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2024 Toyota Rav4 Overview

What’s new

  • 2024 will see insignificant changes.
  • Toyota RAV4 fifth-generation 2019

The 2024 Toyota RAV4 may enter its sixth year of production. Since its 2019 release, Toyota has only added a few technological upgrades and trim levels. Toyota may be correct to keep the RAV4 since it sells well.

Since rumours of a 2025 RAV4 generation persist, we expect this tendency to continue with the 2024 model. Toyota may only build hybrid RAV4s. The RAV4 faces revamped automobiles like the Honda CR-V and Kia Sportage.


  • The ride and interior are quiet.
  • Space for people and things
  • Simple-to-use tools
  • TRD Off-Road is better off-road.


  • Bad speeding
  • Unsure direction

RAV4 driving: how? Sadly, the RAV4 fails here. Passing and merging are easy in town. In a hurry, you may notice the engine’s low power. Our RAV4 Adventure took 9.1 seconds to reach 60 mph, which is slower than the class average.

The turning lacks weight and clarity in the midsection. It’s easy to undervalue your work. The RAV4’s optional all-wheel-drive system incorporates hill descent control, terrain settings, and rear axle torque vectoring. These qualities make the RAV4 Adventure a good off-road compact SUV. It’s also high-clearance.

RAV4 ride quality? RAV4 suspension balances control and comfort. The body doesn’t float or stick over bumps, making light to moderate strikes easier. The front seats are well-shaped and padded, but the sides flatten over time. The passenger seat can’t be adjusted, making it uncomfortable.

Fast RAV4s are usually silent. The engine sounds only change when you accelerate strongly. Great climate system. Back and front vents can be turned off.

The interior? The driving posture, interior space, and access are fantastic. The RAV4 would score higher if the front passenger seat were adjustable or lower in most variants. Only the RAV4 Limited features a motorised front passenger seat. Even though the steering wheel and driver’s seat can be adjusted, tall drivers want more space. Visibility improves.

Simple controls and large, legible labels are good. The music system and climate settings are on their islands, but everything else is where it should be. The giant rubber HVAC knobs are convenient. The touchscreen’s distance from the driver is our only complaint about this car. Tuning requires reaching.

Tech quality? The RAV4’s touchscreen and buttons are intuitive without instructions. The touchscreen photos on the new RAV4 look ancient. Though essential, the sound system works. Smartphones come with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. It’s also good because Toyota’s Entune software is still complicated.

Driver aids are fantastic. It has automatic emergency braking, automatic high beams, drowsy driver recognition, 0 mph adaptive cruise control, lane keeping assistance, and Line Tracing Assist, a hands-on steering assist.

Are you storing things? RAV4s have class-leading cargo space. Space is 69.8 cubic feet with the back seats down and 37.5 cubic feet with them up. Low trunk floors make loading the RAV4 easy—the cabin’s front shelves and bins store trip items. For a small SUV, specific RAV4 models can pull 3,500 pounds.

Young parents will like the RAV4. Lower car seat supports, and safety seats are easy to find. Easy tethering to the top three stakes. The front seat may need to be raised to fit a passenger-side rear-facing car seat. Booster and forward-facing centres provide ease. The driving seat is too high.

Is it gas efficient? Based on the engine and trim level, the RAV4 gets 28–30 mpg on the highway and city, according to the EPA. An AWD Adventure carried three persons, tools, and baggage for nearly 7,000 miles. We averaged 28.6 mpg. Our most excellent tank got 32.3 mpg, and our worst was 25.6.

RAV4 price? The RAV4 has suitable materials stacked on each other and hidden seams. The radio, air controls, and door pulls have rubberized grips. RAV4 synthetic leather seats are comfortable and clear-stitched. Toyota’s warranty is average, but you get complimentary scheduled maintenance for two years or 25,000 miles, a substantial discount.

RAV4s are fine, but they need to be more forgettable. Adventure and TRD Off-Road are ideal. The RAV4 has a sophisticated torque-vectoring all-wheel-drive system, a sound traction control system with terrain settings, and a more rigid body than other cars.

Toyota has not announced the 2024 RAV4. We’ll update our ranking, but last year’s RAV4’s XLE Premium trim was the best price. A motorized liftgate and faux leather upholstery are helpful. Adventure or TRD Off-Road trims are preferable for camping.

RAV4 models

Toyota RAV4 trims include LE, XLE, XLE Premium, Adventure, TRD Off-Road, and Limited. All models use 203 horsepower four-cylinder engines and eight-speed automated transmissions. Front-wheel drive is standard, although the all-wheel purpose is available. The Adventure and TRD Off-Road have improved all-wheel-drive systems for rugged or slippery roads.

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