2024 Volkswagen Models & Invoice Pricing

Atlas$31,545 - $50,695
Golf$31,545 - $50,695
ID.4$31,545 - $50,695
Jetta$18,995 - $31,545
Taos$18,995 - $31,545
Tiguan$25,245 - $39,095

New Volkswagen Invoice Pricing: How to Get the Best Car Price

Are you gearing up to buy a new Volkswagen car or truck? You probably can’t wait to drive your brand new vehicle around town — but if you’re anything like most people, you’re already dreading the thought of haggling with dealerships.

Negotiating with car salespeople doesn’t have to be a pain, though.

Buyers who know how to get the invoice price won’t just get a much better deal on their new Volkswagen, but they can also enjoy the whole process of buying a car or truck.


Volkswagen Invoice Pricing: What Do You Need to Know?

Have you been browsing the web to find out how a new Volkswagen might cost you? The latest Volkswagen car prices and Volkswagen truck prices flashing across the screen will reflect the so-called MSRP. Short for “manufacturer’s suggested retail price”, the MSRP is the sticker price Volkswagen recommends for a particular model.

The car’s MSRP isn’t the only relevant number, though. To get a great deal on a new Volkswagen, you’ll have to understand how much your dealership is paying the manufacturer for the vehicle you’ve got your eye on:

  • The Volkswagen invoice price is the price Volkswagen charges dealerships for a new car or truck. Multiple factors go into determining the invoice price, including the vehicle’s manufacturing cost, regional ad campaign fees, and freight charges. Because of this, the invoice price won’t be exactly the same in every region.
  • Dealerships don’t generally actually have to pay the full invoice price, though. That is thanks to the dealer holdback, a refund manufacturers routinely offer dealerships to stock and sell their cars and trucks. After you buy that new Volkswagen, your dealership can typically expect a rebate of two to three percent of the vehicle’s MSRP.
  • Once you deduct the dealer holdback and any other manufacturer incentives and rebates, you arrive at the dealer cost, also called “true dealer cost”. This is essentially the real wholesale price.


How Does Knowing the Volkswagen Invoice Price Help You Get the Best Deal?

Because new cars and trucks are notoriously expensive, almost nobody simply pays the full sticker price. It’s common knowledge that bargaining with dealerships can lead to a lower Volkswagen car price or Volkswagen truck price, after all.

Unless you’re able to pinpoint the latest Volkswagen invoice prices, however, the only number you can work with is the car’s MSRP. When you negotiate your way down from there, as most consumers do, you might feel like you’ve “won” when you get a small “discount”. In reality, you’re more likely to be paying exactly the price your dealership was hoping to get.

By finding out the invoice price for a new car, you can change gears. Launch your negotiations with a lowball offer just above the Volkswagen invoice price, and allow your dealership to bump the price up until you arrive at an offer that’s fair for both parties. This tactic could save you thousands of dollars.

How much should you really pay for your new Volkswagen? Always check your monthly payments to make sure you stick to your budget. That’s easy with our free payment calculator.


Volkswagen Invoice Price and Dealer Holdback: How Can You Calculate the True Dealer Cost?

Consumers who are determined to get the lowest possible Volkswagen car price won’t be satisfied with knowing just the MSRP. They know that finding the Volkswagen invoice price is the key to the best deal, but they’ll want to estimate the true dealer cost, too.

Here’s a formula to help:

True Dealer Cost = Invoice Price – (Dealer Holdback + Manufacturer Incentives & Rebates)

It’s that easy! Although not all manufacturers offer the same incentives, you’ll remember that the dealer holdback generally comes to two or three percent of the car’s MSRP. Simply do the math and subtract these numbers from the Volkswagen invoice price to end up with an informed guess.

Armed with the invoice price as well as an idea of the true dealer cost, you’ll find yourself in a rock-solid negotiating position. As long as you’re both persistent and respectful, you’re almost guaranteed to get a better deal than most buyers.

You’ll have a hard time getting the latest Volkswagen models at or below invoice price, but even that goal might be within your reach if you’re looking at models that have been in the showroom for a while. Your dealership will be eager to sell these cars, and might be willing to offer even lower Volkswagen car prices just to make that happen.


How Can You Figure Out the Invoice Prices for Volkswagen Cars?

Knowing that identifying the latest Volkswagen invoice prices puts you on the road to the lowest prices is one thing, but actually getting your hands on that information is much harder. Your dealership doesn’t want you to know how much they’re really paying for the vehicle of your dreams, but we’ve got your back.

Use our free invoice pricing app to get the secret price before you walk into the showroom and maximize your savings! Not sure where to shop, yet? We can also put you in touch with Volkswagen dealerships that are happy to offer you a fair deal.


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Successful negotiations depend on two factors — you need determination, but you also need the right background info. Get the best price quote for the Volkswagen you want today, and set yourself up to save thousands!

Do you still have questions about Volkswagen car prices or Volkswagen truck prices? Feel free to get in touch any time!

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