2024 BMW X3 Invoice Pricing

2022 X3 M X3 M, 4-Door SUV w/ AWD. Powered by a 3L, 6 Cylinder, Gas Engine w/ Automatic Transmission
MSRP Invoice Price Delivery Fee Holdback Dealer Cost
$69,900.00 $65,505.00 $995.00 $0.00 $66,500.00
2022 X3 M40i, 4-Door SUV w/ AWD. Powered by a 3L, 6 Cylinder, Gas Engine w/ Automatic Transmission
MSRP Invoice Price Delivery Fee Holdback Dealer Cost
$57,800.00 $54,255.00 $995.00 $0.00 $55,250.00
2022 X3 sDrive30i, 4-Door SUV w/ RWD. Powered by a 2L, 4 Cylinder, Gas Engine w/ Automatic Transmission
MSRP Invoice Price Delivery Fee Holdback Dealer Cost
$43,700.00 $41,140.00 $995.00 $0.00 $42,135.00
2022 X3 xDrive30i, 4-Door SUV w/ AWD. Powered by a 2L, 4 Cylinder, Gas Engine w/ Automatic Transmission
MSRP Invoice Price Delivery Fee Holdback Dealer Cost
$45,700.00 $43,000.00 $995.00 $0.00 $43,995.00

Our Opinion - 2024 BMW X3 Review

Are the new sports cars like small luxury SUVs? We would say “yes” based on how the 2024 BMW X3 handles turns. The X3 is based on the classic 3-series four-door, but it has a more useful body shape that can pull more cargo. It also has the same thrilling handling and beautiful design. It made our 2024 Editors’ Choice list because of this mix of features. The base models have a turbocharged four-cylinder engine with 248 hp, while the faster M40i has a turbocharged inline-six engine with 382 hp. Both offer smooth power, but the inline-six stands out for having more muscle and running more smoothly. The X3’s looks are just luxurious enough to tell it’s a high-end SUV without being over the top. Its interior is well-designed, and technology is cleverly built to match the style of its appearance. People who want more luxury flops might like competing models like the Genesis GV70 and Volvo XC60. Even though the X3 has a more somber look, we like how it focuses on driving desire.

BMW didn’t make any changes to the popular X3 SUV for the 2024 model year, so it’s clear that they liked how well-rounded it was.


  • Harmony of ease of use, pleasure, and comfort.
  • Easy to see.
  • Models that have fiery M.


  • The value of competitors is higher.
  • It’s slow in class.
  • Mounting for rigid M.

The sDrive30i and xDrive30i, both with rear-wheel drive and an all-wheel-drive 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, are strong enough to handle most traffic, but they could be more interesting. Our test track timed the xDrive 30i at 62 mph, but we have yet to try the sDrive30i version. The Porsche Macan S and the Audi Q5 were both faster in our tests, but the Porsche was much faster. The X3 M40i is a crossover that will appeal to people who want a really fast car. It has a strong 3.0-liter inline-six turbocharged engine that makes 382 hp of torque, which is pretty crazy power. In our tests, it took 4.1 seconds to go from 0 to 60 mph. The X3 is slower than the Macan, but it feels more capable than BMW’s earlier sedans. It’s fun to drive and can smooth out curves better than expected. The bike has great ride quality and is just stiff enough to feel sporty while still being easy to ride over rough terrain. People who tested our car said that the adjustable suspension was one of its best features. There are now three more drive modes for the xDrive30i: Comfort, Sport, and Eco Pro. This part is called Dynamic Damper Control. The M40i has a M suspension that can be adjusted and lowers the frame by 0.4 inches.

There are a lot of different technologies that can help the driver, but BMW only comes with the most important ones. Check out the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) webpages to learn more about the X3’s crash test scores. Some important safety factors are:

  • Automatic emergency braking and forward collision warning are both included as standard features.
  • Normal warning for leaving your lane.
  • You can get adaptive speed control.

The X3’s beautiful interior is well-equipped even before you check a single option box. The front seats can be adjusted in 10 ways, including the side bolsters, so it’s easy to find a comfy position. The backs of the back seats can be leaned back, and all of the seats are padded enough to be comfortable for long rides. Inside the X3, the rest of the cabin is sleek and well-made, with few panel gaps and carefully chosen materials. The glossy woodgrain trim on our test vehicle looked and felt real, even though it was made of plastic. The nickel-finish metal trim and stitched faux leather dash and door covers make the car feel even more luxurious. In our test of carry-on suitcases, the X3 does about as well as normal for its class. That’s seven carry-on bags behind the second row so that each person can bring one plus two extras. When the back seats are folded down, there’s room for twenty carry-on bags. However, the Cadillac XT5 is the best vehicle in its class for moving freight, so big haulers should put it at the top of their list.

If you only look at its EPA scores, the X3 could be better than its rivals. However, when tested in the real world, our test cars, an M40i and an xDrive30i were more fuel-efficient than expected. On the highway, all that extra power doesn’t cost much in gas mileage—both the four-cylinder xDrive30i (31 mpg) and the more powerful M40i (29 mpg) did about the same.

The iDrive interface in BMW has all the tools you’d expect from an infotainment system in a modern luxury car. It comes with an in-dash navigation system, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto, as well as a 10.3-inch multimedia screen. An even bigger 12.3-inch touchscreen can be added. As usual, the only entertainment features are a single USB port, Bluetooth for phones, and a Wi-Fi hotspot. There is a second USB port and a portable smartphone charging pad for people who want to charge two things at once.

No matter how much power it has, every BMW engine is strong and stylish. Even though the M40i’s 382-hp six-cylinder engine can get it to 60 mph in 4.4 seconds, we advise our clients to stick with the four-cylinder engine, which is more than enough. The eight-speed automatic gearbox and turbocharged four-cylinder engine make it easy to pass in traffic and get better gas mileage on the highway. The base X3 sDrive30i only has one rear wheel that it drives. People who live in the Sun Belt won’t have any issues with that, but people who live in snowy areas should get the xDrive30i model instead, which has all-wheel drive.

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