2023 BMW X3 Overview

What’s new:

  • Minor changes to the features that are available
  • A 2018 model of the X3 that belongs to the third generation

The X3, BMW’s best-selling car, just got an update for the 2022 model year. The well-known small luxury SUV has two rows of seats for five people, a lot of storage space, and good gas mileage. It’s also fun to drive and has a sporty look. The X3 is between the smaller X1 and the bigger X5, which has a third row of seats.

In 2022, the X3 got several updates, including a new look, a narrower range of trim options, and a better user interface. Given how many changes were made during last year’s refresh, it’s not surprising that the 2023 X3 will stay the same.

According to Invoice Pricing Top Rated models, the X3 competes in a crowded market and does a great job as a solid all-arounder in the small luxury SUV class, led by the Genesis GV70, Acura RDX, and Porsche Macan. We have high hopes for the new Mercedes-Benz GLC, which will come out this year, because the model that came before it was also trendy.

What do they like to live with?

The BMW X3 is the most popular car made by the German company. We added one to our long-term test fleet because we wanted to know what it would be like to own one. We test and evaluate cars for a year to see how well they work in real-world driving situations.


  • Both of the engines available are strong and good on gas.
  • A lot of options for customization, both extra and included
  • A large interior for all passengers


  • The interior design is less high-end than some competitors.

How do you move the X3? Put it through its paces with the X3 xDrive30i. When driving around town, the four-cylinder engine stays in the middle of the power distribution thanks to the eight-speed transmission. The high 6-second time we found for going from 0 to 60 mph should be enough for most people. In case of an emergency stop, the brakes on a car are reliable and straightforward to operate.

The X3 has the calm and comfortable handling that BMW is known for. The steering is also typical of a modern BMW, which is a shame. The Comfort setting makes it too easy to turn the wheel, which makes it less accurate. Even though the Sport setting makes the wheel heavier and more responsive, it still doesn’t have a lot of feel.

How comfortable is the X3? When you spend a long time behind the wheel, the front seats give you the support and comfort you need. With so many options, finding something that works for just about anybody should be possible. Our test X3 had a reasonably lively ride on bumpy roads because we installed the optional Dynamic Handling package. The high level of control means you can feel hits, but they don’t make your head bounce around or make the whole cabin shake.

Because the engine is so quiet, you should look at the tachometer to see if it’s running at idle. At highway speeds, a slight wind noise comes from the driver’s side window. When you drive with a moderate to a substantial amount of speed up, you can hear the engine, but it is not annoying.

How does the inside look? The cabin of the X3 is roomy and well-made. The vast majority of the settings may be understood with little effort. The big doors make huge openings, and the low sills mean you don’t have to step up to get inside. All instruments are easy to see because they can adjust the driver’s seat and the steering wheel. There is plenty of room for everyone’s head, and even tall people have plenty of room for their feet and legs.

The tall roof gives the building big windows that provide a good view of the outside from any angle. The headrests in the back have been cleverly made short so that they don’t get in the way of your opinion in the rearview mirror. The blind-spot monitoring and wide side mirrors make it easy and safe to change lanes.

How good is the tech? The touch screen and dial controls make it easy to use the entertainment features. The audio prompts need to be addressed even though the navigation system is simple and offers good visuals. To connect to a smartphone, you can utilize Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

What about putting things away? The X3 is a versatile SUV because it has a lot of storage space inside and a big cargo area. Behind the second row is an ample margin of 28.7 cubic feet that can be easily lowered using handles in the back. This opens up 62.7 cubic feet of space. We like that there is a small storage space to the left of the steering wheel and that the door pockets are big and many.

There is much room for big car seats, and adapters are easy to get to. When the optional 2-inch receiver with seven- and four-pin connectors are added to the X3, it can pull up to 4,400 pounds. We like that the space is one of the best for a small luxury SUV.

How well does it use gasoline? The EPA gives the X3 xDrive30i a combined city/highway rating of 24 mpg, which is about average for a luxury SUV with a simple engine. But our X3 did better than that on our pre-planned 115-mile test route (27.7 mpg) and during its two-week test (26.2 mpg average)—an excellent result.

Is the X3 a good purchase? Even though the interior doesn’t look as lovely as some of its competitors, it’s clear that it was well made. The buttons and switches look like they were made well, and the gaps between them are small and tight. The X3 is in direct competition with the Audi Q5 and Mercedes-Benz GLC in terms of price and features. Some benefits of ownership, like free planned maintenance for extended periods, give a slight advantage.

Even though the X3 is a small SUV, it’s steering, handling, and engine sound make it a fun car to drive. Compared to other vehicles in the same class, these features make driving up a mountain road or through an on-ramp to a highway a bit more fun. It’s good that the X3 looks like a smaller X5 and has a precise shape. On the other hand, we like the inside less than the knowledge of competitors because it is less affluent.

Because the X3’s trim levels are divided by powertrain, start with the one that makes the most sense to you. Where do you call home during the winter, and does it get a lot of snow? Having an all-wheel drive, like the xDrive30i, would be helpful. Do you want something sizzling? Getting the M40i could be useful. If none are your concerns, the 248-horsepower engine found in the sDrive30i’s entry-level trim should be more than adequate. It’s worth adding because the Premium bundle isn’t too expensive and has a lot of valuable extras.

BMW X3 models:

There are three different powertrain-based trim levels for the 2023 BMW X3. The M40i has a 48-volt mild hybrid 3.0-liter six-cylinder engine, while the sDrive30i and xDrive30i have a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder with 248 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque. The sDrive30i has an eight-speed automatic transmission that drives the back wheels. The xDrive30i and M40i, on the other hand, both come with all-wheel drive as standard.

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