the Jaguar car price at which a dealership buys a Jaguar.

The MSRP, or manufacturer’s suggested retail price, is the price for which manufacturers encourage dealerships to list a particular vehicle. More commonly known as the sticker price or list price, the MSRP is significantly higher than the Jaguar invoice price. Car dealerships are not obliged to stick with this price, of course — and now that you know they can afford to offer you a much better deal, negotiating with your car salesperson will be a breeze!


How Does Knowing the Jaguar Invoice Price Help You Get the Best Deal?

Most buyers are aware that negotiating with their dealership can help them get a lower Jaguar car price. Unless they know the Jaguar invoice price, though, they’ll likely simply try to buy the vehicle below its MSRP. As buyers steer their dealerships to a lower price point, car salespeople expertly bump them back up again. The end result is often a small “discount” that feels like a win, but really isn’t.

Once you know how to determine the invoice price on a new car, on the other hand, you find yourself in a much stronger negotiating position. With this info, you can make an initial offer that’s closer to the jaguar invoice price and allow your car salesperson to negotiate their way up until you reach a figure that works for both parties.

Before you start negotiating, it is crucial to determine how much you are willing to spend on your new Jaguar. If you aren’t sure yet, you can use this helpful payment calculator to estimate your monthly payments. This additional safeguard will prevent you from getting carried away as you imagine yourself driving that new Jaguar around town.


Jaguar Invoice Price and Dealer Holdback: How Can You Calculate the True Dealer Cost?

Calculating the true dealer cost is simple once you have the right data to work with. Here’s a helpful formula:

True Dealer Cost = Invoice Price – (Dealer Holdback + Manufacturer Incentives & Rebates)

Buyers who have determined the Jaguar invoice price can estimate the true dealer cost by remembering that the dealer holdback generally totals two to three percent of either the invoice price or the car’s MSRP.

What’s next, you ask? That’s up to you — but you will be armed with all the information you need to get the best deal possible on that new Jaguar!

Here’s one tip. Car salespeople are trained negotiators, and insulting lowball offers are unlikely to get you anywhere. If you’re respectful but persistent as you haggle, you have every chance of walking away with a Jaguar car price that’s closer to invoice pricing rates than to the vehicle’s sticker price.


How Can You Figure Out the Invoice Prices for Jaguar Cars?

Finding out a car’s MSRP is easy — you only have to check the retail price lists of car dealerships local to you. The Jaguar invoice price is much harder to come by. The truth is, after all, that neither Jaguar nor car dealerships want you to know that it even exists.

With our free invoice pricing app, the Jaguar invoice price is within reach! Simply let us know what model and trim you are hoping to drive away in, and get the secret price in the blink of an eye! We can also put you in touch with local Jaguar dealerships that are happy to offer you a fair deal.


Use Our App Today to Get Jaguar Invoice Pricing

Are you ready to go car shopping? Avoid the mistakes most buyers make and calculate your dream Jaguar’s true dealer cost before you start haggling. Once you know how much your dealer is actually paying for that vehicle, you’ll be able to negotiate like a pro and unlock the lowest Jaguar car prices. If you’re ready, get the invoice price now!

Still have questions about Jaguar car prices? No problem! Don’t hesitate to contact us to discover how you can save thousands when you’re buying a new car!

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