2023 Honda Odyssey Overview

What’s new:

  • The base LX level of trim has been taken off the market.
  • Middle-level Sport trim.
  • In 2018, the fifth generation of Odysseys came out.

Consider the Honda Odyssey as a minivan option. Despite being nearly 30 years old, the Odyssey’s 2023 model still offers cutting-edge conveniences expected of a modern minivan. This car has enough room for eight people and a lot of cargo. Its V6 engine is powerful enough to move it forward. The Odyssey has several high-tech driver-aids that help make the car safer. It also has some cool add-ons you can choose to get, like an internal camera system for keeping an eye on noisy backseat passengers.

The 2023 Honda Odyssey mostly stays the same. Honda got rid of the LX trim, so the EX is now the first trim level. Even though it costs more than the old LX, it has more standard features for makeup. Then, in the middle of the lineup, Honda added the Sport trim, which has unique upholstery inside and black accents on the outside.

Toyota Sienna, Chrysler Pacifica, and Kia Carnival are the few minivans still on the market competing with each other. Hybrid versions of both the Sienna and the Pacifica make them much more fuel efficient. They also have all-wheel drive, which is not something that Honda has. On the other hand, the Odyssey is more expensive and has a shorter warranty than the Kia Carnival. Overall, the Odyssey is an excellent choice for a car carrying a family. For a more in-depth look, see the Expert Rating below, given by our testing team.

What do they like to live with?

Our editors drove a Honda Odyssey for a year and 20,000 miles and discovered the good and bad things about owning one. Even though the 2023 Odyssey is from the same generation as the 2018 model, most of what we said still holds.


  • Adjustable seats in the second row are beneficial.
  • full of cutting-edge technology and security features
  • It’s fun to drive because it has a robust V6 engine and stable handling.


  • Inefficient fuel consumption
  • There are no third-row seats that fold down automatically.
  • It’s annoying when forward collision warning systems are too careful.

The system that moves the Odyssey. The Odyssey may be the only time the words “minivan” and “fun” can be used together. Even when the car is full of people, the V6 engine has enough power to merge and pass. According to our testing, the Odyssey Elite’s 0-60 mph time of 7.6 seconds is about par for a minivan powered by a V6 engine.

The Odyssey is safe to drive on the highway and more minor roads because it has precise steering, stable brakes, and responsive handling. The Odyssey is in good shape. No, it does not. It is, however, well-organized and enjoyable to drive. There are no problems.

The smooth 10-speed automatic transmission chooses the right gear based on how the car is driven. Paddle shifters built into the steering wheel are helpful if you like to shift by hand. If we had to choose, we could disable the stop-start engine system, which saves fuel by turning the engine off at stoplights.

What’s the size of the Odyssey? Another area in which The Odyssey outperforms its contemporaries. The front seats are the best place to sit when you’re going on a long trip. The second row is for kids and grownups alike. Even though there isn’t much room for legs in the third row, two adults can sit there for shorter trips. The 19-inch wheels on our Odyssey Elite gave it a firmer ride than the smaller wheels (smaller wheels mean more absorbent tire sidewalls). On the other hand, most bumps don’t bother the Honda.

Honda should be praised for its work in this area, and our tests show that the Odyssey is the quietest minivan in its class. You can also block out low-level road noise with the cabin intercom. Your voice is picked up by a microphone and sent to the back of the van through the speakers or headphones in the rear entertainment system. Stop touching your sister! You can now be yelled at without having to turn your head.

How does the inside look? The Odyssey lives up to its promise of making your life easier. Sliding rear doors are always better when letting kids get in and out of a crossover SUV. It’s okay to slide into the first two rows because they are high. The second-row seats can slide to the side and lay back quickly, making it easier to get to the third row.

Because the steering column and driver’s seat can be changed in many ways, it’s easy to find a comfortable position to drive in. People with longer legs may wish the lower cushion offered more support for their thighs. Our biggest problem is that we need help seeing from the front and over the shoulder. The windshield’s roof pillars and side mirrors are both quite thick. Even though rearview cameras are helpful, a camera that can see all around would be better. Honda does not provide one.

How good is the tech? The Honda infotainment system has big virtual buttons that respond quickly. You can change where the virtual switches are on the screen. Compared to more modern designs, the graphics and menus for navigation based on Garmin look old. Also, some functions, like voice commands, can be hard to understand. We liked the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto apps the most during our tests.

Technology in the Odyssey is all over the place. In place of the sunglasses mirror, the cabin intercom and the monitor for the back camera are, without a doubt, more practical. But some more advanced driver aids, like adaptive cruise control, take a long time to respond and can make mistakes. We didn’t do anything with them.

What about putting things away? In this case, a minivan is one of the best choices. Behind the third row, deep space is excellent for grocery bags. The third-row seats must be raised and lowered by hand, which takes some strength, but the strap handle system is easy to use. The Odyssey can hold up to 155.8 cubic feet of stuff, more than the Sienna or the Pacifica. The second-row seats are big and complex to take out, but if you don’t need a completely flat floor, you can use the space between them to store things.

The Odyssey is the best when it comes to putting car seats in. The lower car seat anchors are easy for kids in booster seats to reach and make it easy for them to fasten their seatbelts.

How well does it use gasoline? The EPA says that the Odyssey Elite gets 22 mpg in both the city and on the highway, which is about average for a minivan. We got 21 mpg on our 115-mile test route, most of which was on the road. This means the Odyssey may do better than the EPA thought it would.

Is it wise to buy the Odyssey? We tested the Odyssey Elite trim level, which has a high price tag. But if you don’t need high-tech features like active noise cancellation or a vacuum cleaner in the back seat, the essential parts of the Odyssey are much cheaper. Even the basic LX has the Odyssey’s best features, like smooth power, comfortable seats, and an open, airy cabin if you only need the most space for people to move around.

Compared to Honda, most of the competition provides basic warranties of three years/36,000 miles and powertrain warranties of five years/60,000 miles. Roadside assistance is a common feature usually included in the primary contract.

The versatility of a minivan as a car for kids is unmatched. The Odyssey is almost as big as a car for five or six adults to take on a road trip. It also has ample, lockable storage space for all your DIY projects on the weekends. You still don’t think it’s cool? It also has seats that can be moved, many USB ports, and technology inside to keep everyone busy. It also works the same way that a car does.

Choose the Odyssey that fits your needs and budget the best. Each Odyssey is a good deal for what it has to offer. Overall, the base EX is hard to beat in terms of value. Some of the changes from last year’s base model are power-sliding rear doors, sunshades for the second row, and smartphone integration with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Honda Odyssey Models:

There are five different trim levels for the 2023 Odyssey minivan: EX, EX-L, Sport, Touring, and Elite. All of them are equipped with a 2.8-liter V6 engine that generates 262 lb-ft of torque and a 10-speed automatic transmission that sends power to the front wheels. All trim levels let you take out the middle seat in the second row to fit seven or eight people.

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