2024 Subaru Models & Invoice Pricing

Ascent$32,295 - $45,445
BRZ$32,295 - $45,445
Crosstrek$22,245 - $35,345
Forester$24,795 - $34,895
Impreza$18,795 - $26,395
Legacy$22,895 - $36,145
Outback$26,795 - $39,945
WRX$27,495 - $41,945

New Subaru Invoice Pricing: How to Get the Best Car Price

Are you shopping for a Subaru? If so, then you need to know all the details on how to get the best price. Arming yourself with knowledge is crucial, and being aware of Subaru car prices will put you one step ahead to finding your next vehicle. 

You’ve likely come across terms you don’t fully understand, like the Subaru invoice price, MSRP, holdback, and more. We’re here to help you get the best price for your new Subaru.


Subaru Invoice Pricing

A car’s invoice price is what the dealer pays the manufacturer to stock and sell it. For the dealer to make money, they have to sell the vehicle at a higher price. Occasionally, manufacturers like Subaru will offer discounts and incentives to dealers to move more inventory. This gives the dealer a chance to maximize profits and sometimes sell cars at or below the Subaru invoice price.

Knowing the invoice price can give you leverage when negotiating costs. If successful, you can drive away from the dealership with a new Subaru at the best price possible.


Terms to Know

To get the best price possible, you’ll have to understand some additional terms.

Dealer Holdback

A dealer holdback is how much the manufacturer pays the dealer for each new vehicle sold. Usually, this is a percentage of either the invoice price or MSRP. How much the dealer receives will depend on the make and model of the vehicle.

Dealer Cost

This is the actual price Subaru dealers pay to the manufacturer. The true dealer cost of a vehicle is calculated by taking the invoice price, then subtracting the dealer holdback and any other discounts they receive. 


Also known as the sticker price, MSRP stands for “Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price.” It’s what auto manufacturers advise dealers to charge for a vehicle.

The MSRP isn’t necessarily the price you’ll pay for the car. It can be used as a starting point when negotiating prices. In many cases, you can disregard the MSRP altogether in your negotiations.

How does MSRP compare to the Subaru invoice price? It’s always a marked-up price so dealers can earn a profit. The actual price the dealer charges for a car will vary.


Manufacturer Incentives & Rebates

Manufacturers will often encourage dealers to stock more vehicles by offering them incentives like discounts and rebates. This can lower the dealer’s true cost and helps them maximize profits. On occasion, these savings are passed on to the customer.


What Is the Suggested Price for a Subaru?

Knowing the true dealer cost can help you in price negotiations. Here’s a simple formula to calculate true dealer cost:

True Dealer Cost = Invoice Price – (Dealer Holdback + Manufacturer Incentives/Rebates)

One of the biggest mistakes car buyers make is starting their negotiations at MSRP, then working down. In reality, this is where dealers want to begin since it still lets them earn a significant profit. 

To get the best price possible, you’ll want to start at the dealer cost, then work your way up. That way, you lower the base price and potentially save thousands of dollars more than you would otherwise.

Once you’ve figured out the ideal price you want for a new Subaru, you can calculate your monthly payments using our payment calculator.


Process of Getting the Invoice Prices for Subaru

Figuring out new Subaru prices will open opportunities and unveil some secrets of the auto industry. When you know the Subaru invoice price, you can center your car-buying negotiations around it. This way, you avoid overpaying for a vehicle and have a better buying experience at the dealership.

The process of getting invoice pricing is simple. First, you fill out our free application. Then, you sit back while we work directly with dealers in your area to find the best invoice pricing available.

Once you know the invoice price, you remove a lot of the stress of buying a car. You’ll be able to buy your dream car at a fair price and save hours of haggling at the dealership. 


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