2023 Honda Passport Overview

What’s new:

  • In 2023, nothing significant will change.
  • The third generation of passports will come out in 2019.

Do you need more space than a standard small SUV can give you, but you don’t need three rows of seats? You might find what you’re looking for in the Honda Passport from 2023. It fills the space between the three-row Honda Pilot and the two-row Honda CR-V. Our favorite in this class is a two-row version of the smaller Pilot. It stands out from the Pilot even more by having better off-road capabilities. The TrailSport trim from the previous model year makes this even more accurate.

We expect the 2023 Passport to be almost the same as last year since it got a new look last year and had fewer trim levels. This should keep it at the top of the two-row midsize SUVs, including the Jeep Grand Cherokee, Hyundai Santa Fe, and Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport. Even though we like the Passport a lot, it does have some problems. Even though some of the driver assistance technology in the Passport isn’t always easy to use, the Passport’s pros far outweigh its cons.

What do they like to live with?

Invoice Pricing added a Honda Passport to its large test fleet to learn more about ownership. We knew what worked well and what needed to be changed over a year.


  • The powerful V6 engine can be paired with all-wheel drive with torque vectoring.
  • A big room with comfortable seats
  • There are clever storage spaces and a big freight area.


  • Not enough technology to help drivers

How do you use the Passport? The Passport is one of the best cars to drive on the road. The nine-speed transmission makes it easy to change gears, and the standard V6 engine makes it easy to speed up. According to Invoice Pricing’s testing, it had one of the quickest times in its class, going from 0 to 60 mph in just 6.8 seconds. The Passport also has handling that is better than average. The SUV turns quickly and easily because its steering is well-balanced.

But there is still room for growth. When driving, usually, the brakes feel the same and are easy to use. However, when you hit the brakes hard, the pedal feels soft. Also, there is a significant drop, which can make sudden stops feel uncomfortable.

How well does the Passport fit? The Passport has a lot of room and is very comfortable. Even though the Passport has a slightly firmer ride than the similar Honda Pilot, its suspension handles both big and small body movements. Even though the front seats don’t have backrests, they are roomy and comfortable for long rides. The back seats that lie down are also very comfortable.

The Passport’s cabin is quiet, with little noise from the tires or the wind. The heated and cooled seats and the climate control system with three zones work well. When you turn on the car, the chairs will be set the way you left them last time.

How does the inside look? The Passport’s cabin is well thought out. There is plenty of room for your head and legs, and three people can sit comfortably in the back. Because the Passport’s seats are slightly higher than its competitors, it may be harder for shorter people to get in and out of it, but the large doorways make this less of a problem. From the outside, you can see well in all directions.

The touchscreen entertainment system is easy to use and has bright colors. It’s helpful to have knobs and buttons for controlling and doing different things. The unusual push-button shifter does take some getting used to, but it helps save space.

How good is the tech? Most of the modern technology features you’d want are in the Passport. The upgraded sound system in the Touring and Elite trim levels sounds excellent and fills the cabin. When you pinch and swipe, the navigation system responds quickly, making it easy to zoom in and turn the map. All Passport models come with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for smartphones built-in.

Only a few modern safety measures still need to be included. But none of them are perfect. The adaptive cruise control system is annoying because it only works above 20 mph. Because of this, it could be more useful in areas with more people.

What about putting things away? The Passport has 41.2 cubic feet of capacity behind the second row. When the back seats are folded down, you’ll have 77.9 cubic feet. (Because there are different measuring methods, Honda may say either 50.5 or 100.7 cubic feet.) On the other hand, the load height is a bit high. There is enough space that even large child safety seats that face backward can be put in. Anchors for car seats are easy to find.

There are large door pockets, a clever compartment in the center console, and many shelves and nooks in the cabin to store small items. The market standard for the all-wheel-drive model is that it can pull up to 5,000 pounds. Models with front-wheel drive can only carry up to 3,500 pounds.

How well does it use gasoline? The EPA says that the AWD Passport gets a combined 21 mpg (19 city/24 highway), which is about average for a midsize SUV. We got an average of 22 mpg on our 115-mile test route, which is the same as the EPA predicted.

Is getting a Passport a wise idea? Even though the Passport is priced like other cars in its class, it seems great because of how well it is built, how much space it has inside, and how smoothly it drives. Soft-touch plastics on the dashboard, high-gloss black trim, and matte-finish secondary controls give the interior a nice look and feel. All of the panel gaps are small.

The warranty covers the powertrain for five years or 60,000 miles. The basic warranty and roadside assistance cover three years or 36,000 miles. All of them are about average for their class.

Like the three-row Pilot, the Passport is a versatile and all-around SUV. It is easy to drive, has a good balance between comfort and power, and has a lot of energy. The Passport is also the most attractive of Honda’s SUVs because its grille is more prominent and has a more athletic stance.

Honda has yet to make official announcements about the 2023 Passport as of this writing. If something changes, we’ll change our advice, but based on the Passport from last year, we recommend the base EX-L. Even though it is the base model, it has many standard features, and you can choose between front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive.

Honda Passport Varieties:

The 2023 Honda Passport comes in three trim levels: EX-L, TrailSport, and Elite. A nine-speed automatic transmission is paired with the standard 3.5-liter V6 engine, which has 280 hp and 262 lb-ft of torque. The wheels of the EX-front L are driven. AWD comes standard on the TrailSport and Elite and can be added to the EX-L as an option.

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