Our Opinion - 2022 Lexus Gx Review

The GX460 is not a crossover, but rather a luxury sedan. With body-on-frame construction and a live rear axle, this SUV has proper four-wheel drive and a V-8 engine, it’s a true American classic. This strategy has both advantages and disadvantages.

A positive is that it is among the most capable luxury SUVs on the market today for off-roading. An adjustable air suspension, multi-terrain traction settings and skid plates are just some of the vehicle’s trail-ready features.

As a three-row car, the Toyota Highlander isn’t great. The third column is minuscule and compromises both cargo and passenger space. In comparison to more modern crossovers, this vehicle’s fuel economy is pitiful. However, the GX460’s truck-like roots permeate the driving experience. This year’s addition of an upgraded infotainment system should address one of our major complaints.

For those looking for an urbane luxury 3 crossover in 2022, Lexus has a number of options. The GX460 isn’t one of them—and that’s exactly why we’re talking about it. No matter how much fuel economy or practicality matters, the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited is still a niche car for drivers who want a vehicle with sturdy capability and luxurious appointments.

  • The previous 8.0-inch touchscreen has been replaced by a 10.3-inch display.
  • Parking sensors in the front and back are now standard equipment.
  • Side mirrors on all models are heated and power-folding.
  • The addition of a rear seat alert system is now available. 
  • When it comes to design and color, the Black Line Deluxe Version is a step out of the ordinary.


  • The modern infotainment system is now available
  • Off-road ability that can be trusted
  • Experience a ride that’s both peaceful and relaxing


  • Consumption of fuel by a V-8
  • Insufficient room for passengers and goods
  • Discontinued vehicle aids

Despite being Lexus’ oldest model, a GX460 is a 3 SUV unlike any other on the market. In 2010, it debuted with a solid rear axle and a body-on-frame construction. Standard equipment is a V-8 engine. The GX460 is the only premium seven-seater with off-road capability and luxurious appointments that is not a crossover.

A year later, the GX460 gets a new news and entertainment system to keep up with the times. Style details and a gorgeous shade of green paint distinguish a 2022 GX460 Black Row special edition from the rest of the lineup.

A 4.6-liter V-8 engine with 301 horsepower and 329 pound-feet of torque is the only option for the GX, and it’s mated to a 6 automatic gearbox and true all-wheel drive. It took us 6.9 seconds to get from 0-60 mph. The GX is rated by the EPA at 15/19 mpg city/highway, which isn’t great for fuel economy. With a maximum towing capacity of 6,500 pounds, this vehicle is impressive.

Many lifted 4Runners and customized Jeep Wranglers can be found at your local trail park. Off-road enthusiasts have recently become enamoured with the GX, drawn in by the vehicle’s hardware’s potential and the luxuries that arrive with the Lexus badge.

The GXOR concept from Lexus is a good example of how the SUV can be used to its full potential. Overlanding enthusiasts will be pleased to know that the GXOR has been outfitted with a lift kit and a light bar among other modifications.

The GX comes standard with a number of driver assistance and active safety features. Some of these features include lane-departure warning and blind-spot monitoring, as well as automatic high-beams, and the forward automatic emergency braking.

An older version of adaptive cruise is also included, but it only appears to work at speeds of 30 mph or more. There is no option for lane keep assist in this vehicle.

Passenger and freight capacity are constrained by the GX’s design. When you consider how large it is on the outside, the interior seems cramped. Cargo & third-row passengers in using crossovers like the Volkswagen XC90 benefit from the extra space.

First, Second, And Third Seat Rows Include:

  • 64.7/46.7/11.6 cubic feet in 2022 GX
  • Vehicle cubic capacity in 2020: 80.3/49.6/21.8 ft3

Legroom In The Front, Middle, And Back Rows:

  • 41.6/34.1/29.3 inches in the 2022 GX.
  • XC90 in 2022: 40.9/37.0/31.9 inches

First, Second, And Third-Row Headroom:

  • 38.0/40.4/35.2 inches in the year 2022 GX
  • 38.9/38.5/36.3 inches for the 2022 XC90

This year’s GX gets a much-needed upgrade in infotainment. A 10.3-inch touchscreen with Apple CarPlay, Android, Bluetooth, and built-in navigation is now standard equipment. The driver can access important information from relevant details in the gauge cluster. 

First and 2nd rows each have two USB ports. Mark Levinson’s premium 17-speaker audio system is an option. An optional 360-degree camera system is available on the higher-end trims.

No doubt, the GX460’s main competition offers a greater number of features, technologies, and luxuries. If you’re still involved in a GX, it’s likely because it has features that its competitors don’t have.

As a result, we’ve decided to keep things simple and only use the GX base trim. There are plenty of off-road accessories included, including leatherette seats, a wood-trimmed dash, and a larger infotainment display.

The heated & ventilated front seats and air suspension that come standard on the Premium & Luxury trims are omitted from this model. Nevertheless, it saves you about $55,000 in upgrades and modifications, which you probably already want to spend.

  • AMG G-Class
  • Toyota Land Cruiser
  • Ford Bronco
  • Jeep 
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