2023 BMW X4 Overview

What’s new:

  • Mostly the same as the update from the year before.
  • Gesture controls are no longer available.
  • The xDrive30i no longer lets you use a head-up display.
  • In 2019, the second generation of the X4 came out.

Are you looking for a beautiful and athletic small crossover? The 2023 BMW X4 is a special kind of car made by BMW. The X4 is a version of the X3 that is slightly longer, lower, more comprehensive, and more curved. So that it can look like a fastback, it gives up some cargo space and rear headroom. The X3 is definitely more helpful, but the X4 is both comfortable and fun to drive, and it still does a great job in this category.

People don’t like the X4. The Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe has similar looks and performance because it is made with some of the best technology and construction in the industry. The Porsche Macan is the best car in its class regarding performance. The X4 is a good choice if you want a small luxury SUV that looks like a coupe.


  • Both available engines are strong, smooth, and good on gas.
  • Because there are so many standard and optional features, it’s easy to make changes.
  • Impressive handling for an SUV


  • A sloping roofline cuts down on headroom and space for bags in the back.
  • Adaptive cruise control is not available on the base xDrive30i model.

How do you move the X4? The xDrive30i was looked at carefully. Even though it doesn’t get off to a fast start, it has a lot of speed once it gets going. Even though our four-cylinder test car got to 60 mph in 7.6 seconds and didn’t break any records, we liked how fast the eight-speed transmission was.

Even though the X4’s brakes are quick, smooth, and easy to use when usually driving, its handling is by far its best feature. The basic M Sport suspension on our X4 test car (a standard break is a free option) made it look stable and in control, as it quickly turned corners and curves. When you turn a corner in Sport mode, the steering feels good. It gives you confidence when driving on roads with more turns because it is well-balanced, precise, and snappy.

The level of comfort in the X4 is… The seats in the X4 are solid and supportive, which makes them suitable for long trips. Many changes to the front seats make them comfortable for most body types. Thigh extenders and inflatable side bolsters are just two of them.

Even though the X4 has a stiff ride, it does pretty well on bumpy roads. It’s also quiet. There is some wind noise, but you can drive the X4 at deceptively high speeds because the cabin is soft, the engine is powerful, and the ride is smooth. Accidental speeding is expected because it is easy to forget you’ve exceeded the limit.

How does the inside look? If you’re not careful, the sloping roof will hit you in the head as you get in, but once you’re inside, there’s plenty of room for people in the back. But it can be dangerous to get in and out. Low, flat-backed seat cushions help compensate for some of the lost headroom caused by the shape of the roof. Even though it doesn’t seem like it initially, there is less legroom in this market than in a typical SUV.

Visibility is terrible everywhere, especially out the small back window, which is more for decoration than anything else. A good, high-resolution backup camera is helpful for maneuvering and parking at low speeds, but you’ll want to use the X4’s blind-spot warning system on the highway or in the city.

How good is the tech? The touch screen and dial controls make it easy to use the entertainment features. The audio prompts need to be addressed even though the navigation system is simple and offers good visuals. To connect to a smartphone, you can utilize Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

What about putting things away? Compared to the X3, the sloping roofline makes the total cargo space smaller. However, the 40/20/40-split folding rear seats make up for this and give you more options. Our test car also had tie-downs and cargo rails that could move. The back seats fold down by themselves after a series of levers are pulled.

A lot of storage space inside makes it easier to keep phones and other personal items close by. Even big child seats will fit comfortably, but you’ll need to remove the cargo cover to tighten the top ropes.

How well does it use gasoline? The xDrive30i should get a combined 24 mpg in the city and on the highway, which is about the same as most other four-cylinder luxury SUVs. We also used the X4 for our real-world mixed-driving test route.

Is the X4 a good purchase? Even though the interiors of some competitors are better, the X4 gives off a sense of quality with its tight construction and reliable controls. It’s a strategy from the past that looks great. The X4 is a lot like its German competitors in terms of price, warranty, and what it’s like to own.

The X4 has enough BMW handling and ride comfort to make even the most intense drives fun, and it looks faster and sportier than it is. The X4 stands out in the valet line because of its unique shape and elegance. Even though it is a niche product, it does what BMW wants it to do very well.

If you want to buy an X4, the M40i is better than the more practical X3. Even though it costs more, you get a lot more performance equipment and a motor that matches the sportier look of the X4. Also, the only way to get driver assistance features like adaptive cruise control on the M40i is to buy the Driving Assistance Professional package.

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