2023 Lexus ES Overview

What’s New?

  • A new entertainment system that gets rid of the touchpad
  • Google Auto and Apple CarPlay can be used wirelessly
  • Unique accents have been added to F Sport Design and F Sport Handling.
  • In 2019, the seventh generation of ES will be on the market.

The midsize ES and the top-of-the-line LS sedan helped create the Lexus brand more than 30 years ago. Even though it has changed a lot over seven generations, the car is still very similar to the Toyota Camry and Avalon. Like the original, the Lexus ES 2023 puts luxury and ride comfort ahead of speed.

Here, the ES 350 shines. The sedan’s suspension is good at smoothing out bumps in the road, and the seats provide enough support for long trips. Even in its most simple form, the cabin is quiet and well-equipped. The ES 350’s performance won’t set your pants on fire, but it also doesn’t try. Power is delivered smoothly by the V6, and changing gears is quick and hardly noticeable. After a stressful day, nothing will matter once you climb into a car like this and hit the highway.

In 2023, Lexus will finally get rid of the controversial touchpad interface. Since touchscreens came out last year, the controller is no longer needed. The switch is now complete. With the touchpad gone, the center console has been redesigned, and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone connectivity are now standard. Lexus is also putting out two new F Sport models this year. The F Sport Design replaces the old F Sport model, while the F Sport Handling is just the F Sport Dynamic Handling package with a few extra features.

The Mercedes-Benz C-Class, the Audi A4, the Volvo S60, and the Acura TLX are some of the cars with which the Lexus ES 350 competes. We’ve already shown that the ES can’t dynamically keep up with them. Still, it makes up for any performance problems with luxury and many excellent features.


  • Most of the time, interior design is classy and cozy.
  • Excellent skills on a horse
  • The F Sport version’s outstanding balance when it comes to handling


  • There is no way to fold up the back seats.
  • All-wheel drive is not available on the ES 350.

How do you drive an ES 350? The V6 engine gets going quickly and has the same power at all rpms. Because the steering is correct, the ES 350 stays calm as you go around corners. Even though the tires have a limited amount of maximum grip, the ES drives better than you’d expect from a luxury sedan.

The ES is fun to drive around town because it moves quickly and smoothly from one gear to another Einstein uploaded with.

How is the ES 350 for comfort? Isolation and convenience are ES’s best qualities, and neither has been given up for better handling. The front seats are comfortable and robust, and they don’t have prominent side bolsters that make it hard to get in and out. The back seats are just as comfortable, even though they are flat and big. Sitting in the front or back for a long time is manageable.

Even the most modern ES 350 can still handle road damage and bumps. There’s a little more annoying wind noise at highway speeds than we’d expect from a Lexus. However, this could be because of how well the car muffles tires and road noise. You can barely hear the engine. On cold days, the seat heaters could use a bit of heat.

How does the inside look? The ES is easy to get in and out of because the seats are low and the doors are wide. A significant gap between the door panels and the front seats also makes it feel like there’s more room. There is enough space in the back seat, especially between the seatbacks and the legs, for people 6 feet tall.

The ES has a power-adjustable seat and clear views around the car, so drivers of all sizes and shapes should be able to find a comfortable driving position. The volume control works well and reminds me of a stereo receiver from the 1970s.

How good is the tech? The 12.3-inch screen in the car we were testing looked great. The widescreen navigation maps look great because the colors stand out well and have clear signs. The touchscreen display lets you use voice commands to control navigation, the phone, the music, and even the temperature. There is wireless connectivity, so Apple CarPlay and Android Auto can work with smartphones. The ES has several basic driver safety systems, like adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping aid, that help keep the car in its lane.

What about putting things away? The trunk of the ES 350 has 13.9 cubic feet of space for golf clubs and bags. You won’t be able to load more oversized items because the back seats don’t fold down. There is a lot of space inside to store small things. Even though the door pockets aren’t huge, the cup holders can hold many water bottles and other drinks.

Are you a parent? The anchors for car seats are easy to get to, and there is plenty of room to put in child safety seats.

How well does it use gasoline? With a combined EPA rating of 26 mpg, the ES 350 is one of the midsize luxury cars with the best gas mileage. Of course, you can choose the hybrid ES 300h to save even more gas. We got an excellent 27.3 mpg on our test drive.

Is it a good idea to buy an ES 350? The ES gives you a premium experience that is both interesting and affordable. The ES cockpit is an excellent place because it is made of suitable materials and is set up well. As expected from a Lexus, the interior has tight panel gaps, buttons that don’t move too much, and beautiful stitching. The fabric is soft and firm.

Lexus’ prices are fair, given the quality of the materials, the design of the inside, and the level of comfort. Several competitors have lower starting prices, but they could be better. It has the same warranty coverage as its competitors, but few can beat the experience at a Lexus dealer.

The ES 350 has a little going for it. The ES has a high-quality feel inside and out, and it’s made to be appealing to a wide range of drivers. The ES 350 can do this because it has a well-tuned suspension and a V6 engine that is strong enough but not too strong.

You might be interested in the ES F Sport, but the IS is a better choice if you want a sportier Lexus sedan. The ES works best as a luxurious cruiser, so we suggest the Luxury trim level. All of the base car’s features and the Premium package’s luxuries, like leather upholstery, ambient lighting, a power rear sunshade, and more, are included in this model.

Lexus ES 350 model

The Lexus ES 350 2023 comes in five different trims. It starts with the well-equipped base ES 350 and moves up to the Luxury trim in the middle. The top trim level, Ultra Luxury, has almost every convenience. People who like a more sporty look and feel can also choose the F Sport Design option. The F Sport Handling package, which includes a suspension that can be changed and other valuable features, makes the car feel even more athletic. All ES 350 have the same 3.5-liter V6 engine with 302 hp and 267 lb-ft of torque. The front wheels are driven. It has an automatic transmission with eight gears that work with its engine.

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