2023 GMC Canyon Overview

What’s new?

  • Changes to the inside and outside
  • AT4X off-road model that has been raised by three inches
  • 2.7-liter turbocharged inline-4 engine with an automatic transmission with eight speeds.
  • Standard safety measures that you can take

The GMC Canyon will be completely redesigned for 2023. The new AT4X off-road model will give the Canyon off-road skills previously only available on the Chevy Colorado ZR2. The 3.0-inch lift and 33-inch mud-terrain tires that come on the AT4X from the factory give it an extra 10.7 inches of ground clearance. Every Colorado gets a height boost, with the Elevation models getting a 2-inch boost. GMC’s Edition 1 option comes with 17-inch wheels that can be locked into place, extra cameras, bumpers, light bars, and a winch. 

If this sounds like the Desert Boss off-road equipment package for the Colorado ZR2, it’s very similar. The 2.7-liter inline-four engine from the Chevy Silverado will be standard on the AT4X. It has a horsepower rating of 310 and a torque output of 430 pound-feet. The Canyon’s quality of life has recently improved because the inside has been remodeled.


  • A new, more powerful turbo engine
  • The AT4X has a version that can go off-road.
  • Luxurious Denali model


  • Fewer ways to power the car
  • There’s only one taxi and one bed to choose from.
  • Fundamental price rise

The 2023 GMC Canyon is the third generation of this midsize pickup. After the GMC Sierra, it is the second vehicle to offer the AT4X off-road package. The Canyon’s corporate cousins, the Chevy Colorado, and the Canyon, are getting significant changes for the first time since they came back on the market in 2015. Even though it cost more than its sister with a bow, the last-generation Canyon was too similar to Colorado. GMC plans to change that by making many changes to the Canyon that will make it more luxurious and capable than before.

All Canyons get a higher off-road suspension, a more aggressive look, and tech changes that make the cabin look more modern and help drive off-road. The Canyon has a track almost 4 inches wider and better ground clearance than all Colorado trims except for the Trail Boss and ZR2.

The 2020 model year’s AT4 trim has been a great addition to the Canyon and has grown into the new AT4X. GMC says that the most popular Canyon trim level last year was the AT4. The AT4X also has an extra inch of suspension height, more underbody protection, different bumpers that give it more room to approach and leave, Multimatic shocks, and front and rear axle locking that is done electronically.

The Canyon will go up against Colorado, the Jeep Gladiator, the Honda Ridgeline, and the Toyota Tacoma, among other midsize trucks. The current Canyon and Colorado are tied for fourth in our official midsize truck rankings, behind the three cars above, but the next-generation model will likely change that.

The Canyon’s V6 and diesel engines were swapped out for a turbocharged 2.7-liter inline-four used in the Chevrolet Colorado for this facelift. Only the high-output four-cylinder machine, which has 310 horsepower and 430 lb-ft of torque, will be used in the Canyon. Colorado has three four-cylinder models, each with a very different amount of power. According to GMC’s engineers, the new off-road emphasis of the Canyon and the luxury feel that the GMC is meant to have above its corporate cousin doesn’t make this a superior option in the present generation. The only gearbox option is an eight-speed automatic, and all trims except the base Elevation have four-wheel drive as standard.

Each Canyon trim level comes standard with an off-road suspension with a wider track and a lift of 2 inches compared to the vehicle from the previous year. This makes the Canyon’s ground clearance at least 9.6 inches higher than last year. The AT4X has a charge of 3 inches and a ground clearance of 10.7 inches. It also rides higher. Without using spacers, these increases give the suspension more travel, which will be helpful off-road—an s. You won’t have to use your left foot to stop the truck when it gets close to the top of a rock while driving through rocky terrain. To keep from rolling back, the car will do it for you.

The new AT4X will be the best due to its electronic locking front and rear differentials, 33-inch MT tires, rock rails, and heavy-duty skid plates. During the first year of production, the new Canyon will come with an Edition 1 package that includes 17-inch beadlock-capable wheels, an off-road front bumper with a safari bar, a 30-inch front light bar, a winch, and only front skid plates. Starting in 2024, you will only be able to buy Edition 1. The front bumper, safari bar, light bar, and winch will all be offered as optional accessories that may be purchased from either the manufacturer or the dealer.

The interior of each trim level of the Canyon is different, with colors and materials chosen to match the level of luxury of each trim level. The AT4X’s black, white, and red seats and its darkened chrome highlights were designed with the aesthetic of winter sports in mind. The premium Denali takes a different approach, with brighter chrome to match its more prominent front grille, black leather with brown accents, and a piece of wood trim with the Denali emblem laser-etched into it and is located in front of the passenger seat. The second one is a significant improvement over the first Denali, which had a lot of hard plastics sticking out.

Even though the wheelbase has grown, the space inside has stayed the same, and passengers in the back now have about an inch less legroom. The front seats of the AT4X and Denali models we looked at were made of high-quality leather and were very comfortable. Unfortunately, the back seat will be uncomfortable, especially for taller people, and it does not recline.

Without a doubt, it is a step up from the last generation. An 11.3-inch multimedia touchscreen is standard, the same size as the one in Colorado. A fully digital instrument cluster and an optional head-up display are also available. In the Elevation and AT4 models, it is 8 inches, while in the Denali and AT4X models, it is 11.1 inches. Both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto come with wireless connectivity out of the box.

The views from the Canyon camera have also been made better. The AT4X can be equipped with front and rear underbody cameras, which come standard on the Edition 1 model. This gives you a live look under the truck and ten camera views to help you see better at home and on the trail.

Every Canyon comes with standard lane-keeping assist, lane departure warning, automatic high beams, forward collision warning with automatic braking, and pedestrian and cyclist recognition. There are also options for adaptive cruise control, blind-spot detection, and a seat with a safety alert for the driver.

There are only crew-cab/short-box Canyon models, but they all have a 5-foot-2 bed. It can carry up to 1,640 pounds and pull up to 7,700 pounds.

All Canyon models, except for the AT4X, have functional side stairs on the back bumper. This makes it easier to get into the bed with high sides because the truck is more elevated. The tailgate also has functional storage spaces.

The tailgate can be half closed (or half opened if you’re an optimist) to fit longer items. Two small metal guides on the side of the tailgate make this possible. Also, the tailgate has a small draining storage space where drinks or ice can be kept.

We expect to see Colorado’s standard engine, which has 237 horsepower and 259 pound-feet of torque, and a version with 301 horsepower and 290 pound-feet of torque on the Canyon. This would make both GM mid-size pickups more powerful and have more torque than the V-6 engines in the Honda Ridgeline, Jeep Gladiator, and Toyota Tacoma. We think the GMC Canyon will do what Chevy did with the old V-6 and Duramax Diesel engines in Colorado.

The AT4X on the 2023 GMC Canyon makes the Canyon better off-road. Still, other models in the lineup get significant technical and cabin changes that help set the truck apart from the Chevy Colorado.

GMC has shown that the 2023 Canyon will come in four trim levels: Elevation, AT4, Denali, and the brand-new AT4X. The complete list of features for the Canyon lineup is still to come.

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