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2024 BMW 3 Series Overview

What’s new:

  • After many changes last year, we don’t expect any significant changes this year.
  • A 2019 3 Series car from the seventh generation.

Used to be, if you liked to drive, it was easy to choose a BMW 3 Series over its main competitors in the compact luxury car market. Fans still enjoy the 3 Series, which still has the things that made it famous in the first place, but it is no longer the only choice. Many of BMW’s rivals offer something that the 3 Series doesn’t, like an electric drive system, a wagon body style, and better value for the money.

The seventh-generation 3 Series got its midlife updates on time last year, and a redesign is expected for the 2026 model year. The 2024 BMW 3 Series may stay the same. It still has turbocharged four- and six-cylinder gasoline engines and a turbocharged plug-in hybrid drivetrain and rear-wheel drive or BMW’s xDrive all-wheel drive technology. The quick M3 is still an option, but it is looked at independently.

Even if we don’t seem interested in the 2024 3 Series, you should know that we still like to get behind the wheel, start the engine, and find new roads. But the competition for the 2018 BMW is stronger than ever, which makes it less appealing.


  • Super handling
  • Spacious and stylishly updated interior design
  • Engines that are both strong and good on gas


  • The ride can sometimes be too hard.
  • Most of the 3 Serie’s high-tech driving aids are extras you can buy.

How does the engine of the BMW 3 Series work? We took a look at an all-wheel-drive 330i. The turbocharged four-cylinder engine in this car can be revved less for it to work well. In 5.6 seconds, our test car went from 0 to 60 mph, fast for a small luxury sedan with a simple engine. The engine is very flexible, and the gearbox makes it easy to switch gears.

The 330i’s brakes are one of its best features and always work well. The pedal is easy to use and smooth when driving slowly, but when moving quickly, it is strong, stable, and safe. Another thing we like about the car is how quickly it can turn corners. With the M Sport package, the 330i doesn’t move around too much. Even though this luxury car is easy to drive quickly, experienced drivers may want something more exciting.

How is the 3 Series for comfort? The 330i we tested was hard to drive. Our test car’s extra sport suspension, part of the M Sport package, and its rough-riding tires could have worsened the problem. You should get a 3 Series without the M Sport option if you care about comfort. The 3 Series is quiet inside at highway speeds, which we like. There are also a lot of easy-to-reach and comfortable front seats.

How does the inside look? The perfect balance between the driver, the steering wheel, and the pedals is made possible by the excellent driving position. Most of the controls are easy to see and understand. There are intelligent buttons for changing songs and easy-to-use virtual sliders for changing the temperature in the car. The latest version of the iDrive software is quick and easy to use, and you can use a button or your finger to control the principal display panel. Even though the BMW’s wide doors make it easy to get in and out, especially from the back, the cabin is about the same size as other compact luxury cars.

How good is the tech? The 3 Series has everything we’ve come to expect from a modern luxury car, but the “curved display” dashboard is a game changer. The iDrive entertainment system in the 3 Series has already been criticized for several problems, and we even said that its complexity was a drawback. No longer is that true. The traditional iDrive knob next to the shifter seems almost unnecessary compared to the massive touchscreen in the middle, which is easy to use and looks great. Apple CarPlay works perfectly if you let your phone handle the show instead. BMW purists might be annoyed that the digital instrument panel doesn’t have the famous round gauges, but it’s a tech-first world, and BMW knows that.

Active safety features like adaptive cruise control and help to stay in your lane cost a little extra on a BMW. Even though the adaptive cruise control system’s brakes can sometimes be abrupt, these features usually work without making a sound.

What about putting things away? The trunk is enormous, and the hinges on the lid are covered so that cargo won’t get crushed when the top is dropped. When the back of the back seat is pushed down, it folds and almost lays flat. The bedroom has enough space to store small things.

The 3 Series is an excellent car for a family. Behind flip-up lids, it’s easy to see and reach the Iconix anchors that connect kid safety seats. Even a more oversized car seat that faces backward can fit behind all but the most significant drivers.

Is it a good idea to buy a 3 Series? The 3 Series isn’t the most expensive car in its class, but it’s not the cheapest. As a bonus, you also get a great gadget that works well and doesn’t cost anything to maintain. But if you want to get the most for your money, consider some other options. A warranty is often available for an expensive brand.

BMW can still make a small car like this. Overall, this three-part series will be as good as expected. But the 330i may need to be more exciting for people who like to drive fast. The M340i makes things even more exciting. Even though the back of the car has some details that remind us of a Lexus, the inside has its style. A debut with three shows is only sometimes a good thing.

When this was written, BMW had not said anything official about the 2024 3 Series. We’ll change our suggestion if something changes, but based on the 3 Series from last year, we recommend the 330e plug-in hybrid version. It doesn’t cost much more than a base 330i, but it can go about 22 miles on electric power alone before moving to mixed mode. Even better, lousy work doesn’t get you in trouble.

BMW 3 Series model

The BMW 330i, 330e, and M340i are all sedans in the 3 Series line. Each one wants something different. The 330e is a plug-in hybrid, while the 330i is the base model in the 3 Series line. The M340i is the fastest and most powerful.

2024 BMW 3 Series Video Review

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