2023 BMW X5 Overview

What’s new:

  • The ability to control things with gestures is no longer available.
  • There is now a pad for charging smartphones without wires.
  • More minor changes to the features that are available
  • In 2019, the X5 will come out with its fourth version.

The X5 is why there are so many different kinds of BMW SUVs on the market today. The midsize X5 was BMW’s first luxury SUV. At the time luxury SUVs started in the late 1990s. Since then, BMW’s SUV lineup has grown a lot. Now, people can choose between the small X1 and the giant three-row X7. The 2023 BMW X5, on the other hand, will still be a flexible midsize luxury SUV.

The X5 is excellent at many different things. It has a lot of technology inside the car and is big and comfortable. You can buy it with a minor third-row seat if you need to transport seven people. There are also different kinds of engines, from a high-performance V8 to a plug-in hybrid that saves gas.

For 2023, BMW made a few changes to the X5’s features. Gesture Control, which lets drivers control several car functions with hand gestures, has been replaced by a wireless smartphone charging station that can be added as an extra. On the xDrive45e and M50i, you can now get a head-up display that works independently.

Even though the BMW X5 was one of the first high-end SUVs to come out, it now has to compete in a crowded market. Some of its main rivals are the Mercedes-Benz GLE, the Audi Q7, the Genesis GV80, the Lexus RX, the Acura MDX, and the Volvo XC90.

What do they like to live with?

Are you sure you want to buy a BMW X5? Our experts spent a lot of time putting an xDrive40i through its paces. Read our long-term road test to learn more about what it was like to own and drive the 2020 BMW X5 xDrive40i.


  • Good performance with the available engines
  • The cabin is beautiful and comfortable, and it’s worth the price.
  • Ample living space and cargo room


  • Giant roof pillars and tiny mirrors make blind spots.
  • There is little space inside.
  • Wide door sills make entering and exiting difficult.

How fast can the X5 go? The xDrive40i was given a close look. The six-cylinder engine is solid and quick enough to get you to and from work daily. Whether you call this engine or the V8, the X5 is one of the fastest SUVs that isn’t a performance vehicle. BMW also sells an upgrade that makes it easier for the X5 to drive on trails and gravel roads.

But the way it handles and turns is less impressive. If you don’t switch to Sport mode, the X5 can feel too light and airy when making turns. The steering doesn’t give you any sense of the road. The X5 is easy to drive because it has a transmission with eight speeds that changes gears quickly and smoothly.

How comfortable is the X5? The X5 rides smoothly with the optional air suspension but may feel bigger bumps and cracks in the road inside the cabin. Sport mode makes the suspension stiffer and lets in more road noise, but the X5 is never a bad car. The road and wind don’t make much noise when you’re going fast on the highway.

The front seats are comfortable and long-lasting; you can change them to fit various body types. The upper bolsters and lumbar support can be adjusted so that driving can be either relaxing or sporty. Even though they don’t have backrests and are flat, the back seats are softer and more comfortable for long rides.

How does the inside look? People will have to shimmy to get into the seats because they are far from the door. Because running boards are optional, taller drivers may find it more challenging to enter and exit the vehicle. Once seated, those in the front have a lot of room, while those in the back have enough space for their heads, knees, and shoulders. Even though the X5’s interior is high-tech, it’s hard to figure out how to use the different buttons on the center console and the complicated temperature settings.

It’s hard to see. The X5’s surround-view camera system works well for parking, and the views from the front and sides are great. If your seat is set up right, you should be able to look straight back. On the other hand, the side mirrors and door frame may make it hard to see pedestrians and other road users. You can buy a system with cameras around the car to help you park.

How good is the tech? Even though the latest version of BMW’s iDrive technology is very advanced, it takes a long time to learn how to use it. It will be helpful for you to use its menus, handwriting recognition, voice control, and gesture control. The Standard is that smartphones can work with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Voice commands and built-in navigation both work well in the X5.

Active lane centering and automatic high beams don’t work as well as adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitoring, and rear cross-traffic warning. Both the 3D “surround view” and the automatic parking are hard to use.

What about putting things away? The X5’s big trunk and easy-to-use motorized tailgate/liftgate system make it perfect for moving oversized items. There isn’t much room besides a few regular water bottles in the armrest bin. In front of the shifter is a short but deep pocket with an induction charger. However, this pocket can’t be reached when the cupholders are in use.

The most that the basic xDrive40i can pull is 6,603 pounds. It can pull up to 7,200 pounds with an optional hitch from the factory.

How well does it use gasoline? The EPA says that the xDrive40i model we tested got 22 mpg when driving in the city and on the highway. On our mixed-driving test route of 115 miles, we got an average of 21.3 mpg, which is the average for the segment.

Is it a good idea to buy an X5? The X5 costs more than other cars in its class, even though it doesn’t have as many options and extras. But the price is worth it because of how well it is made and functional. The interiors of BMWs are known for their strong leather, soft-touch materials, small gaps between all surfaces, and overall durability. It can also pull a lot of weight and tow many other things.

Like the rest of the industry, BMW’s basic and powertrain warranties last for four years and 50,000 miles. You get four years of unlimited driving and roadside assistance.

The X5 is the finest of the best if you want the best. It’s expensive because there are so many options and packages, and it can be hard to choose the best one, but the X5 will do what you want it to. The base 40i models are a lot of fun to drive, while the powerful xDrive50i and M50i models are sure to get your heart rate up.

We recommend the xDrive40i because it has a good mix of standard and optional features, a smooth six-cylinder engine, and solid all-wheel drive technology.

BMW X5 models

The 2023 BMW X5 comes in four different trims. The xDrive40i, xDrive45e, and M50i have all-wheel drive, while the sDrive40i only has a rear-wheel purpose. There is also a strong X5 M that has been tested separately.

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