Sam's Club Auto Buying Program Vs. Costco Auto Buying Program: Which One Should You Choose?

Sam's Club auto buying program.
Sam's Club auto buying program

Are you looking into auto buying programs? Sam's Club auto buying program vs. Costco auto buying program is a popular debate. Whether you are buying a sedan, truck, or SUV, there are plenty of reasons to use an auto buying program. But what's the inside scoop on Sam's Club auto buying program vs. Costco auto buying program, and how do you know the best option for you?

The truth is that your vehicle is one of your biggest investments. Costco and Sam's Club can help reduce stress when it comes to buying a new vehicle. When you need a reliable car at a fair price, an auto buying program can get you on the right track. However, choosing Sam's Club vs. Costco auto buying program can leave you with a big question mark.

In this article, we'll give you an overview of Sam's Club auto buying program vs. Costco auto buying program. This includes points such as:

  • Auto buying program benefits and similarities
  • Cost of each program
  • Locations
  • Brand selection
  • And much more

But first, let's discuss the definition of an auto buying program.

What is an Auto Buying Program?

Auto buying programs are not unique to Sam's Club and Costco. It is a car buying service that works in several ways such as car brokers or even car concierges. One of the most common types of auto buying programs is from membership and customer programs - e.g. Sam's Club and Costco.

The membership works with companies that offer prearranged pricing through online portals. You'll know the price of your car without needing to negotiate before you get to the dealership.

However, each buyer will pay corresponding fees such as buying the title paying taxes, and also paying registration fees.

Keep in mind that there are eligibility stipulations when it comes to using auto buying programs. You'll need to be located in the U.S. You'll also need to make sure that the auto buying program services your area.

Now that you understand the concept of an auto buying program, let's get into the topic of Sam's Club vs. Costco.

What is the Costco Auto Buying Program?

Offered to Costco members for more than 30 years, Costco offers resources to help streamline the process of buying cars from various dealerships around the country.

Costco offers the following benefits for participating in their program:

  • Prearranged vehicle pricing that provides value
  • A stress-free solution to buy vehicles with hand-selected dealerships
  • Offered nationwide
  • The dealers are informed and educated about the Costco program along with specially trained staff
  • There is staff available 7 days a week to answer questions along with coordinate with the dealership on your behalf

How do I get Costco Auto Discount?

Are you interested in how to get the Costco Auto Discount? First, you'll need to purchase a new or select pre-owned vehicle. Meanwhile, you'll also need to complete the Costco auto program membership satisfaction survey within 30 days. This will give you access to discounts such as parts, services and accessories.

How Much is the Costco Auto Discount?

When it comes to the Sam's Club Auto Buying Program vs Costco Auto Buying program, you'll likely be wondering about the cost. In terms of Costco, you'll pay the fee of a Costco membership. The price for this is around $60. Is this a good deal? For some it is, but let's discuss this more in-depth below.

Is the Costco Auto Buying Program a Good Deal?

It can be, but it greatly depends on several factors. It will depend on the type of used cars, trucks, SUVs, and recreation vehicles that you are looking to buy. Another potential perk is that you do get exclusive discounts on parts and services, but only at approved dealerships and service centers.

If you are shopping online for a car, the Costco auto buying can be a good deal. You'll need to research every aspect of the Costco auto buying program independently and see if it meets your need. Many people also enjoy the additional perks that come along with the Costco auto buying program, such as discounts on Safelite auto glass.

What is the Sam's Club Auto Buying Program?

Now that you know about the Costco auto buying program, it's time to look into the Sam's Club auto buying program as another option.

Just like Costco, the purpose is to help you browse and buy models of both used and new cars. You will be able to buy from a specific selection of these cars from TrueCar dealers. The dealers must be associated with the Sam's Club program.

Another similarity to Costco is that you will need to be buying a car in a specific location to be quality. For example, some of the benefits of this program are not available in New York or New Hampshire. Considering that New York is one of the most populated states in the country, it's easy to see where this may pose a problem.

How Does the Sam's Club Auto Buying Program Work?

This auto buying program makes it easy to learn the price of the vehicle before stepping foot inside of a dealership. It's their job to haggle, wheel and deal without any inconvenience to you.

You can use this auto buying program to:

  • Sell your car, showing you the cash value with an offer within minutes.
  • The ability to research and compare vehicles on the market. You can search for the cars you want to buy as well as see the price that others paid for them. Then, you can compare offers to get the best price possible
  • Vehicle pricing is upfront with the Sam's Club auto buying program. You'll receive personalized prices from online dealers. This includes any incentives along with discounts.

How Much is the Sam's Club Auto Discount?

The cost of the Sam's Club auto discount comes down to the price of the membership. Sams memberships are $45 per year for their standard membership. You can also choose to pay $100 per year and get extra perks that are unrelated to the auto buying program, such as free shipping online orders. These additional perks can make it tempting to look into the auto buying program and sign up for the Sam's Club membership.

Is the Sam's Club Auto Buying Program a Good Deal?

There are some perks to using the Sam's Club auto buying program. For example, you can visit a Sam's Club mechanic for routine issues, completely free to you. You won't need to pay for things like flat tire repairs, battery testing, and more.

How do you opt-in to this program? You have to give proof of your vehicle's purchase within 45 days.

However, just like Costco, the good deals from Sam's Club auto buying program come down to several factors such as:

  • If your car is used or new
  • If the car you want to buy is available
  • The type of car you want to purchase, such as a vehicle or pickup truck

As you can see, there are both pros and cons when it comes to the Sam's Club auto buying program vs. Costco auto buying program. Many people find many great reasons to go with one of these auto buying programs, including convenience and the trust factor of these two bulk-shipping giants.

If you are wondering which option to choose, the answer will depend on several factors. Everyone has different needs and requirements when it comes to buying a car. If you don't want to get into a pricing war with your local dealership, an auto buying program is certainly a smart option for you.

Should You Buy Cars from Sam's Club and Costco?

If you are researching the Sam's Club auto buying program vs. Costco auto buying program, you might wonder if it's worth it to buy vehicles from them. There are several reasons why it's a smart idea to buy cars from Sam's Club or Costco.

  • Buying cars from Sam's Club or Costco can ultimately help save you money. For example, the average amount saved from a car purchased through the Costco auto buying program is $1,000.
  • You can also save over $3,000 if you choose to go with Sam's Club.
  • You have access to purchasing RVs, which is beneficial to those who enjoy camping or taking road trips.
  • It can reduce stress during the buying process.
  • The dealerships involved in both programs are subject to meeting high standards. Sam's Club and Costco won't allow just any dealership to sign up for the program. Members of the programs provide reviews of how their process went. This constantly puts the dealerships under the scrutiny of Sam's Club and Costco, ensuring that you get the best experience possible.
  • It's convenient and accessible if you are already a member of either bulk shopping store.
  • If you don't want to buy a vehicle right now, leasing options are available.

But if you're looking to buy cars from Sam's Club and Costco, you'll also need to consider the drawbacks of these programs.

  • You are unable to negotiate pricing with dealers. Some may see this as a drawback or possibly a perk, especially if you don't like to haggle.
  • Since you can't negotiate the price of the vehicle, you have to accept the price that they give you.
  • If you don't accept the price, you'll need to start over from square one and begin shopping again for a different vehicle.
  • You won't be able to get financing through either Costco or Sam's Club. You'll need to have financing arranged through a bank or dealership if you want to purchase a vehicle through either of these programs.
  • You have to be a member of either Costco's or Sam's Club to use the auto buying programs. If you don't foresee yourself doing bulk shopping at these stores, you'll be stuck with a one-year membership that you aren't using. But keep in mind that both of these stores have additional perks, such as optical screenings and pharmacies. In most cases, it's worth the price of a membership to sign up and pay the fee.

Sam's Club Auto Buying Program Vs. Costco Auto Buying Program: Why You Should Try Invoice Pricing Instead

If you're looking to save money on your car purchase, both Sam's Club and Costco offer auto buying programs. In addition to savings on financing costs, auto buying programs can offer you discounts on auto accessories, as well as a chance to get other members' trade-in values.

Are you still thinking about the Sam's Club auto buying program vs. the Costco auto buying program? The best approach is to research each program and consider the benefits as well as the drawbacks.

However, another key contender is Invoice Pricing. We provide our customers with plenty of benefits when it comes to buying a car at a great price. We can help you:

  • Get free quotes and save more money, all with dealerships in your area.
  • You can avoid overpaying for cars, no matter the make or model.
  • We do the heavy-lifting of haggling and getting the best deal possible.
  • We're the true experts on dealership pricing secrets, something that Sam's Club or Costco can't touch.
  • No membership fee is required!

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