2023 Jaguar XF Overview

What’s new?

  • The list of standard features now includes adaptive cruise control.
  • The voice assistant Amazon Alexa is now on the market.
  • In 2016, the second generation of the XF will hit the market.

The XF is the last model from the English car company. It is a midsize luxury sedan. Jaguar is getting ready to become an all-electric brand, so the XF will likely be phased out soon. Minor changes are still made to the old XF to keep it competitive until a new model emerges. Amazon Alexa, a voice-command system used to make phone calls, play music, and give directions, is now standard on the SE and R-Dynamic SE trim levels for 2023. All decorations now come with common adaptive cruise control, making driving more accessible on the highway.

Compared to expensive European competitors like the Mercedes-Benz E-Class and BMW 5 Series, the XF’s starting price is attractive, though lower than the Lexus ES 350 or Cadillac CT5. The XF is a good choice if you don’t need cutting-edge technology, fun handling, or quick acceleration but want a stylish, comfortable sedan with a high-quality interior.


  • Beautiful building materials and inside design
  • Sufficient passenger space
  • Seats that are both comfortable and stable
  • A serene interior


  • The interface could be easier to use and more transparent.
  • There is little room for storage inside or in the trunk.
  • Engines that aren’t as powerful and don’t work as well as those of competitors
  • Not enough steering and handling ability

The XF has more than enough power. On our test track, it took 6.9 seconds for a P300 R-Dynamic with all-wheel drive to go from 0 to 60 mph. Even though the Jaguar isn’t unique, it has enough power to keep up with traffic. The best thing about this Jaguar is its brakes. The Jaguar did well in our emergency stop test at 60 miles per hour and brakes steadily and confidently.

The rest of the drive could have been more fascinating. The eight-speed automatic transmission shifts slowly, which slows down the engine, and while driving on the interstate, you have to keep checking the steering because it doesn’t feel like it’s in the centre. The most surprising thing is that even though the XF is lively and fun to drive at low speeds, it needs the handling skills you need to keep up as you go faster. It can’t reach any of its sporting potential because it is unpredictable.

Our test car had leather sports seats that were supportive and shaped. The side bolsters, and soft padding kept you in place when you turned. Up front, there are many ways to change the seat to fit drivers of all sizes. It also makes the ride more comfortable because it smooths out bumps in the road before they reach your heart. On the other hand, the suspension bounces around and takes a while to settle down. At highway speeds, there wasn’t much noise inside the car.

One problem that is easy to see is that the climate control system kept blowing warm air even when it was set to a lower temperature.

The XF’s interior is extensive, with plenty of room for passengers in the back to stretch out. Tiny doors, wide ledges to step over, and a low roofline make it hard to get in and out of the house. Once inside, the steering wheel and seats can be changed differently, but the controls are hard to use and in strange places.

It may also be hard to see out because the windscreen pillars are thick, and the back of the rearview mirror is big. And the controls are, at best, awkward. The infotainment menus are hard to understand, the driver display is hard to use, and the XF doesn’t have any functional hard buttons. Depending on what you want to do, you have to pull, press, or turn the dials to change the temperature. This is a steeper learning curve than we are generally okay with.

The 11.4-inch touchscreen shows clear maps and menus, and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto make it easy to connect your phone. Also, the GPS finds locations quickly, and the quiet XF in our test vehicle made the great surround-sound stereo sound even better. The parking sensors also make a loud noise that drowns out your music and warns you even when you’re stuck in traffic, which is terrible. The fact that the same button controls the adaptive cruise control and speed limiter made us even more upset. The system could be more complex than it is. Instead, it is too complicated.

The XF used to be the best at carrying cargo, but the most recent model is much worse. The trunk is the smallest we’ve seen in the midsize luxury class. It’s only 10.5 cubic feet, and the high floor and low ceiling mean that many medium- to large-sized items won’t fit. The cabin needs more space for storage as well. Please only pack a little.

Even though there is plenty of room for a child’s car seat in the back seat, it can be hard to load a sizable rear-facing seat because the door openings are small. Ensure you don’t lose the covers; you can take off the latches.

Our all-wheel-drive XF got 23.7 mpg on our highway-heavy test route, less than the EPA-estimated 25 mpg combined (22 city/30 highway). This means that the XF might get less gas mileage than predicted while driving and less gas mileage than some luxury sedan competitors with more significant, more powerful six-cylinder engines. Also, premium fuel must be used.

The XF is noticeable right away. A beautiful leather and metal interior are made with tight stitching and panel gaps. A Japanese competitor’s price with everything included is often less than a German competitor’s price with everything included.

Jaguar also has a good warranty that covers parts for five years and 60,000 miles. This warranty covers both basic and powertrain parts. The same terms apply to free maintenance, rust coverage, and roadside assistance, which is excellent for the class.

The XF has many characters because of its unique design and excellent interior features. It stands out more than many of its upscale competitors when you first see it. But this presence comes with many annoying things, like people who act like they are sporty but aren’t in real life.

We recommend the SE trim if you don’t need the extra power or all-wheel drive that comes with the top-of-the-line R-Dynamic SE. It adds more features and, more importantly, makes several stand-alone and option packages, like ventilated front seats, better leather upholstery, and an improved Meridian audio system, available for a slight price increase.

Jaguar XF vehicles

From 2023, the Jaguar XF will have three trim levels (S, SE, and R-Dynamic SE. The S and SE models are powered by a turbocharged four-cylinder engine with 246 hp and 269 lb-ft of torque. The machine is in the back and drives the rear wheels. All-wheel drive and a more powerful version of the same engine are standard on the SE R-Dynamic (296 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque).

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