2022 Nissan Maxima Invoice Pricing

2021 Maxima 3.5 Xtronic Platinum - 4-Door Sedan w/FWD. Powered by a 3.5L, 6 Cylinder, Gas Engine w/ CVT Transmission.
MSRP Invoice Price Delivery Fee Holdback Dealer Cost
$42,320 $39,498 $950 $790 $39,658
2021 Maxima 3.5 Xtronic SR - 4-Door Sedan w/FWD. Powered by a 3.5L, 6 Cylinder, Gas Engine w/ CVT Transmission.
MSRP Invoice Price Delivery Fee Holdback Dealer Cost
$42,250 $39,433 $950 $789 $39,594
2021 Maxima 3.5 Xtronic SV - 4-Door Sedan w/FWD. Powered by a 3.5L, 6 Cylinder, Gas Engine w/ CVT Transmission.
MSRP Invoice Price Delivery Fee Holdback Dealer Cost
$37,090 $34,623 $950 $692 $34,881


2022 Nissan Maxima Overview

The Nissan Maxima, nicknamed by Nissan as the original “Four-Door Sports Car,” is still a strongly regarded sedan. A lot of people enjoy Maxima’s edgy design and roomy cabin. It’s also got an abundance of other appealing attributes. This vehicle is among the safest on the road for passengers. Learn more about this family car’s versatility by reading on.

An aggressive new 40th Edition model has landed on the market. The Maxima’s available trim levels have been rearranged by Nissan as well.

The Nissan Maxima, due for release in 2022, is a comprehensive sedan that can seat up to five passengers. A front-wheel-drive system is standard on all new Extents.

A single-engine is available for the Nissan Maxima of 2022. Despite this, the vehicle’s cutting-edge V6 engine has garnered numerous accolades over the years. The 300-horsepower output goes hand in hand with its 30-mpg fuel economy. The Maxima’s automatic CVT transmission saves fuel over a traditional automatic transmission. This sedan’s 0-60 miles per hour time of 5.6 seconds is competitive.

For a five-seater family car, the Maxima performs exceptionally well. Every trim of the sedan comes standard with Intelligent Trace Control, which improves the sedan’s handling around curves. In spite of its sport-tuned suspension, the ride isn’t particularly harsh. Remember that the new Maxima does not come with all-wheel drive.

In order to keep Maxima’s trim levels manageable, Nissan has eliminated all but the 40th Anniversary Edition from the lineup. The base Spectral SV is a great option for most buyers. Heat source front chairs and leather interior are just two of the many luxuries that come standard on this model. In contrast to some other entry-level models in the class, this one comes equipped with a touch-screen display and pre-installed navigation as standard. In addition, there is support for the most up-to-date smartphones.

When looking for a more agile sedan, consider the SR. Its sport-tuned suspension aids in more aggressive driving dynamics. The Maxima SR is not only more exciting to drive, but it also comes equipped with more high-end features. A panoramic sunroof and ventilated front seats are standard features on this model. It is possible to enjoy a more satisfying sound with a high-end Bose system.

The interior of the Silver trim is even better than the standard one. The cabin’s diamond-stitched leather upholstery adds a touch of class. The Platinum trim level includes running-sensing wipers. There will be a 40th Reissue model in 2022, which is brand new. It has a unique set of black 19-inch wheels, as well as a few other exterior accents. The red leather interior and face paint gauges in the cabin make it stand out from the rest of the vehicle.

The Maxima’s bold exterior styling is a fav of many. Front-end features like the V-Motion grille and LED headlamps with multiple elements¬† make this vehicle stand out. Standard equipment includes two exhaust finishers. With Nissan’s new Maxima, you can choose from eight different paint colours, including the cool Sunset Drift ChromaFlair option.

For the most part, the SV trim in its base form is more than sufficient in terms of aesthetic appeal. However, the semi SR model has a few sporty additions. A rear fascia, black 19-inch aluminum wheels, and all grille are some of the vehicle’s standout features. Upgrade to the brand-new 40th Reissue model for drivers who want to stand out.

The entertainment system in the 2022 Nissan Maxima may not be the most cutting-edge in its class, but it is incredibly effective. Easy-to-use controls make it a pleasure for drivers to operate. The interface includes built-in navigation, which comes in handy when you’re on the road. The 7.0-inch car infotainment display on the Maxima is functional despite the lack of such a completely digital gauge cluster.

Consistency and Refinement:

The Nissan Maxima’s interior may not compare to that of a Sports car 5-Series, but it is no less impressive. Noise from the road and the wind can be reduced by a well-insulated vehicle. The Maxima’s interior is roomy enough for a typical American family. Basic Zero Gravity seats are a standout feature of the Maxima. Even though these ergonomic seats are great for everyone, people with back problems will appreciate how comfortable they are.

According to government estimates, the 2022 Nissan Altima will get up to 20 mpg in the city and 30 mpg on the highway. Nissan recommends using premium gas to get the most power out of your engine.

The NHTSA awarded the Maxima a five-star overall security rating last year. Every Nissan model comes standard with Nissan’s Safety Shield 360 package. A number of useful features are included, including automatic emergency braking in both directions and blind-spot warning. Advanced features, such as adaptive cruise control and intelligent lane intervention, are only available on higher trim levels.

This year’s 2022 Nissan Maxima continues to be a sports car alternative to the typical family sedan. It also has a luxurious feel that is above average. This car is definitely worth a test drive.

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