2023 Lexus NX Overview

What’s New?

  • The NX 350 stays the same.
  • A second-generation NX device coming out in 2022

Last year, the Lexus NX made a strong comeback. It got a new look, a bigger engine with more power, a new transmission, and a better infotainment system. With the changes, the 2023 Lexus NX 350 can compete better with the Acura RDX, Mercedes-Benz GLC, and the new Genesis GV70.

The NX will continue to be the same until 2023. For now, that’s fine because Lexus has already done the time-consuming task. A luxury buyer would likely go for the Premium or Luxury trims, which have more features like quilted leather upholstery, ventilated front seats, a power liftgate, and a 14-inch touchscreen with high-definition graphics (optional on the Premium). The base model has essential features, like several helpful driver aids. This fantastic solution can now put the cumbersome remote display and touchpad controller out of their misery.

The Lexus NX 350 will be available alongside two hybrids, the NX 350h, the NX 450h+, and the less powerful NX 250. Even though the NX 250 is cheap and gets good gas mileage, some customers may prefer the NX 350, which has a bigger engine and 275 horsepower. It also has more low-end torque (317 lb-ft) than its main competitors but uses the same amount of gas. Unlike competitors like the Acura RDX or BMW X3, the Lexus doesn’t have any personality. In a straight line, it’s quiet and comfortable, but when the road turns, the NX 350 isn’t as sharp or responsive.

In real life, the Lexus has a cargo space of nearly 23 cubic feet, about the size of a standard washing machine. Even though they are bigger and longer than the GV70 and RDX, they are cheaper. Even though they are the same length, the Mercedes has less cargo space than the NX.


  • The cabin is both big and nice
  • Several excellent features that come as standard
  • High fuel economy


  • Careless treatment
  • Less room for luggage than almost all of its competitors

How do you move the NX 350? We tested the F Sport version, which has excellent comfort and speed. Even though it took 7 seconds to go from 0 to 60 mph on our test track, the turbocharged engine has enough power to reach highway speeds or pass slower-moving cars. The automatic transmission shifts quite smoothly but not all that quickly.

On our panic-braking test from 60 mph, our NX 350 F Sport stopped at 117 feet, a little better than average. The NX’s brakes work smoothly and predictably on the road. Even though the NX is easy to drive, we wouldn’t say it handles like a sports car. When we turned, the F Sport option on our test vehicle kept the body from rolling too much.

How does the NX 350 feel? The NX 350 F Sport we tested drove well and wasn’t too stiff. Also, the F Sport has special seats that are stronger but still soft and comfortable, like the seats in a regular NX. The back seats in the NX we tested were shaped and supported better than usual, and the seat heating and cooling worked quickly.

Most climate control options are easy to use and easy to get to. The three-zone climate control system did an excellent job keeping the temperature where we wanted it to be, but we thought the center vents were too low to be very helpful on a hot day. Even though there wasn’t much or any wind noise inside, there was a lot more tire hum than we thought there would be. Usually, there isn’t much noise inside.

How does it look inside? The interior of the NX is a mix of Lexus’s usual attention to detail and some confusing and sometimes annoying design choices. The 14-inch touchscreen display stands out because it looks great and works quickly.

Still, the shift lever works the same way as the Toyota Prius’s unusual shift pattern, which made us choose neutral when we thought we were in drive. Another thing that can be annoying is that the buttons on the steering wheel need to be labeled. Even though Lexus made them smartly flexible, you can only see what they can do on the head-up display, and you have to focus too hard to do simple things with them.

Even though the back seats of the NX don’t have as much legroom as those of the BMW X3 and Acura RDX, most adults can still sit there comfortably. The NX’s driving position can easily change to fit many body types. The clear backup camera and, if available, the surround-view video system are two more features of the large center display. It makes it easier to move the NX in small spaces.

How are the gadgets? The 14-inch display was an option on the car we tested. People like the quick responses and clear, easy-to-read graphics, but the menu structure could be better set up. Our test vehicle also had a 17-speaker Mark Levinson audio system. If you have extra money, upgrading is an excellent idea because it’s solid and transparent.

Surprisingly, navigation is unavailable on every cell phone, even though cellular connectivity is. After the trial period, Lexus charges a fee to keep using the cloud-based service (every two years as of the time of writing). Even though the NX voice controls could change the radio station to turn on the wipers, they could have been better because they were slow to respond.

The Lexus Safety System+ 3.0 comes standard on the NX. It has almost all of the high-tech driver aids you’d expect. There were no false alarms, but the response times were slow.

What’s the situation with the storage? The NX has less cargo space than some competitors. In this way, the NX falls short of both the BMW X3 (26.7 cubic feet) and the Acura RDX (22.7 cubic feet) (31.1 cubes). Yet, the NX’s ample cargo space and lack of obstacles in the wheel wells make moving big, heavy things easy. The back seats fold down automatically.

Even though the NX doesn’t have as much storage space on the inside as some of its competitors, it still has enough space for personal items. We like the ample storage space under the arms and the hidden cubby behind the optional wireless charging pad on the center console.

Even though towing isn’t usually the main reason people buy small luxury SUVs, the NX 350 can only pull 2,000 pounds when properly equipped. Rivals like the BMW X3 and Mercedes-Benz GLC 300 have towing capacities of 3,500 and 4,400 pounds, respectively.

How quickly does it burn fuel? According to the EPA, the NX 350 comes standard with all-wheel drive, 25 mpg city/highway. That’s typical for an SUV in this class. On our 115-mile mixed-driving test route, we got exactly 25 mpg, and with a little more city driving on the next tank, we almost got the same result. Even though it’s hard to find repeatability in this class, the Lexus should be able to meet its EPA estimates most of the time. Like many other cars in its class, the NX 350 needs premium gas.

Is it wise to buy an NX 350? Overall, the NX 350 is a good buy for the money. Other cars in this price range don’t have all-wheel drive as standard, but the NX 350 does. It also has a wide range of impressive driver safety features. The high quality of the construction inside is another benefit.

The Lexus comes with a standard bumper-to-bumper warranty of four years/50,000 miles and a powertrain warranty of six years/70,000 miles. You can get free roadside assistance for four years and unlimited miles, but you only get one year of free maintenance.

At first glance, it can be hard to tell what the NX 350 will do. On the other hand, the NX does little wrong, and Lexus chose its compromises well. The smooth ride and easy-to-use engine make up for the lack of performance, while high levels of comfort and reliable day-to-day utility make up for the smaller interior and less load space.

There is no question about the brand’s good construction and general lack of stress. Even though most other SUVs put luxury over sport or vice versa, the NX combines parts of both without significant drawbacks.

On the open road, we’d like to drive the more expensive NX 350 F Sport Handling, but daily, we’d be okay with the less expensive NX 350. Any extra money would go towards the Premium package and stand-alone accessories, such as the fantastic 17-speaker Mark Levinson audio system and 14-inch touchscreen.

Lexus NX 350 model

The Lexus NX 350 is a small luxury SUV with five seats that will come out in 2023. There are two trim levels: NX 350 and NX 350 F Sport Handling. Premium and Luxury option packages are also available. All-wheel drive is standard on the NX 350, which also has a 2.4-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine with 275 horsepower and 317 lb-ft of torque.

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