2023 Honda CR-V Hybrid Overview

What’s new:

  • Complete renovations are set to happen in 2023.
  • Sizes on the outside and inside that are a little bit bigger
  • Interface for touch screens that work better
  • The sixth generation Honda CR-V will come out in 2023.

Since its release in 1997, the Honda CR-V has been a top seller in the compact crossover segment. We often recommend the CR-V because it has a lot of space, is fun to drive, is easy to operate, and doesn’t cost too much to run. In 2023, the CR-V will get a complete makeover. The CR-V has many new features from the inside to the outside, but many of its best qualities are still there.

It’s not surprising that Honda made this generation more significant than the last one because size matters, even in a small SUV. The new CR-V has a wheelbase that is 1.6 inches longer than the old one. This gives the back passengers more legroom. The amount of cargo has stayed the same. Notably, there is no longer a difference between the Hybrid and standard CR-V models regarding the most cargo space. Both now have a large maximum of 39.3 cubic feet with the back seats up or 76.5 cubic feet with the back seats folded down.

Honda no longer advertises the CR-V Hybrid, which is something to keep in mind. The hybrid system is now built into all trim levels of the CR-top V. This year, Honda made some changes to the Hybrid, and we found that it accelerates a little faster and drives better overall. But it can be quiet sometimes, and our tests of how well it uses gas in real life were not very good. The turbocharged four-cylinder engine in the CR-1.5-liter V stays the same.

Also, in 2023, a new infotainment interface will come out. Even though it doesn’t have fancy graphics, the new CR-V system is a big step from the old one. EX and Sport models come equipped with a 7-inch central touchscreen and wired interfaces for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Upgrade to the EX-L or Sport Touring to get a 9-inch screen that works with wireless smartphones and a charging station that doesn’t require a cord. A 12-speaker Bose sound system can be added as an option rounds out the technological improvements. It’s perfect for blasting Doja Cat while running to Costco.

We’re happy with the CR design for 2023 as a whole. V’s is highly recommended, just like the cheap Kia Sportage, the attractive Mazda CX-50, and the reliable Toyota RAV4.


  • Space inside and a huge load capacity
  • There are many things in technology that are easy to use.
  • There are several well-designed places to store items.


  • Not enough carrying capacity
  • On hills, the hybrid powertrain can be loud and slow.
  • The Hybrid doesn’t get good gas mileage in real life.

How do you move the CR-V? The CR-V isn’t a race car, but it feels quick and stable compared to other small SUVs. We tested a hybrid Sport Touring car from 0 to 60 mph in 8 seconds. That is about average for the class, and the 1.5-liter engine that comes standard should get the same time.

In an emergency, the brakes work well and make it possible to stop smoothly. We also like how well the hybrid system works in cities, but climbing steep mountain slopes can take a lot of work. When turning, the CR-V stays calm and in charge. The steering is easy to use and gives you enough feedback to know what’s going on on the road.

How excellent is the CR-V to ride in? It’s easy to drive the CR-V. It has a soft suspension that doesn’t bounce. Even though you can feel the bumps and cracks in the road, it does a great job of quickly getting back to its usual smooth ride without causing too much trouble.

Inside, the theme of luxury stays the same. Even though Honda doesn’t have a ventilated option, the heated front seats that come with the car are soft and comfortable. The CR-V is well-insulated and feels airtight when driving, so you won’t hear any road noise. The only thing we don’t like about the hybrid powertrain is that it can get loud and annoying, especially when driving up a hill.

How does the inside look? The CR-interior is constructed in a way that is logically sound. Both rows have a lot of room, and the big windows make the car feel airy, which we like in a small SUV. Also, all that glass makes it easier to see outside. Even though it’s harder to see out the back of the CR-V, it has Honda’s great wide-angle rearview camera.

The CR-V has big doorways and seats so adults can easily slide into them. Also, it’s easy to get comfortable because the front seats can be moved far forward and back, and the backs of the back seats can be leaned back.

How good is the tech? While its regular 7-inch touchscreen and optional 9-inch touchscreen aren’t the best in their class, the CR-operating V’s system is intuitive and responsive. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto both need wireless connectivity to work with smartphones. The built-in navigation system in the Sport Touring gives excellent directions and advice, but the maps could be better.

Unfortunately, the speech recognition system is less advanced than competitors and is only available on the top Sport Touring trim level. But the new tools to help drivers are great. All CR-V models come with many of these features as standard, and the most important ones, like adaptive cruise control and lane-centering steering, work very well.

What about putting things away? For a small SUV, the CR-39.3 V has significant space behind the back seats. Even though the cargo compartment isn’t very deep, it has enough height and width to fit large items. The good news is that all CR-V models, hybrid or not, can carry the same weight, unlike the last generation. Getting better gas mileage won’t mean giving up storage space.

In terms of interior storage, Honda has gone backward. The tube of the old CR-middle V was hollowed out so it could fit large handbags. Now, only a standard center bin will work in this space. Child safety seats are easy to install because the doors have big openings, the attachment points are easy to reach, and there is much room in the second row.

How well does it use gasoline? The EPA estimates that non-hybrid Honda CR-V models will get 30 mpg on the highway in 2023. With all-wheel drive, the Hybrid’s gas mileage drops to 37 mpg, which saves you even more money on gas. We played with the second one. The actual route we used to test it only got 33.3 mpg. However, it is a route that favors highways, and Invoice Pricing’s tests showed that most of its competitors could have done better. (The Kia Sportage Hybrid, for example, got 34.5 mpg.) We saw better gas mileage when driving around town, where the CR-hybrid V’s powertrain is most beneficial.

Is the Honda CR-V a reliable car? For the price, the CR-V is well made. No vibrations or rattles mar a well-built vehicle and a serene ride. Honda does an excellent job of hiding the rough plastic used inside with soft materials and attractive design choices.

Since the CR-V is slightly more expensive than many competitors, it’s not the best choice if you want a cheap SUV. Given how well it was made, we thought the price was fair, even if it wasn’t very appealing. The warranty coverage is average for the class; many competitors offer better protection against rust, better roadside assistance, or free maintenance.

Crossovers aren’t as dull to look at as they used to be, and Honda’s choice of a sophisticated, understated style makes the CR-V look like it was made in a factory. This SUV is not meant to stand out but to blend in. But compared to its predecessor, the CR-fresh V brings it into a more modern time.

It can be fun to drive for a short time because the controls are easy to use, and it handles well for a crossover. But practicality is more important. So, shoppers with a bunch of Excel spreadsheets should be interested in the CR-V. If you’re after a small family SUV that will have you fired up and raring to go, you should seek elsewhere.

The EX-L trim level is where we’d put our money. This trim has the most features and comes with the 1.5-liter turbocharged engine, which is more fun to drive and almost as efficient as the hybrid engine. The EX-L costs more than the EX because it has leather seats, a better stereo system, a giant touchscreen, parking sensors in the front and back, wireless smartphone compatibility, and a charging pad.

Different kinds of Honda CR-Vs:

2023 Honda CR-V EX, Sport, EX-L, and Sport Touring. The CR-V Hybrid is no longer a different model because it’s included in the Sport and Sport Touring. Front-wheel drive is standard on the first three model levels, but an all-wheel industry is an option. The Sport Touring comes with AWD as standard.

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