2023 Jaguar F-Pace Overview

What’s new?

  • The limited Edition SVR Edition 1988 comes out for the first time.
  • The only grade with a six-cylinder engine is the R-Dynamic S.
  • As part of the first generation of F-Pace cars, which came out in 2017, Amazon Alexa can now be used with the Pivi Pro infotainment system.

Jaguar’s best-selling car, the 2023 F-Pace, is a midsize SUV with room for five people and all the luxury, technology, and performance you’d expect from a sleek and expensive crossover. It is the biggest of Jaguar’s three SUVs. It is bigger than the E-Pace, cheaper than the electric I-Pace, and has more features than any of its siblings.

The 2023 F-Pace is different because it has the style and design for which Jaguar cars are known. The F-Pace is one of the most excellent cars in its class, and it ages well, like many other Jaguars. It is also in a good spot between regular compact SUVs and midsize luxury SUVs. This makes it appealing to buyers who want more space for people and things without adding weight.

Jaguar will only make a small number of the new 2023 F-Pace SVR Edition 1988 models. The Jaguar F-Pace SVR Edition 1988 is the first Special Edition of the popular SUV. It was made by Jaguar Special Vehicle Operations and designed by SV Bespoke. In honor of Jaguar’s win at the 1988 24 Hours of LeMans, only 394 will be made, one for each lap the winning XJR-9 LM drove during the race.

As Jaguar gets ready to switch to all-electric cars, the new SVR Edition 1988 brings back interest in the F-Pace. Is it expensive? Yes. The latest Edition, 1988, on the other hand, is definitely worth the money for Jaguar customers who want a particular car with a gasoline-powered supercharged V8 engine before the company’s whole lineup goes electric.

No matter which version of the sleek Jaguar SUV you choose, the F-Pace is for people for those who despise conformity. But it has some bad things, so keep that in mind.


  • More room for luggage than most of its competitors
  • It stops like a sports car and drives like one, too.


  • Too many squeaks and creaks were coming from the inside trim.
  • The cabin has more noise from the road and wind than other cars.
  • Some controls could be more complex.

Before, the F-Pace put performance ahead of comfort. In the most recent update to the F-Pace, the suspension was changed to make the car more comfortable to drive. This luxury comes at the cost of being able to move around. Even when turning, the F-Pace is not exciting to go. We do, however, like how it drives and how it stops. It feels more connected because the steering effort is well-balanced and gives you a sense of the road. It’s easy to stop smoothly, and the brakes are powerful.

Our test F-Pace had a P340 engine with six cylinders and a turbocharger. From a stop to 60 mph took 6 seconds, which was eight-tenths of a second faster than the last F-Pace we tested, which had a supercharged V6 engine. Small luxury SUVs with six-cylinder engines, like the Audi SQ5 and Porsche Macan, are much faster.

In terms of comfort, the 2017-2020 F-Pace is better than the most recent F-Pace. The old car’s bumpy ride made getting around every day harder than it needed to be. Even though the F-Pace is more comfortable, it doesn’t have a smooth ride.

Our test car’s optional performance seats looked like they should have been in a sports car. They are very supportive and cushioned and can be changed in many ways. The only downside is that drivers with longer legs won’t be able to extend the thigh cushion. The climate control system is a jumble of touch-sensitive buttons and knobs that don’t work and that you must push and pull to get to different features. Even though we know this isn’t the answer, automakers are always trying to find new ways to reduce the number of buttons in their cars.

The F-Pace does a great job of keeping outside noise out of the cabin, but when we leaned on an armrest or pulled on a door handle, we couldn’t help but hear the cracking and squeaking of our test vehicle’s parts. Even if these noises don’t make it hard to talk, they shouldn’t be in a car of this quality and price.

The F-interior of Pace’s newest model is inviting. On the other hand, the control panel may work much better. The organisation of the infotainment menu could be more precise, and the touch-sensitive buttons do sometimes work.

The inside of the house is a strong point. There is more space for passengers’ legs in the rear. Similarly, small, high-end SUVs. It’s also easy to choose the driving stance you want. When we moved the steering wheel on our test F-Pace, we found a strangely simple mechanism for adjusting the steering column. Given the price, we couldn’t ignore this. Visibility is good, but not as good as in some other classes. With the basic surround-view camera system, you can see almost everything.

The 2017-2020 F-Pace had many severe problems with its technology. This model is better because it has a much more excellent built-in navigation system, a sound Meridian audio system, smartphone connectivity for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and more places for passengers to charge their devices.

Adaptive cruise control is an expensive add-on separate from the modern driver assistance package. We used to think that Jaguars’ driving aids were the best in their class, but now they are just average. The adaptive cruise can be slow to respond, and the steering assist isn’t very good at keeping you in your lane if you start to drift.

Behind the back seats of the F-Pace, there are 33.5 cubic feet of space, which is more than you might expect. The rear seats are a 40/20/40 split. They give you many options if you have a lot of luggage or car seats. Because the child safety seat anchors are easy to get to, a forward-facing seat can be put in without taking off the back cargo cover. If being able to tow is essential, the F-Pace will appeal to you even more. It can pull up to 5,291 pounds, which is more than most cars in its class can pull.

The F-Pace is more fuel-efficient than most competitors, with better engines. It gets 22 mpg on average, which is 1-2 mpg better than the average. On our mixed-driving test route of 115 miles, we got an average of 24.3 mpg, which shows that the EPA number is correct.

The quickest answer is “no.” Jaguar’s F-Pace is a top-tier luxury compact SUV. Expensive car in its class, even though it has many standard features. It feels like you need to get your money’s worth. Even if the interior decorations and materials are good, interior panels that squeak raise questions about the long-term quality of the building.

In addition to the standard warranty, the Jaguar comes with roadside assistance and maintenance every three months for five years or 60,000 miles, which is a nice bonus.

The new Jaguar F-Pace is a comfortable, affordable, and fun-to-drive car for everyday use. We also like the way it looks. The F-design Pace doesn’t feel like it’s trying too hard, and it’s a Jaguar.

The Jaguar F-Pace, which we recommended in 2016, is no longer for sale. Because of this, you should focus on the R-Dynamic S in 2023. This trim level is in the middle of the F-Pace lineup. It has reasonable prices and one of the best engines in the SUV: a delicious turbocharged inline-six with mild hybrid technology.

Jaguar F-PACE variants

The Jaguar F-Pace 2023 is smaller than most midsize rivals but more significant than most compact luxury SUVs. It has five seats in two rows and comes in Base, S, R-Dynamic S, SVR, and SVR Edition 1988 trim levels.

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