2023 Mercedes-Benz GLE Overview

What’s new?

  • In 2023, everything will remain the same.
  • The second generation of GLE cars will come out in 2020.

The GLE has been known for a long time as the best SUV because it combines high-end luxury features, cutting-edge technology, and appealing comfort and utility. Mercedes also offers this midsize SUV in different ways and at different prices to meet a wide range of needs. You can get it with a minor third-row seat to fit seven people if you need to.

Since it came out, the current GLE has been one of InvoicePricing top-rated luxury SUVs, which won’t change by 2023. But there are a lot of competitors. The BMW X5, the GLE’s main competitor, has the same mix of luxury and power. The Audi Q7, Genesis GV80, Land Rover Defender, and Porsche Cayenne are also excellent choices.


  • The cabin is lovely, roomy, and comfortable
  • A system of information with many features
  • Easy to understand
  • You can choose from different trims and components.


  • The price of options goes up quickly.
  • The ride quality needs to be better with the available Airmatic suspension.

How does the GLE Class move? Even a regular engine with four cylinders is powerful enough. In 7.1 seconds, the GLE 350 we tested went from 0 to 60 mph, which is about average for SUVs in this class. The 450’s six-cylinder engine gives it enough power to compete with the fastest SUVs. On our test track, it reached 60 mph in just 5.3 seconds. Everyday driving is easy because the brakes are easy to use and stop well.

Even though the steering is easy, it is accurate. Even though the Porsche Cayenne and Audi Q8 are more athletic by nature, the GLE is balanced enough that it doesn’t look awkward. The base engine’s transmission makes it easy to save gas, and the shifts can be rough for a luxury car. But if you can afford it, upgrading to the GLE 450 removes most or all of these problems.

How comfortable is the inside of the GLE Class? The GLE’s interior is calm and quiet, and the front seats can be massaged. This makes them very comfortable. Even though the back seats don’t move or recline, they are still comfortable for a long drive. We added the optional Acoustic package to our test vehicle and found it did an excellent job of blocking out noise from the outside. There is also a robust system for controlling the climate. The heated and cooled cupholders and heated armrests are extras you can turn on and forget about.

The air suspension, which is an option, is the main problem. At highway speeds, there is an unsettling floatiness and many small body movements that don’t need to happen. The same is true for bumps. Both cars with air and stable suspensions should be driven for a test.

How does the inside look? The GLE’s interior is nearly perfect, with superb usability and the best build quality in its class. People in the second row will have plenty of headroom and legroom because it is so big. The controls are easy to reach, and the way you sit in the car gives you a great view of the road. Everywhere you look, you can see well and have a clear line of sight.

We like the simple operation of the touchpad controller included in the GLE. The pad gives you helpful haptic feedback and lets you skip tracks or presets, go home, and go back. But it’s way too easy to touch the touchpads on the steering wheel by accident.

How good is the tech? The MBUX infotainment system from Mercedes raises the bar for its usefulness. It is easy to use and has enough power to change nearly every vehicle parameter. The surround-sound feature of the optional Burmester audio system wraps the driver in hi-fi luxury. Turn up every song for a truly immersive experience. It’s too bad the maximum volume isn’t higher.

The navigation system’s (optional) augmented reality feature is also cool because it shows street names and arrows over a video of the front of the car as you turn. For safety, there are a few things that drivers need. The Driver Assistance package has features that make driving almost automatic. The parts were easy to use and made it easier to deal with stop-and-go traffic.

What about putting things away? The GLA’s cabin is large and beautifully made. There are a lot of cubbies and places to put drinks and other things. The cargo space is ample and flat, and there are no wheel wells. The maximum load space is among the best in the midsize luxury SUV segment. Also, the GLE’s maximum towing capacity is impressive, even though it only has a four-cylinder engine. The back seat can hold even the most prominent child safety seats with four easy-to-reach car seat anchors.

How well does it use gasoline? The GLE 350 4Matic gets a combined 22 mpg from the EPA (19 in the city and 26 on the highway), which is about average for a base-model midsize luxury SUV. Surprisingly, the GLE 450 gets the same 22 mpg overall (20 city/26 highway) even though its mild hybrid lets it make 107 more horsepower. That’s a good ratio of power to efficiency, but as with any engine, how you drive has the most effect on how efficiently you use gas. If you can afford it, the 450 is the way to go.

What does the GLE value mean? Class With the GLE, you get what you pay for, but you’ll pay a lot. A well-equipped 450 costs around $80,000. But the sense of quality as a whole is outstanding. Even though the powertrain is covered for the same four years and 50,000 miles as the bumper-to-bumper warranty, this is less than what most competitors offer.

The GLE has good performance, but what sells this SUV is the feeling of high quality that permeates every part of its design, construction, and technological systems. It has several features that its competitors don’t have, making it by far the best in its class. With them and other luxurious, rich materials, you can make a cabin that can’t be beaten. Even though the GLE may not be as fun to drive as some of its rivals, it sets new standards in most other ways.

We like the GLE 450 best out of the options. It has all-wheel drive and a tremendous turbocharged six-cylinder engine as standard. It has a lot more power than the four-cylinder engine in the GLE 350, but it uses the same amount of gas as the EPA says it should. More speed without having to pay more at the gas station.

Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class models

The 2023 Mercedes-Benz GLE comes in five different trim levels: GLE 350, GLE 450, GLE 580, AMG GLE 53, and AMG GLE 63 S. All grades come with all-wheel drive, except for the GLE 350, which can have either rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. Except for the AMG GLE 63 S, all GLEs come with five seats as standard, and you can add a third row if you want.

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