2023 BMW 3 Series Overview

What’s new:

  • Exterior design updates
  • The giant touchscreen and digital instrument panel are now housed in a single, curved case.
  • Fewer buttons, more features on the touch screen, and fewer buttons.
  • The Intelligent Personal Assistant from BMW can do new things now.
  • A 2019 3 Series model from the seventh generation

Since the seventh-generation BMW 3 Series has been on the market for a while, BMW thought it was time to update its features to keep up with the Mercedes-Benz C-redesign. We were worried that the mild-mannered luxury car would get the grille from the 4 Series and M3/beaver-toothed M4 because we knew the 2023 BMW 3 Series would get a makeover. The grille is more expensive than before, there is no longer a small notch in the middle of the headlight cluster, and the front and back bumpers have sharper angles, giving the car a more modern look. BMW has yet to merge too much with the outside, which is good.

Even so, there have been many changes to the inside. First, the 12.3-inch digital instrument panel and central touchscreen have been combined into a single curved shell powered by the latest version of BMW’s iDrive software. The updated software has made the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant smarter and given it new features, like the ability to control the windows and sunroof with voice commands and better voice recognition for natural language. Last but not least, the center screen has been improved. It is now 14.9 inches wide, about twice as big as the 8.8-inch screen it replaced. It also works again when you touch it.

The controls in the center stack have also been made easier to use. There are few physical ways to change the climate. These features are now in a climate menu on the touchscreen, but the driver and passengers’ temperatures are always easy to see. Even though we don’t like making touch screens more complicated, you can change the car’s temperature by speaking into its speech recognition system. Also gone is the valuable set of eight pre-programmed buttons that could be altered for radio stations, navigational locations, or specific menus. Last but not least, a toggle switch has been put in place of the shift lever.

These changes make the 3 Series a tempting entry into the compact luxury sedan market. Still, the recently redesigned Mercedes-Benz C-Class, the stylish Audi A4, and the soon-to-be-released Genesis G70 will give it a run for its money.


  • Brilliant handling
  • Modern interior design that is both roomy and tasteful
  • Engines that are strong and work well


  • It can be hard to use an infotainment system.
  • Most of the 3 Series’s cutting-edge driver assistance systems are extras that you can choose to buy.

The BMW 330e is a good choice if you have a place to charge it. Even though it has a plug-in hybrid powertrain that can run on electricity alone for about 23 miles before switching to a gas-electric hybrid mode, its price isn’t much higher than that of the base 3 Series. Also, models made in North America may be eligible for a federal tax credit and other incentives (for people who buy new cars), which could make it the least expensive 3 Series.

2023 BMW 3 Series Video Review

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