2022 BMW X4 Invoice Pricing

2022 X4 M X4 M, 4-Door SUV w/ AWD. Powered by a 3L, 6 Cylinder, Gas Engine w/ Automatic Transmission
MSRP Invoice Price Delivery Fee Holdback Dealer Cost
$73,400 $68,760 $995 $0 $69,755
2022 X4 M40i, 4-Door SUV w/ AWD. Powered by a 3L, 6 Cylinder, Gas Engine w/ Automatic Transmission
MSRP Invoice Price Delivery Fee Holdback Dealer Cost
$62,400 $58,530 $995 $0 $59,525
2022 X4 xDrive30i, 4-Door SUV w/ AWD. Powered by a 2L, 4 Cylinder, Gas Engine w/ Automatic Transmission
MSRP Invoice Price Delivery Fee Holdback Dealer Cost
$51,800 $48,675 $995 $0 $49,670


2022 BMW X4 Overview

Since its debut in 2014, BMW’s X4 is a popular model. As a vehicle of choice for all of those who like to turn heads, it is renowned for its lessons and performance. 

Because it prepares to enter its fourth generation throughout 2020, one such compact luxury SUV will be completely redesigned while maintaining its sporty handling, beautiful design elements, as well as coupe layout. If you’d like more information about just the 2022 BMW X4, check out the specifications below.

Its M40i, as well as xDrive30i versions of this year’s X4, are both available. The fact that this SUV is available in only a small number of configurations and options speaks highly of its exclusivity. When it comes to transmissions, both models have an 8-speed automatic. 

However, the XDrive30i uses a 2.0-liter I-4, while the M40i uses a 3.0-liter I-6. There have been no significant changes to the 2022 BMW X4’s powertrain setup specifications or performance characteristics is perhaps the most recent model year.

The M40i version of a 2022 BMW X4 has recently been updated to include standard Wi-Fi interconnection. When it comes to the inner surface of this vehicle, it competes well with most luxury vehicles in its class. Clean and distinctive, but with the convenience and availability of drivers in mind, this vehicle is an excellent choice.

The 2022 BMW X4 appears to be a picture of class as well as luxury at first glance, but a closer inspection reveals its true nature as a sporty coupe.

In 2019, the X4 received a major overhaul, which 2022 closely follows. This SUV’s role in the BMW line-up is set by a large bumper that is clearly visible from a distance. With its c-pillar and dual exhaust tips, this vehicle looks more refined than any other vehicle in its class. As a result, its 2022 BMW X4 has an aggressive and bold appearance.

With its thrilling powertrain, the 2022 X4 manages to combine smooth handling with high-yielding performance. Toyota’s 2022 model has a 2.0-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine like this car’s 2022 model. BMW’s X4 compact luxury SUV provides performance despite the fact that many buyers aren’t concerned about it. As a matter of fact, at 1,450 RPM, it can put out 248 hp and 258 lb-ft of torque.

The 2022 BMW X4 accelerates from 0-60 MPH in a respectable six seconds, but this automaker would have to limit its top speed to 130 MPH due to its massive power output. The X4’s all-wheel drive is conventional on each of its 2022 models, making it comparable in power to other luxury vehicles. Power output and engine design make the 2022 BMW X4 a strong competitor against other high-end luxury vehicles.

Luxurious features and connectivity and safety options are plentiful in X4 models. A 10-way power driver’s seat and side bolsters, as well as manually adjustable headrests, are standard equipment, even on the entry-level model. As far as comfort and flexibility are concerned, these features all demonstrate the 2022 BMW X4’s commitment to creating features that allow for both.

Because this vehicle can accommodate five people, buyers expect a high level of comfort and convenience throughout the cabin. This is one area where the X4 excels. When you use an intuitive infotainment system, it often anticipates your needs before you do.

Quality And Convenience

The 2022 BMW X4 has virtually no flaws in terms of comfort or convenience. As a result of putting customers first, this SUV was designed with drivers and passengers in mind in every aspect of its design. 

In spite of its small size, the X4 has plenty of legroom for passengers. The X4 has more room in the front and second rows than most of its luxury competitors, with over 40 inches of space around the front row as well as 37 inches inside the second row.

Such a luxury SUV features a panoramic moonroof that brings in natural light and views, as well as privacy glass that blocks out UV rays as well as creates a calming atmosphere inside the vehicle. The X4’s exterior features heated and power-folding side mirrors, enhancing both convenience and comfort. The 2022 BMW X4’s amenities are all geared toward making driving more enjoyable.

The 2022 BMW X4’s fuel economy is the same regardless of which trim amount a buyer chooses. The 2.0-liter engine in the xDrive30i helps it achieve up to 23 mpg in the city as well as 28 mpg on the highway, according to EPA estimates. The X4’s 4 driving modes (EcoPro, Convenience, Sport, but also Sport+) all have an impact on the vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

Inside the luxury SUV market, the 2022 BMW X4 was one of many options. However, its renowned as a BMW good or service is what sets it apart from the rest. The offer benefits continue to set it apart from the competition as well as draw buyers in.

It’s no surprise that the 2022 BMW X4’s design reflects the BMW brand’s emphasis on safety. The National Transportation Safety Board awarded the 2020 X4 a perfect 5 among 5 stars, so we expect nothing less from the recently launched 2022 X4. 

The X4’s 2022 model will include more active as well as driver-assistive safety devices, so buyers can expect nothing but the best. Lane departure warning, rear-view assist, responsive brake lights, but also automatic brakes are just some of the 2022 X4’s impressive standard safety features.

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