2023 Audi Q3 Overview

What’s new:

  • Most modern headlights include LEDs.
  • There are now new styles of 19-inch and 20-inch wheels, and the old “phone box” has been replaced with a signal booster.
  • Part of the second-quarter 2019 generation

The 2023 Audi Q3 is a tiny premium SUV featuring a turbocharged four-cylinder engine and standard all-wheel drive. It makes it one of the most affordable ways to own an Audi. The Q3, one of Audi’s best-selling cars, is the company’s third-cheapest SUV after the Q4 e-Tron and the Q5. Its job is to bring in younger people who have never owned an Audi before, hoping they will grow to love the brand as they get older and make more money.

Audi only makes minor changes to the Q3 in 2023, even though it is in its fifth year of production after a significant redesign. It isn’t a problem since the Audi Q3 is already stylish, comfortable, made of high-quality materials, and full of the technology people want. But, based on our tests, driving and getting better gas mileage could be more fun.

Also, the 2023 BMW X1 and Mercedes-Benz GLA, Audi’s main competitor and recently redesigned in a big way, are giving the Q3 new competition. The updated Volvo XC40 is another good option, and some people may like the Lexus UX because it now comes with a hybrid powertrain as standard.


  • Full of technology from the present day
  • The inside is lined with high-quality materials.
  • A calm interior and a nice ride


  • Poor fuel efficiency
  • Small space for cargo and people in the back
  • Not very enjoyable to drive

How does the Q3 run? The Q3 is more about making you feel good than getting you excited. From 0 to 60 mph, the 45 TFSI engine in our test Q3 took 7.8 seconds, slightly longer than expected for a high-end subcompact SUV. Also, the eight-speed automatic transmission can respond slowly when the car is moving from a stop.

Q3 is handled more excitingly. It turns quickly and smoothly, even around tight corners at high speeds. Daily driving is smooth and comfortable, but a BMW X1 is better if you want to enjoy driving.

How warm and friendly is the Q3? The ride in the Q3 is firm but not too stiff. Even though the Q3 responds quickly to bumps and doesn’t move too much, you can still feel them inside. It is also pretty quiet because the wind and tires don’t make much noise outside.

The front seats are very flexible, so they can be set up comfortably for long trips. The labels on the controls are clear and easy to read. The seat heaters take a long time to warm up and never get as warm as the rest of the class heaters.

How does it look on the inside? Most buyers will be happy with how easy it is to get into and out of the Q3. There is sufficient space for two individuals to sit comfortably in either the front or the back of the vehicle. The Q3 is easy to see out of because it has big windows and a short hood.

The optional 10.1-inch touchscreen can be touched and clicked when commanded. The console and wheel buttons have been labeled.

How are the tools? If the Q3 has MMI navigation, Apple Carplay can be utilized remotely. It takes a minute to turn on after starting the car, but it’s worth it. The stunning three-dimensional image of the map is the real star of the navigation, which is easy to use and enter.

All of the active driver safety features in the Q3 work well, but getting used to the necessary buttons and dials can take time and effort. Even though adaptive cruise control is usually helpful, it sometimes brakes too late, forcing the driver to take over if traffic suddenly slows down.

What is the situation with storage? The Q3 makes the most of the small space it has for cargo. There is a flat floor for loading, small compartments on either side for securing small luggage, and a security shade that can be taken off when more space is needed.

A wireless charging pad and a slight grip between the cupholders are the only places to put small items. It is a creative way to put smartphones. Leaning into the wide openings of the back doors makes it easy to put in car seats that face the back. There are three back anchors for safety, and it’s easy to get to the car seat anchors.

How efficiently does it use gas? Our Q3 earned 22 mpg combined when most cars in its class got 20 to 30 mpg. They put it near the bottom of the course. On our study route of 115 miles, the Q3 got an average of 26.8 mpg, which was better than its rating. But when driving in cities or places with a lot of traffic, it rarely got 20 mpg. Even if the estimate isn’t the best in the class, you’ll be able to match it overall.

Does Q3 have value? There are no cracks, gaps, or wrong parts. Some of the Q3’s surfaces are basic, but they’re well-made and feel excellent. The matte inlays and natural wood used in the S range give it a different feel. The Q3 costs about the same as cars in the same class, like the BMW X2 and Cadillac XT4. Audi’s warranties are about average for a company that makes high-end cars.

You like Audi because you know what to expect. The Q3’s looks and how it drives are in line with the brand, but they are nothing like those of other luxury carmakers. Q3 doesn’t have too many surprises. But the crossover has a sense of style thanks to its good build quality, outstanding infotainment, and small personal touches like ambient lighting, which can be added as an option.

Even though every Audi Q3 has a turbocharged four-cylinder engine, the 45 TFSI has more power and speeds up thrillingly. There are two trim levels, both of which have the standard S line styling package. We recommend the Premium Plus trim for its Technology package.

Types of the Audi Q3

When you buy a 2023 Audi Q3, you have to decide on several things. The 40 TFSI and 45 TFSI are turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engines with 184 horsepower and 221 lb-ft of torque, respectively (228 hp, 258 lb-ft). Both come with Audi’s Quattro all-wheel-drive system and an automatic transmission with eight speeds.

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