2023 Mercedes-Benz GLA Overview

What’s New?

  • AMG grades no longer have access to dashcams.
  • A participant in the second generation of GLA implementation in 2021

For people who have never bought a Mercedes, the 2023 Mercedes-Benz GLA has much to offer. It’s less than USD 40,000 to start. Second, the car is a crossover. The GLA is based on the A-Class sedan, but it stands out with grey body cladding, fake skid plates, and an all-wheel drive option. It has a higher ride height and more storage space than a sedan, but it looks more like a coupe because its roof slopes down. If you want to spend more, add a premium sound system, a larger central touchscreen, and Mercedes’ bright gauge cluster display.

Is it an SUV or just an A-Class hatchback with a higher ride height? It does not matter. It has classic Benz features like a smooth, soft ride, great interior fit and finish, and cutting-edge in-car and entertainment systems. It also has a stylish, compact design and a fair price. If you don’t like this small Benz, you have a lot of other choices, such as the more practical Audi Q3, the flashier McLaren X2, and the cool Jaguar E-Pace. You could also choose the Volvo XC40 or the Lexus UX. Only BMW has a performance-tuned car that can compete with the AMG-tuned versions of the GLA.


  • The GLA 250 has soft seats and a smooth ride.
  • The infotainment system is among the best and most advanced on the market today.
  • A Mercedes logo for a fair price
  • The AMG GLA 45 has an exciting drive.


  • Most of the GLA’s extra safety features are optional.
  • For a luxury SUV, the noise from the road is too much.
  • Compared to the Mercedes GLB, you can’t carry as much.
  • Some people might not like how firm the AMG GLA 45 rides.

How does the GLA-Class move? The GLA 250, which we tested, should be pleasing for many drivers. The car is powerful enough for its size and moves quickly. Our test car with front-wheel drive went from 0 to 60 mph in 6.8 seconds, which is about average for an extra-small luxury SUV.

Even though the automatic engine stop-start technology can cause the engine to vibrate at first, the engine and transmission are usually smooth. When you step on the gas pedal with a lot of force for a short time, the information may take longer to engage.

The GLA is strong and stable when it turns. Less impressive were the results of our panic-braking test, which took the GLA 250 138 feet to stop from 60 miles per hour. That’s farther than some of the full-size trucks we’ve tested could plug in the same amount of time. Instead of the brakes, the cheap tires don’t have enough grip. Still, when we usually drove, we noticed the brakes were very smooth.

How comfortable is the GLA inside? Class’s The GLA has a close-to-base shape and a high overall comfort level. The seats have a lot of comfort and padding for long trips, and the MB-Tex synthetic leather lets air flow well on hot days. The front seats should be comfortable for both short and tall drivers because they have a wide range of adjustments and thigh supports that can be made longer. Some seats can be adjusted to different shapes that heat and cool.

The ride quality is also good, with only a few rough spots on the road. The suspension balances comfort and handling well, although bumps can cause light shaking. On the other hand, noisy streets can be heard and are sometimes annoying. When accelerating quickly, the engine makes a strained sound, but it is quiet enough otherwise.

How does the inside look? The GLA is easy to get in and out of because it sits high and has doors that are a good size. This is true even in tight spaces. Because it has a wide range of adjustments, the driver’s seat can be set to a more upright or reclined position without giving up anything.

The main controls are set up in a way that makes sense and is easy to understand. The infotainment screen can control many extra features, which take little time to get used to. The GLA’s interior is surprisingly open and roomy due to its sleek appearance. In the back, there is also plenty of room for adults. Clear views out the front, sides, and back make parking easier and keep you safe.

How advanced is the technology? The GLA’s infotainment system and its capability to link to cell phones using Apple CarPlay and Android Auto earn good reviews from reviewers. The Mercedes MBUX system is one of the easiest to use and gives you a lot of ways to control it. Voice commands are clear, but figuring out what they mean can take time.

On the other hand, the GLA doesn’t have some simple but essential safety features. If you don’t buy expensive option packages, the only standard features are frontal collision mitigation and a blind-spot alert. That’s strange since a Kia or a Toyota now has a complete set of systems to help the driver.

What about putting things away? There are only 15.4 cubic feet of space behind the back seats, which is about what we would expect from a midsize sedan. Even though it has a lot of space, it can’t hold as much as some powerful competing SUVs. The low liftover height makes it much easier to load heavy things.

There are different-sized compartments and bins inside for your valuables. Ingenious spring-loaded tabs on the cupholders hold small drinks or personal items safely. A phone can be kept well on a rubber tray. If you choose that option, it will also charge your phone wirelessly. Do you have little kids? The space for the front passenger should be kept from an infant seat that faces backward. It’s also easy to find anchor and tether points for car seats.

How well does it use gasoline? The EPA says that the GLA 250, which has front-wheel drive, gets a combined 28 mpg (24 city/34 highway). On our 115-mile study route, which included a lot of highway traffic, we got 31.2 mpg. This shows that the EPA’s estimates are accurate. The GLA 250 uses less gas than competitors like the Audi Q3 and Volvo XC40.

I trust that the GLA-Class will meet my needs. Even though the GLA’s starting price isn’t too high, it doesn’t include essential features you will need. If you make intelligent choices, your GLA should cost less than $40,000. Even though the GLA has more hard plastic on the inside, it is built as well as any Mercedes-Benz. The fact that these pieces are authentically grained and not where we’d expect to find them is a plus. It does a lot better than the first GLA.

A four-year/50,000-mile guarantee covers the engine and the whole car, from bumper to bumper. Mercedes offers roadside assistance for four years or 50,000 miles. However, unlike some other automakers, Mercedes does not provide free maintenance.

The GLA is a lot like the bigger GLC SUV, both in how it looks and drives, which is good. If you don’t need the extra seats of the GLB or the extra space of the GLC, the GLA offers a lot of style and technology for the money. Even though it’s not very fun to drive, it has all the comfort and luxury you need.

If speed and performance are essential, the only choice is an AMG grade. If not, the better option is the GLA 250 with 4Matic. Even if you don’t need all-wheel drive, the 4Matic has an “off-road” mode that helps limit speed going downhill and changes power on icy or snowy roads for better traction. Also, it goes faster than the type with the front wheels driven. We would add the Premium and Driver Assistance packages so that the screens are more extensive and there is more help for drivers. Even with all three of these extras, the price is still much less than what the AMG version starts at.

Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class models

The GLA 250, GLA 35, and GLA 45 trims of the 2023 Mercedes-Benz GLA are all small crossover SUVs. Think of them as moderate, medium, and hot, regarding how well they work. Mercedes’ 4Matic all-wheel-drive system comes standard on AMG models and can be added to the GLA 250 if the driver wants to.

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